Nvidia RTX 4070 Could Be A Powerful GPU—But May Not Arrive For Some Time

Nvidia RTX 4070 Could Be A Powerful GPU—But May Not Arrive For Some Time

We know that Nvidia’s RTX 4070 is in the pipeline, of course. However, there are doubts about whether the graphics card will be powerful enough. Also, it might not be here for a good while yet. For a mid-range GPU, it could be a beast.

The most recent video of the latest popular YouTube hardware leaker, Moore’s Law is Dead (MLID), discussed a whole raft of aspects which are related to the RTX 4070. With material from the GPU grapevine, keep the saltshaker handy as always.

Not expecting this graphics card anytime soon is one of the main points being made here. According to MLID, the time frame of the possible launch is the end of Q1, which means the month of March, and that will still be 5 months away. According to the theory, Nvidia still has a lot of current-generation RTX 3000 stalks to shift. To ensure that those Ampere GPUs are sold, Team Green is reportedly limiting the number of RTX 4090 and 4080 boards that will be released this year.

The probable launch date for the RTX 4070, which is only going to come out when Ampere inventory is sufficiently cleared, is by the end of Q1. This was evident from a source telling MLID that this problem should be worked out by the end of Q1. Well, the ‘paper launch’ could come a bit earlier or may be even during the close of 2022. This is the slight caveat here. However, just a reveal or maybe some minimal initial inventory would be represented by it. So, here the GPU will be launched, sold out, instantly involving scalpers without any doubt, which will be a familiar situation for us. And, if the question arises about the real volume of the product launch, it will still be a waiting game.

The RTX 4070 still sounds very much up in the air as to the specifications, which is another key takeaway from this latest video. Apparently, what some have suggested elsewhere is what won’t happen : that the RTX 4080 12 GB might be simply taken by Nvidia and pushed out as a 4070.

mainly because, before it was cancelled, either work hadn’t started on actually making the RTX 4080 12 GB cards or not all that much had been done anyway.

Remember, the card was only an add-in board partner product, which means its own Founders Edition was not being made by Nvidia. This is partly why the cancellation of this card was done by them. Following the negative reaction to the GPU, it became relatively easy to do so. The negative reaction was that it was an RTX 4070 disguised as a lower-tier RTX 4080 in order to charge a higher price.

Thus, this perception became the exact reason Nvidia could not roll out an RTX 4070 having the same specifications as the 4080 12 GB. This was because then it would be pretty obvious that the card was initially intended to be the 4070 as many had previously theorised.

Even if it uses the same chip, i.e., AD104, the specification for the 4070 will certainly need to be different from that of the 4080, which is still unlaunched. This is the clear upshot.

Bullet points:

  • Moore’s Law is Dead (MLID), the most recent popular YouTube hardware leaker, highlighted a wide range of RTX 4070-related topics in his most recent video.
  • Using information from the GPU grapevine, always have a salt shaker at the ready.
  • The argument states that Nvidia still has a significant number of RTX 3000 stalks in the current generation to sell.
  • Team Green is apparently limiting the amount of RTX 4090 and 4080 boards that will be available this year in order to ensure that those Ampere GPUs are sold.
  • The RTX 4070’s anticipated release date is towards the end of Q1, but it won’t happen until Ampere inventory is sufficiently depleted.
  • This was made clear by a source who informed MLID that this issue needed to be resolved.

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