Apex legends game is a new mind-blowing game with highly immersive graphics and intensive gameplay experience. It is quite literally the new PUBG in town. It is a new game developed by Respawn Entertainment and powered by EA sports.

If you want to experience nerve-wracking experience and the thrill of the intense hardcore warfare that involves high ammunition and machines designed for lethal kills then this is the perfect game for you.

Apex Legends is so common in the gaming community that it is going up the game charts like a rocket. Here are seven things that the developers have got dead right when it comes to developing the game-

  1. Respawning your teammate

If you are dead in an Apex Legends game then don’t worry. You might get a chance to play again if one of your teammates can respawn you.

This is a very exciting and cool feature that is not available in any other game currently prevailing in the market. This makes the players curious as well to see what happens right till the end.

Thus, being does not mean that you have to just keep watching the progress until the end. Just keep waiting as the other players in your group might respawn you back. This means that the other players in your group think of you as an important player in the team and consider for your abilities.

Lead the killboard

When you are playing on the multiplayer mode you want to show off your fighting skills by dragging down most of your enemy. And the best way to leave a mark about your domination and superiority is by killing other players.

Apex Legends integrates this quite well into the game and thus you will see the leaderboard on top of your gaming screens. This is very helpful after the match begins as it gives you a positional idea an out your status in the game. See with each kill you will be getting more and more XP points. So you need to have a clue where you stand on the kill list. Having the kill leaderboard complements this well if you want to end the game with the maximum number of kills.

  1. Goodbye to prone players

In the Apex Legends game, you don’t have the option to go prone. If considered from a specific viewpoint this deletion of the prone movements is good. This lets the battle go intensely and straightforwardly. This means that you don’t have the option to take cover beneath long grasses. To win the game you have to get out and fight.

This makes the battles and the missions in the Apex Legends game much more fiercely competitive. Get ready to get your hands on some of the most advanced warfare machines and get ready to go out on a killing spree.

  1. Speed of character movement

Have you ever been caught in an open space by the enemy and got killed? This is a problem many of us might have faced. See in the open grounds running speed is not enough. You need to traverse at a much higher speed to prevent the maximum damage.

This is what has been brought out at the Apex Legends game. Now you can traverse through the open grounds without being spotted. The faster speed of movement is also critical in attacking or ambushing the enemy at times. So don’t think that this feature is only useful for survival but for attacking the enemy too.

  1. No fall damage

This is might sound a bit unreal as this does not apply to the normal rules of physics. But this feature makes the battle all the more exciting. Now you can jump over buildings, bridges without taking any damage. This is because the game does not count fall damage.

Sometimes as a player we get too excited while playing a game and don’t look at the terrain ahead of us. It might have happened at odd times that this leads you to fall off a cliff or crevice leading to death. Now with the Apex Legends game, you don’t have to worry about falling anymore.

  1. Healing on the go

The Apex Legends game is probably the only war game in the market where the characters can heal themselves while they are moving. This allows for more flexibility in case you have to run immediately after taking gunshots. This feature allows players to run while healing the wounds. This is a small but unique feature that will probably allow you to stay alive for longer times.

  1. Increased zooming power of the scopes

The Apex Legends game allows you to take shots at your enemy from enormous distances. Some of the weapons have very high powered scopes fitted to them. This allows you to kill the enemy from a faraway without being spotted.