Why is My Ping So High? Tips to Eliminate Lag from Online Games

Why is My Ping So High? Tips to Eliminate Lag from Online Games

Whether you want to enhance your gaming experience or just want to binge-watch your favorite movies in high-res, ping plays a vital role in both.

Here’s the thumb rule: lower internet ping, better digital experience. Your internet service provider (ISP) contributes to either making the experience better or worse. If you feel slower internet speed with consistency then it might be the time to look for other options.

An ISP should provide you with an internet connection that offers impeccable reliability, lower pings, and multiple internet options to choose from according to your budget. For example, Xtream Mediacom offers internet speed up to a whopping 1 gig. The bandwidth they offer in areas is optimized to maintain lower ping rates and little or no outages at all.

Having said that, there are tons of reasons that cause high ping and ruin your experience in gaming, video calling or just browsing your social media. But let’s just first work out ping then we’ll jump on to the tips to lower internet ping.

What is ping?

A word that is majorly used by gamers in a negative sense because it usually is the villain in ruining their game. Technically speaking, it’s a measurement of latency. Latency in turn is the time taken to transmit data across the network.

For instance, when I was playing Call of Duty last night I didn’t even get the visual of the opponent knocking me out. That’s when my internet ping was high. High ping and the game visuals came in late when I was already K.Oed. You might have experienced the same and yeah, it’s frustrating.

However, I have tried and tested some methods that usually work to lower ping. Join me in outlining the tips that might help you optimize your virtual experience.

Factors Causing High Ping

Multiple factors can cause high ping for your internet connection. Here are the most common reasons for abnormal ping:

  • The router is being placed too far
  • Inferior internet connection and speed
  • Multiple unused devices connected to the router
  • Unbalanced game settings
  • Using a distant server
  • Apps running in the background

How to Lower Ping?

Speed Test Your Internet Connection

There’s a chance that you may not be getting the internet speed you are being charged for. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) usually overpromise the speeds and later the speed isn’t according to that.

While there might be many reasons for slow internet speed, they are fixable.

The first step is to check your internet speed. Use the Ookla Speed Test on your phone or laptop and run the speed test. Evaluate your internet speed to check if it is up to the promised speed by your ISP.

If the speed is sub-par then contact the customer service of your ISP. They may give you the exact instructions that you will need to follow to boost your internet speed and lower its ping.

Close All the Unused Background Apps and Processes

Whether you’re a casual mobile gamer or a heavy PC gamer, both of the machines that you play games on might have background apps running that suck resources. Those resources can be used to give you a seamless gaming experience.

So, before you boot your game, make sure all unnecessary apps are closed in the background.

For mobile phones, you can go to the recent apps and remove the apps from there.

For PC, search ‘task manager’ in the search bar and open it. Then check what are the unnecessary programs that are currently running. Close the unwanted ones.

Disconnect All Other Devices from Your Wi-Fi

What happens when tons of tasks are loaded upon us? We perform inefficiently and often fails to perform some task. Your internet connection is the same except it doesn’t fail but takes more time.

Other devices such as your smart TV or your laptop might be connected to the same network. These devices increase internet traffic and result in high ping.

Just make sure that the other devices have their Wi-Fi turned off when you jump into your gaming space. This will free the bandwidth for your ultimate gaming experience.

Get the Data Packets Directly to Your System

This tip is just for PC gamers. You can skip if you’re a mobile gamer because a mobile phone doesn’t have an ethernet port.

Here’s the thing, when the data is converted to wireless signals some of the data packets are lost, and internet speed is reduced resulting in high ping. So, using an ethernet cable is the way to go.

An ethernet cable is directly connected to your system and the data is received without your Wi-Fi router fussing to convert it to radio waves. So, the ping is usually lower and you can enjoy your game without lag.

 Summing Up

Online gaming has certainly unlocked a virtual world that you can jump in without even leaving your room. It’s great but taking the time outdoors can prove to be helpful in the longer run. A 6-hour session of gaming can seriously hurt your back and can have bad consequences. Cherish your games but keep things balanced.


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