Console Gaming: 5 Games That Benefit Massively from Pro Controllers and Why?

5 Console Games

Discover The 5 Console Games Benefit Massively from Pro Controllers and Why!

While PC gaming might be at the peak of esports and top-notch gameplay performance, the popular consoles are starting to catch up. Namely, the next-gen consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X have completely transformed the console gaming experience with their support of consistent 120 fps output and 4K gaming.

The professional gaming scene does exist in the console space, and console gamers now have better tools at their disposal than ever. The Elite/Pro controller being one of them, and in this article, we are going to look at which games benefit the most from it.

Why pro controllers are better?

There is Sony’s DualSense Edge for PS5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Elite Wireless Controller, both designed to give players a massive edge in competitive gaming. The fact that these are officially manufactured by those companies is the cherry on top. The main and most desired feature of these pro controllers is their customizable back paddles.

There have always been third-party options in the market for this, but none of them have been appealing, and their pricing is beyond the affordability range for many gamers. The back buttons on the pro controller allow console gamers to perform additional in-game actions without moving their hands off the analog sticks. This is something that isn’t possible on a normal controller unless players use the claw technique.

How good are pro controllers on non-FPS games?

The following list only has competitive games as that’s what these advanced controllers were specifically designed for. However, you can still get value out of Elite controllers on games like GTA Online, Elden Ring and other open world titles. In Elden Ring swapping out spells and inventory items with back buttons is much faster. And in games like GTA Online, you’ll find yourself being incredibly efficient during heist missions with the help of those back paddles.

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As we have seen with The Diamond Casino & Resort update of GTA online, the game features mini games for players to indulge in. The exciting in-game casino in GTA offers plenty of ways to reap big prizes, and just like real-life slots operating with RNG technology, they are completely dependent on chance. After all, GTA’s love for crime-infested casino story missions is no secret, and your experience in these games is only going to get better with more handy control.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends, when played casually, doesn’t require an advanced set of skills, but if you want to score and get more kills, you’ll have to learn movement. Now “movement” is something that isn’t taught in the game’s tutorial, but it is the most important aspect of competitive play. Almost all professional Apex players have mastered this skill, as it plays a key role in them winning more 1v1s. Executing this technique with keyboard and mouse after a bit of practice is a piece of cake.

However, performing the same on console is quite a challenging task with regular controller as a player must restrict some of their game actions when pressing jump button. With PS5’s DualSense Edge and its Xbox counterpart players can move and aim freely while still being in control of their jump and crouch buttons at the same time.


Fortnite is one of the most popular games out there, and while it may not be a first-person shooter, it still remains one of the most demanding games in terms of skill. The testament to the game’s popularity is its esports betting market, which sees several millions of cash during tournaments.

Fortnite’s building aspect, bunny hopping, air strafing and some of the other mechanical skills make perfect use of those additional back buttons on pro controllers. Playing with a pro controller will make your movement much more seamless. Depending on your playstyle you can also customize the back paddles to get better at the game.

Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 has an array of characters for players to choose from and each of those characters require a different approach to play. Even if you are a support player, having access to better movement skills will help you climb much faster in ranked matches. The main advantage that you get with DualSense Edge in Overwatch is an ability to move while aiming without sacrificing time. And that fraction of time is all you need to make a game winning difference in your match. Characters like Genji, Doomfist, Tracer and Pharah have a very high skill ceiling and to get as close to PC players as possible a pro controller will definitely give you a huge edge.

Destiny 2

Much like Overwatch, each character in Destiny 2 has its own movement style and if you manage to master them you can easily get on the way to top. Here’s where you can utilize the pro controller to achieve the best possible technique. This will also help you move around the map seamlessly and improve on your mechanical skills. One of the areas where pro controller shines in Destiny is medium to close range combat. Once you make habit of using back paddles, you will be able to catch more enemies by surprise and drastically increase your 1v1 win rate.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Everything we said about FPS games getting the most out DualSense Edge applies to COD as well. There are some game specific COD settings where PS5’s pro controller does exceptionally well.  After making custom presets, you can swap for the best depending on what class you are using. You can customize sensitivity and dead zone settings in your presets on top of assigning back buttons their specific functions and then swap to the desired profile while playing your favorite class.