Overview About Apex Legends game:

Ever game success depends on a lot about the characters in the game. The characters are a critical component of any game and thus the gamers will always want to have a special look at the characters when a new game is launched. Apex Legends game is also character-driven game.

Thankfully you have a whole new set of characters in the Apex Legends game. All the characters have their strengths and weaknesses. If you have to win the game then choosing to play with the right character will depend a lot on your success.

Moreover Apex legends game also has the option of upgrading tour characters by playing the various levels. You also score more with each objective completed and each kill made. Here are some of the personalities that the gamers all around the world have strongly apprehended about-


The character is known for her heavy armored military-like outlook. Her origin can be traced back to the time when she was a kid and got separated from her family. Since then this little kid has grown up to be a strong-hearted lady who is accumulating the funds to buy weaponry and join into the mission.

You will get to see two main archetypes who are extremely well built to fight against large groups of enemies.

When shew is taking heavy fire from the enemy she will move fast for some time. This ensures that she can avoid most of the damage. She is equipped with smoke grenades and this is extremely helpful in taking out on large enemy groups.


Bloodhound is the typical hunter-style character. It is rumored that bloodhound because largely famous before living as a slave in the past. You can describe the character of Bloodhound as a technical trucker who likes to track and hunt down its prey.

With Bloodhound you will experience the real thrill of moving to the outlands and prey on its enemy. Bloodhound is equipped with a unique ability that allows him to track down footprints of its foes and to follow them stealthily. This gives him an advantage over the enemy and landing the first crucial blow.


Caustic is a scientist whose name used to be Alexander Nox. Initially, they have to work as a frontline pesticide gas manufacturer. But things turned for the worst when he applied a stronger formula on himself. Thus as you can understand by now much of Caustic’s powers come from poison and gas attacks which are deployed effectively in killing the enemy.

Now, if you want to play with Caustic as your character you have to unlock him first. This can be done in two ways. First, you can spend 12,000 Legend Tokens which you can collect through gameplay. The other is to spend 750 Apex coins which you have to buy using real cash. Apex Legends game is a free online game.

If you want to disorientate and confuse the enemy Caustic is the ideal character because he is equipped with his lethal gases.

Caustic is equipped with such numerous poisonous gas canisters which can be burst on contact with the enemy.


If you want to track your enemy using the drone and take advantage of the terrain to scout out the best vantage points and ambush zones then you can play with Crypto. Similar to bloodhound he tracks down the enemy using his drones and then attacks them.

Using the drone for surveillance and monitoring all enemies within 30 meters radius are tracked down so it becomes easier for your team to spot the enemy. But there is one problem with the drone. Once it goes offline you have to wait for 40 seconds until the power is restored. Crypto uses EMP blasts and to kill the enemy.


Gibraltar is quite a helpful character as she always likes to help people. But don’t take her lightly. She can be very much decisive in bringing huge damage to the enemy as well. Simply said it can be said that she can be a humble giant but if things need be she can turn into a violent and aggressive character amassing destruction to the enemy.

Gibraltar’s dome-shaped body can protect your other team members for not more than 15 seconds by taking in all the impact of the heavy fire. It is also useful in getting protection by blocking the doors and windows. Gibraltar can also call in an airstrike if needed. This can draw in mortar strikes based on GPS marking.


You can tell that Lifeline is a perfect lifesaver. She was once a part of wealthy profiteers but left once she realized that she was destined for something else. She can be very helpful in healing and repairing the other members of your team if they get injured.

She can revive knocked down teammates but there must be a defensive wall to protect her. She is also equipped with a robot named Drone of Compassion. This helps them to heal teammates quickly over a short period. You can get more detail about Apex Legends game at