Enjoy playing Pirate kings with your friends

Enjoy playing Pirate kings with your friends

playing Pirate Kings mobile games on android or iPhone is the craze among the users. They are the best pass time activities and when you get on those platforms with a multiplayer mode, then that becomes the ideal thing for you to enjoy the time on your phone.

War and strategy games are the top-scoring games in the play store now and they are gradually becoming more and more popular too. Pirate Kings is such one game that is preferred by most of the users.

This is the game where the theme is to attack other kingdoms of other users and destroy their cities and steal gold and other things from there.

There are endless things that remain in this type of game, starting from graphics to the management of profiles. However, in this game, the ideal thing that has to be taken care of is the modes of the game. It has got five major modes and that makes the integrated part of the game too.

Here are the five-game options that you will be exploring while you play the game. Get through them and make fun at the most –

  • Attack – The game is about a pirate’s life. Hence, you will be leading life like that of a pirate Kings. Being a pirate, attack the lands of your mate and loot all the best possessions of his. You can update your lands and weapons and also create your attacking pirates by spinning the when every hour. This will give you some additional benefits to break the defense of your mate’s island and to have a better loot from there.
  • Steal – Once you break into the island of your mate by making the attack successful, you have everything for you alone.
  • You can steal just anything that you like on that island. So, plan what you need to upgrade your island and then steal whatever you want to put in your kingdom. This is the way that you build an island that is the best and distinctive from others.
  • Collect – As you win the islands and make the stealing successful, you can win prizes and coins too that will help you build your island. You can even stash away treasures from other pirates too.
  • So, do not feel that you are bound to anything while playing this game. The simple thing is that you are a pirate kings and you can loot anyone and can use those stolen things on your island at ease.
  • There lies the fun of the game.
  • Spin – There is no game in the play store that will allow you to steal other’s pleasure at such ease.
  • Just spin the wheel and you can loot the treasures of others, without any hassle. Hence, get through the spinning wheel now and find the game access at ease now.
  • Battle – the final thing that you will get in the game is the chance to be the pirate king.
  • The simple thing that you will be doing here is to attack other’s territories or defend your territories with battles. As you will win the battles, you will earn glory and coins too, and thus you will become the king of the pirates.

With these five aspects, you can also earn more coins and glory with a proper defense. Hence, build your soldiers and your pirates for war and make them well equipped to become the pioneer in the game show.

So, it is time to download and install the game on your phone and start going through the map. Build your island, and make that the best with the coins that you will earn from looting other islands.

There are many adventure games in the store, but this game is better than the best for the major two reasons –

  • They are of less weight and
  • They are perfectly similar to those of high Mb games.

So, what to think more? Just get to the game and explore therein. As you get through the game score, the game features you will definitely get interested in it, but the most important thing here is that you will have the fun at the fullest proportion.

With your mates online, explore the game with superiority overall and also enjoy playing the most advanced multiplayer game.

The game is often regarded to be the coolest coin games that are there in the play store.

What’s the latest?

The latest version of the game that is in the store is 8.0 and in that, you can get the best summertime enjoyment in the game.

The ships are now made air-conditioned and the game is having super sunshine weather conditions to mean the summer.

So, enjoy the real-time game with multiple friends together and enjoy your idle time with most fun and enthusiasm.