Apex Legends Game Maps

Season 5 of the Apex legends Game continues. Many players have already joined online on the multiplayer mode. In case you are still among the left-outs then what are you waiting for? Join the season today and show off your fighting skills by becoming the global leader. We deeply discuss here about Apex Legends Game.

But wait….

There is a critical thing in a way that might obstruct you. Do you know about the changes in the season 5 maps?

If not then you might it is better said that you are missing out on a few important things. Knowing the map is critical to know the terrain and various areas such as the loot areas, vantage points, sniping positions, areas for best defensive cover as well as areas for ambushing the enemy. In case you don’t know about the maps you have a slim chance of surviving right till the end.

Kings Canyon as you know is a map with plenty of rich history. For the new season 5, there are plenty of new attractive changes to make the gameplay more immersive and exciting.

Stick out till the end to know about the changes done in the Season 5 maps.

Skull Town is no longer the sole attraction

The designers and game developers thought to make the map more extensive and highlight deeply the other things on the maps. It was seen that Skull Town was alone getting too much highlight and thus most of the fighting was centered around the Skull Town area.

But come Season-5 you will no longer see Skull Town and Thunderdome too. Now you will see that the Broken Coast stretches from the Octane’s Gauntlet to the Water treatment plant located on the way to the cliffs.

This has made the map more versatile and players now have more space and time to device their strategy and take their positions.

Addition of Salvage

There is a new point that has been added to the Broken Coast and that has been named as Salvage. This is an industrial rig that sits right across the Market. This is a well-protected arena and thus you might expect to get heavy resistance. But we know that risks equal rewards. This means that there are also highly value loots that you can get from here. Also, the place is connected to all parts of the map.

You also have the option to travel on a zip line balloon from the Salvage to the Gauntlet.

You will also see the remnants of the underground network Loba.

Inclusion of the Offshore Rig

One of the significant changes done to the map was along the northeast corner of the map. This was previously the area of the map that players were least excited to venture into due to lack of playing space and loot. This area was previously a desert.

After the rework, the area for the players has been increased for better connectivity of the entire map the designers too thought out a foolproof idea.

This area is the Offshore Rig which now connects the relay and Wetland areas. The Offshore Rig is the only point of connectivity to the Relay, Capacitor, and the Swamps.

The capacitor is a major hub which is located inland to the Offshore Rig. Although the elevation of the area is low and bounded by hills you will get decent quality loot here.

The Capacitor provides direct paths from the Offshore Rig to the central river. New camps have also been added surrounding the Capacitor excavation site. The camps are a perfect location for you to catch some breath and revise your strategy. More routes connect the camps to the Offshore Rig and thus players have more options to explore. You can expect to get some of the heaviest resistance at the Relay, Capacitor, and Swamp areas.

Charge towers

These were first explored during the excavation of the Capacitor. The functionality of the Charge Towers has been remodeled for better gameplay experience to the players. It is a new addition to the Apex Legends Game sandbox. You can control and interact with the control panel very easily and expect to restore all the players of your team on the Charge Tower Platform. This has many significant effects on the results of the game.

Teams playing on the online multiplayer mode now get more points to focus on. This provides more areas for options. It also allows players and teams to get their strategies executed which they were not able to pull off before.

This is a perfect point where you want to pull off spectacular wins in case you have been outnumbered by your enemy.

So here the four major changes that have been implemented to the Apex Legends game. Join the season to play on the new map today….