How to remain alive and heal yourself in the Garena free fire game?

the Garena free fire game

The Garena free fire game is a very tactical game in which you have to survive on the island as long as possible. This can only be done by remaining alert and vigilant to your surroundings. The Garena free fire game requires you to plan every move. You can win the game even without killing other players or getting into battles with other players.

Now, in this section, we will be looking at the most important parameter in the game- how to remain alive and heal your character.

How to remain alive in the game?

This is your sole objective in the game. So you need to take every, measure possible to try and survive for more and more time. The measures mentioned below will also ensure that you take minimum damage to your health from enemy fire. Here are a few tips-

Once on the ground move freely

Once you have glided your way to the ground start looking for weapons. don’t stay still and take cover immediately. now move freely and try to use forest cover or higher ground if necessary. This will ensure that even if you have been spotted by an enemy aiming will be difficult.

Collect weapons as fast as possible

Your most important priority is to collect weapons once on the ground. You can find the loot items everywhere on the ground, on the floors of buildings, inside cars, and even on rooftops.

Check the bar on the baggage bar on your screen to check what items you have collected.

It is better to have bigger baggage that includes more slots for storing ammunition. This way you will be able to sustain longer with your existing ammunition.

The range of weapons in the Garena free fire game will quite literally surprise you. There are different types of assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, hand grenades, rocket launchers, etc. Even you will find that there are magazines for your gun. Each character will be able to carry many types of ammunition items such as two assault rifles, a pistol, hand grenades, and knife.

Avoid getting into a battle with other players

You need to avoid getting into a battle with other players. Remember your objective in this game is to survive and not necessarily go for the kill. So only if you have been spotted or are taking damage from enemy fire is it advisable to shoot back at your enemy.

Sometimes your enemy might be superior to you in terms of weapons collected. So you need to flee as fast as possible taking whatever cover you get.

Avoid red, green and orange zones

This is important to your health. If you fall in a red zone you might get eliminated due to a blast. In the orange zone, you risk your position as it is exposed to the other players due to monitoring of the area by a drone. In the green zone, your health gets damaged at a certain pace and you need to flee the green zone quickly.

Take cover and look for vantage points

To survive you need to take cover and make sure you are not being spotted. For this, you should look to gain access to vantage points such as on top of a hill or a building rooftop. This will help you to shoot the enemy from a larger distance without being spotted. In case you look to adapt to this game technique look for weapons with a better scope and increased stability.

How to heal yourself in the game?

Despite all the measures staying alive is not that easy. You might get hit by enemy fire, or be in a green zone unnoticed. For this, you need to heal yourself. Initially, every player will start with their health bar set to 200 which can be seen on your screens. You can heal yourself in the Garena free fire game using the following means-

Find and use medkits

Medkits are lying on the floor across the entire island. If you spot it is better to collect them. They are pretty easy to use and can be done with the click of a button. If you have sustained enough damage then one medkit might not be sufficient to heal your health completely.

Use mushrooms

Mushrooms can be found grown in certain parts of the ground on the island. Consuming them will grow your EP points which can be easily substituted with health points. 1 EP point is equal to 1 health point.

Salvage the medkits dropped by the airplanes

There will be medkits airdropped from the planes once or twice during the game. You can use the medkits to restore your health. But remember that it is risky as you have to move to generally an open location and collect the medkit from the dropped package.