Augmented reality games for iPhone have become the buzzword in the gaming industry. It is capturing the imagination of so many gamers around the world. This is exactly what the gaming community of professional gamers and amateur gamers was probably waiting for.

Now with augmented reality games available on your iPhone, you don’t have to buy costly headsets and other technology to experience augmented reality gaming. The latest thing in the gaming arena is now available to iPhone users. If you are crazy about mobile games or not we recommend you try your hands on augmented reality gaming. Surely, the augmented reality iPhone games will give you an entirely new level of excitement and overall gameplay experience.

Which types of augmented reality games for iPhone can you play?

Many types of gaming genres can play for the augmented reality games for iPhone. But there is a particular type of genre that seems to be quite different than the others and it is also capturing the attention of the global gaming community. There are many augmented reality games for this genre. It gives an entirely new level of the gameplay experience and the types of objectives are somewhat new.

What is the best genre of augmented reality games for iPhone?

The best type of genre for iPhone users is adventure type augmented reality games. It is one of the exciting types of augmented reality games that you can play on the iPhone. And the best part is the versatility of the gaming type or the options available to a player. The entire choice is upon the player and there are seemingly endless possibilities that make the game genre one of its kind and highly unique.

In the adventure, type augmented reality games for iPhone you have to make your player or character mover around the community or neighborhood and complete all the objectives. The game will be using the GPS on your phone to tag all the environment around you and your digital gaming avatar will be in your hands to control. This gives the players some unique gameplay experience one that they have never experienced before. You will be becoming part of excellent quests and missions. Moreover, you can play the adventure type games on the multiplayer mode as well. So if you like playing games and want to try out something new we recommend playing the adventure type augmented reality games for iPhone.

Here are some of the best-augmented reality games for iPhone-

Neyon Clash

This is an upcoming game that is expected to be launched soon. Whether you are talking about a virtual paintball or an outdoor laser tag it is a mobile game that is available based on real-life movement and teamwork.  This game gives the players a sense of rush and a high level of excitement. Get ready for some real-time action and adrenalin rush as you go for winning all it takes.

It is a very promising augmented reality game that is creating a sense of hype so far among the iPhone gamer communities ahead of its launch. It is expected that this game will be nothing short of success after its launch. The game can be played in the solo mode or the online multiplayer mode. The player will be visible on a real-time basis to all the players in the online multiplayer mode and the task is to find all opponents, tag the area and capture it.


This is a new hide and seeks and treasure hunting game that is built-in with the augmented reality design. For the gaming map, you can set your home or any other place as the arena where the game is to be played out. This game is also available on the solo mode and the multiplayer mode.

As far as the gaming quests are told you will be tasked with seeking out gold treasures and boxes which will be hidden along in various places of the map.

This is a very simple type of game, unlike Neyon Clash which needs some imagination and analysis to win. People of all ages can try out on this game especially if you are feeling bored.

The game is still in its development phases so this game will be liked by the ones who don’t want ads midway in the game.

Pokemon Go

Since its launch in 2016 this game has by far become the most downloadable augmented reality game for iPhone. In the game, you get augmented reality which means you can create battle arenas based on your surroundings. This makes the game more fun and exciting. Your online character will also be charged with collecting new Pokemons, training them, and venturing out into battles with your opponents.

So what are you waiting for? Download any of these augmented reality iPhone gamesand start your new gaming experience today.