Best augmented reality games for Android mobiles

With the rise of the digital revolution words like augmented reality games are becoming popular. Thanks to the software and digital experts these games are now taking the center stage in not just the gaming fraternity but also in other sectors.

Augmented reality games- immerse your senses into a whole new level

We can now experience augmented reality easily in our android phones through various apps. Have you ever played the Pokemon go on mobile?

If you have then you know what augmented reality is. The game design is highly immersive and allows users to view the gaming characters as if they are moving in a real-life background.

Integration of augmented reality games into mobiles

And this is what augmented reality is. It is a blend of interactive digital elements into real-world environments. With this, we can view the digital elements as if they are right there among us. With technology upgrading itself rapidly now it is very much possible to play augmented reality games in mobiles too.

This allows the players to experience what can be clearly called “next-generation gaming”. Users can experience almost real like 3D virtual graphics and sense the action happening out there.

Here we present to you the best AR games that you can play on your Android phone

Augmented reality games are still a new concept. It is being redefined while integrating it into Android devices. But anyway here are some AR games that will simply blow your mind away. All the below mentioned games are available on the Android platform.

Brick space

This is a very simple game in itself. It is a puzzle game and where you have to move blocks inside a given box. The objective of the players is to move the core piece to the center.

The best part is that this game provides players an AR environment using their mobile camera or the one with a regular background.

This might sound to you as not a very good level AR game but we told you that AR games are still in the nascent stage. Anyways you will still love playing this game because this provides real fun to the players while playing in the AR mode.

Egg Inc

It is one of the best-augmented reality games that you can spend some time on if you are feeling lonely.

In this game, you have to build a farm and keep on collecting the resources for the development of your farm.

The game takes place mostly in the normal gaming environment in the phone but there are a few AR elements linked in the game that makes it pretty surprising, to say the least.

Ghostbusters world

Ghostbusters World game is a similar game like that of Pokemon Go. Here the players will usually roam in the real world and your main job is to collect all the ghosts from the real world. Keep on collecting them and battling them out against your friends online.

Level up your ghosts with increased attributes to win the higher challenges. The more interesting thing about this game is that you will be is that it adds a bit narrative storyline into the game and the games contain cameos and characters from real-life movies.

And there are creative touches of VR that make it all the more interesting to the players. Thus it can quite clearly be said that you will never get bored of playing this AR game.

Harry Potter’s Wizard unite

If you have not heard of the Harry potter’s Wizard’s unite game if you know about augmented reality games then you are missing out on some serious stuff.

The game is quite a sensation among those who like playing AR games on mobile. The storyline however goes pretty much similar to the Pokemon Go game. This game is just a fantasy for the real Harry Potter fans.

In this game, you have to deal with players that walk around in the real world and fight on with your foes. You along with the other players have only one objective in mind and that is to solve this.

You will get all the famous characters from Harry Potter’s story and thus you will be quite enjoyed, to say the least.

Ingress Prime

This was one of the best AR games out for the gaming fraternity. But this game has retained its charm in the online players. In this game, you have to deal with real-world AR elements that are a core part of the game. As a player, your sole objective is to hack into portals and capture them. You can get more detail at: Gameapexlegends about other games.

You can also play these augmented reality games in the team mode whereby you will be collecting the portals on behalf of your team.