Apex Legends game is free available on pc and mobile. After airdrop, it is very important to get geared up fast. To more weapons, you can collect the better it will be for you to survive. In this guide you will get an idea of how to gear up quickly and where can you get the best ammunition and advanced weaponry.

You see as with other survival games the start is extremely crucial because you want to take hold of some good quality ammunition before everyone can get a hold of the weapons.

But to come out of it successfully you need to know two things-

How to get geared up fast in Apex Legends game?

In the Apex Legends game, you will be airdropped on to a map on which you will have to collect loot items which are essentially ammunition and weaponry. This will help you to survive better throughout the game so that you be the last man standing at the end of the game.

Which weapons are the best?

There are lots of options for ammunition in the Apex Legends game. The cool range of weapons gives you every option from assault rifles, mute charges, handguns or pistols, grenades, etc.

But each weapon differs in its shooting ability which is a range, magazine, loading time, precision, damage, etc.

Choosing the right set of weapons is critical to the initial phases where the fighting is immense. So if you have a plan on which set of weapons to collect that is much better.

Which are the best loot places on the map?

Not every area of the map has an equal number of loots. There are certain hotspots on the map that are the key areas where you can find the maximum loot items.

There are many options available in Apex Legends game too. Right from the start, you have the option to airdrop on other places such as the Supplyship rather than the map.  The map also contains special areas that are designated in each game and thus you can collect the most demanding loots.

Best loot spots in the Apex Legends game

Here are the best loot spots that you can get on the map-

Hot Zone

Before the action begins you find an area on the map that is circled in blue. This is the area where you can expect to find the most number of loot items. This area is a hotspot for the collection of the most high-end ammunition with extreme precision. You may still have to do a lot of rummaging. But that ok. Once you have the weapons you have to get out to fight.

But beware this is the hot zone. Like you, most players will want to come down to this area for collecting weapons. So you can expect to get a lot of players packed up in an area.

And you know what happens then. You will expect to face a heavy bombardment of firing rounds after rounds of bullet spree.

It is recommended that you go to the hot zone as fast as you can and once you have a sufficient amount of weapons get your soul out of that place. But on the other hand, you can try to play in the combat mode killing other players and collecting more loot items.

Supply ship

The supply ship is another region of hotspot if you want to collect heavy warfare items. The ship will move right across the map during the start of the mission. Here too like the Hotzone, you will plenty of available items. Just make sure that to know that other players have the same idea. So you might have to face resistance on the ship too.

Apex Legends game does not count fall damage. So once you have collected enough ammunition get off the ship by jumping off it. Also, there are zip lines all across the ship so you can use those zip lines too for getting down. But remember once you are on the ground the other players are too. So again you can expect to be involved in a gunfight.

Supply drops

This is similar to the other games like Garena Free Fire or PUBG and you know that there will be planes that will drop these supplies loaded with ammunition. This is a good option if you are struggling to get hold of good items or maybe all your ammunition has run out.

Once the air supply drops to the ground players will move in and thus fighting may presume. But this fighting is always less intense that you can expect from a Hot Zone or Supply ship.

You have to be quick if you want to collect the airdrop supplies as there are at max loaded with 3-5 items. But if you are lucky you can expect to get some of the legendary equipment like Kraber sniper or Mastiff shotgun.