The British F4 Esports Championship: Revving Up Virtual Racetrack

British F4 Esports Championship

In the ever-evolving world of esports, where the thrill of competition transcends traditional boundaries, the British F4 Esports Championship emerges as a thrilling spectacle. Organized by Motorsport UK, this championship converges the worlds of motorsports and virtual racing. In this blog, we dive deep into the details of this electrifying event, highlighting its key features, participants, and the exciting 2023 season.

Unveiling the British F4 Esports Championship

Bridging the Gap Between Real and Virtual Racing

The British F4 Esports Championship serves as a bridge between the physical and virtual realms of motorsports. It complements the real-world ROKIT F4 British Championship certified by FIA, offering a unique opportunity for racing enthusiasts to witness top-notch virtual racing talent in action.

The iRacing Platform and FIA F4 Single-Seaters

At the heart of this championship lies the iRacing platform, a renowned name in the world of sim racing. Competitors strap into identical FIA F4 single-seaters, replicating the real-world thrill of Formula 4 racing. This ensures a level playing field where skill and strategy take center stage.

Meet the Administrators: World Sim Racing and Wave Italy

For the 2023 season, the championship is under the watchful eyes of World Sim Racing, ensuring smooth operations and fair competition. Wave Italy, an official partner, adds a touch of sophistication and expertise to the event.

Star-Studded Grid: Teams and Drivers

F1 Esports Powerhouses Join the Fray

The grid for the 2023 season boasts some heavy hitters in the esports world. Teams like Williams and Aston Martin’s F1 esports branches, Dörr Esports, and GUILD Racing have all revved up their engines to compete. This amalgamation of talent promises intense and high-quality racing.

Returning Champions and Rising Stars

The defending champion, Luke McKeown, is back to defend his title, but he’s not alone. A host of talented drivers are ready to challenge the status quo and etch their names in virtual racing history.

Race Day Action

Live Broadcasts

Fans can catch all the racing action live on RaceSpot TV’s YouTube channel or Traxion’s channel. The live streams bring the excitement of virtual racing right into your living room.

Race Format

Each round of the championship consists of two 20-minute Formula 4 races, delivering adrenaline-pumping action. In addition, a supporting 15-minute UK FF1600 Esports Cup race adds variety to the event, showcasing a different facet of virtual racing.

The UK FF1600 Esports Cup

A Support Category with a Twist

The UK FF1600 Esports Cup, a support category to the British F4 Esports Championship, introduces 26 qualified drivers into the mix. These drivers pilot iRacing’s Ray FF1600 car and hold a Motorsport UK Esports membership.

Prizes Galore

Base Performance Simulators sweetens the pot with simulator time for the top three teams. Additionally, an £8,500 prize pool awaits the top drivers and teams. Prizes include hospitality tickets, prestige, and eligibility for Motorsport UK’s annual Night of Champions event.

Stay in the Know

Official Websites

For all the latest updates, official sources are the way to go. The official British F4 Esports Championship and UK FF1600 Cup websites provide comprehensive information, including race schedules, standings, and more.

It’s All About the Rewards

Prize Pool Splits

The allure of rewards adds another layer of excitement to the British F4 Esports Championship. There are prize pool splits for both teams and individual drivers, making every race count.

The 2023 Calendar

An Exciting Lineup of Tracks

The 2023 calendar promises a diverse range of racing experiences, with rounds held at various British tracks. Each track brings its own unique challenges and opportunities, ensuring a captivating season for fans.


The British F4 Esports Championship is a celebration of virtual racing talent and the spirit of competition. With a stellar lineup of teams and drivers, thrilling race formats, and enticing prizes, it’s a must-watch for esports and motorsports enthusiasts alike. Stay tuned to the live broadcasts and official websites to catch all the action as the virtual engines roar to life on the iRacing platform. Whether you’re a seasoned fan or a newcomer to the world of esports, this championship promises to deliver heart-pounding excitement and unforgettable moments on the virtual racetrack.


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