Top 5 augmented reality games for Android

Augmented reality games for Android is the latest thing in the world of gaming. It is no doubt that the gaming sector is making full use of technological upgrades and software updates.

Most people like to enjoy their free or leisure time on the go and thus we look for some form of entertainment right on our Android screens. And the augmented reality games will give you a whole new level of fun, thrill, excitement, and adventure that you have never experienced before.

Don’t know what augmented reality games for Android are?

It’s okay that you have missed out on this latest invention that the game developers have integrated into our mobile phones. Augmented reality games for Android will integrate real-life surroundings and objects into the gaming world. When you play an augmented reality game on your Android device it will make use of your mobile phone’s camera to put in seamless integration with your device.

With the augmented reality you will be able to make a map choose from your locality or even your room.

What happens is that by doing this you will find a new level of enthusiasm and vigor to play the game. And indeed augmented reality games give you a whole new level of excitement and thrill which are we sure that you have never experienced before.

AR games represent the future of gaming

Augmented reality games for androidare for sure a concept for future generation gaming. The prospects of this look even brighter because they are already being integrated with our Android phones thus making it possible to play the game without any additional equipment such as AR headsets. It indeed gives the players a different sort of experience one that they have never experienced before. It is time for you to change the way you have been playing games till now.

What are the best augmented reality games for Android?

It comes with little doubt that you will want to experience some of the best AR games that can be played on your Android gadgets. But before moving it is to be kept in mind that the AR games concept is still in its nascent stages and the games that have been developed so far can only provide a few instances of AR integration on your phones.

Here is the list of top 5 AR games for your Android headsets-

Ingress Prime

Ingress Prime is one of the first games that were developed that could integrate the concept of augmented reality games for Android on your mobile screens. The best part is that you can explore the world around with the help of your mobile phone and interact with your neighborhood and even play a mission in them.

This game comes with an inbuilt ingress Scanner which can help you to integrate your community into virtual gaming. It is best to choose places of cultural significance while playing this game.

Sling Island ARCore

This is also a very simple game equipped with AR. In this game, you will be tasked with demolishing enemy castles and destroying hidden dragon eggs in the castles. You will be able to slingshot your way along with the entire map but make sure there are bombs, boulders, missiles much more waiting to stop you. This simple game is good enough for spending some free time.

Zombies, Run!!

This is one of the most demanding augmented reality games for Android. In this game, you will have run away from zombies. And they do this in a real-world environment as you see zombies of your game chasing after you.

You can think of this game as more of a fitness game. With so much running you will now get a renewed hope to make your body fitter. Various storylines within the game make the game much more attractive.

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Kinghtfall AR

If you like war game then Knightfall Ar is the best game for you. This game allows you to showcase your talent on a battlefield.

You can set your battlefield as your desk or the floor. A big enough space is required to play this game which can help you to see a bird’s eye view or close-in view.

Pokemon Go

Ever since the game was released, Pokemon Go has been able to make big impressions in the minds of the game fanatics. In this game, you will be tasked with exploring your community and capturing pokemon. Don’t worry that’s not all.

The real fun is when you battle against your friends in your locality. Make sure you train your dragons before launching into a full-scale battle with opponents.

Ever thought of playing some new type of game? Well, augmented reality games for Android are here. Download the games and start enjoying them.