Xbox Wireless Controller

Xbox Wireless Controller

Xbox Wireless Controller is a series of video game consoles that are both created and owned by Microsoft company. It was three consoles that were released during the sixth, seventh, and eighth generations, respectively. The brand also provides services such as gaming and streaming sessions along with Xbox live feature in it. It was introduced in the United States (US) in the year 2001 and launched its first original Xbox consoles. But with time and coping up with the technology Xbox has launched its various upgraded version of its own model. 

Xbox Wireless Controller is an updated wireless controller that comes in the 2nd series. The Xbox Wireless Controller is a console that comes with the Xbox which helps a gamer to help the video games more efficiently. The controller is very helpful for hard-core gamers, without it gaming games wouldn’t have been so easy and fun. 

Microsoft always looks forward to bringing new innovations in its product. They always try in get new features, new designs, and a lot more in their up-gradation of products. Similarly, the earlier products of Microsoft which had consoles used to have a wire. But now in the new series that the company brought in is a wireless controller and which gamer doesn’t want a wireless console which will make them play the game from a more convenient place. 

Importance of a controller for a gameplay

It is very important for a hard-core gamer to have an access to all the gaming accessories. Controllers are the most common and a basic thing to use nowadays, but one the major reason why to use a wireless console because they are more often simple to use and is more portable. You can relax and play with wireless from anywhere for your comfort zone.

 Another major reason why controllers are ruling the market these days because they are more comfortable, they are also designed in such a way that it easily fits in one’s hand without any irritation and the buttons are specifically used for playing video games. 

So, gamers who do live streaming on a regular basis will always go for a wireless controller and now when an upgraded version of the Xbox Wireless Controller has been launched by Microsoft then why go for something less which gives a player the benefit and advantage of enjoying the game.

Build for its Execution 

The new Xbox Wireless Controller is built for its gaming performance. Its design meets with today’s competitive level of gaming. The new series comes with a lot of newly added features that enhance a player to play any video game like a pro. A hard-core gamer will obviously very keen to grab this product but if a casual player who desires to play likes a pro can also grab it without giving a second thought about it. The new Xbox Wireless Controller helps to improve your aiming with the new adjustable thumbsticks. It fires faster, and the trigger gets locked immediately and stays on the target with the help of a wrapped rubberized grip.

Design and Features

The brand-new upgraded controller evidently has some changes as compared to Xbox Elite Controller, with a few tweaks add to its styling features and a lot more.

Most of the body avoids the shiny metal accents that are found on the original, instead, it has the darker metal on it. It simply has a monochromatic color on it for the new series of Xbox Wireless Controller.

It also has some new add-on features in it which are notably,

> It adds Bluetooth connectivity which enables the player to work wireless with more devices. Though its headphone jack is 3.5mm can’t handle the audio while it is connected to the Bluetooth device. It also has a light to indicate any notifications and comes with a USB Type-C connection in it.

> The controller is provided in a good compacted carrying case and along with it there is a wireless charging pad that sticks into the case and hangs into the controller with the help of its magnetic sensitivity. There is a small port that helps the USB plugs to get into the back of the case. The charger of the Xbox Wireless Controller can be charged both inside and outside of the case.

> If we go by the shape of the Xbox Wireless Controller is almost very similar to its predecessors. But then the grips are not the same as the previous one, the palm grips of the gaming console have a Dimond-based rubber texture all the way around. The body has a very soft tint of touching coating.

> This new model also follows to be like its predecessor but added with a few extra buttons that undercarriage the controller in form of four paddles that give everything and also helps the little finger do some activity while playing games.

> It also has a button that switches the profiles.

> The new Xbox Wireless Controller stands out for its new customization features. All the buttons in it are re-located for easier and quick control. The rear paddles and thumbsticks are attached to the controller and can easily be removed with a simple pull. 

> A new added effect of the Xbox Wireless Controller that has a feature that if one piece of the controller breaks then only that piece as an individual will be replaced, there is no need for exchanging or buying an entirely new console.

> There is also a dome-shaped topped thumbstick with an extra thumbstick, this gives you access to adjust the stick to three different levels.

> There ais two D-pad options in the controller, the four-directional version is like the standard Xbox controller, while the other is round faceted. Both are made of metal-based. But this is a spot where the product quality suffers a bit.

>The paddle switch at the bottom can actually be swapped around and the main trigger has a slide that has to make their travel shorter. 

> In Xbox Wireless Controller there is a paddle which is a handy addition and the switches come with an underneath switch which is poppy and responsive.


The Xbox Wireless Controller is fairly extensive through the Xbox Accessories App, which easily accessible on both Xbox One and PC. It has many features that allow button remapping, adjustment of thumbstickdeadzone, controlling vibration, and many more. The thumbstick gets subtlety controlled especially with the option to edit response curves and choose., calculations of choosing heads or tails are also done by the controller. 

There is an option that is set up to Shift, which gives buttons and controls all other functions in the controller is available with the help of the Shift button is held down. But the shift button still comes with limitation to control standards, so no macros.


Microsoft initially hoped to improve their gaming experience as compared to other basic controllers. The most immediate benefit a gamer might find its ability to trigger travel within the shortest time. While the players play THE OUTER WORLD, in the new Xbox Wireless Controller firing at the enemy happens much faster than the other controllers, it is not even a fast-paced game. Similarly, in the fast-paced shooter games like CALL OF DUTY, the hair triggers and it could make a difference between being shot first or shooting first. It helps a gamer to save his/her finger from added strain when one is trying to fire rapidly.

The little customized innovation tweaks proved its convenience for a different level of experience. The domed shaped standard left thumbstick helped to change direction uncomfortably widely to keep the player alive while playing DEAD CELLS. The D-pad felt between to use in the new Xbox Wireless Controller felt better to use in this case, especially while fighting.

The palm grips are very much comfortable while playing. It could also benefit to bring in some intense gameplay and there shouldn’t be much complaint about the standard of the game, the Xbox slides out of the player’s hand due to extra grip with is necessary.

More Ways to Customize

The all-new branded Xbox Wireless Controller has limitless customization with the Xbox Accessories App. There is a utilization of exclusive feature that has an option such as a button mapping that voices that command “record that” or to “tale a screenshot”. 

It also has an assigned button that acts as a ‘Shift Key’ that enables alternative input for the other button.

What’s in the Box?

The Xbox Wireless Controller comes with a carrying case that has a thumbstick consist of a pair of six buttons (two standards, two classics, 1 tall, and 1 dome.) There is also a set of 4 paddles consisted of two medium and mini. There is also a set of 2D-pads- Standard, Faceted with a charging dock, and a USB-C cable. 

Thumbstick Control

The new Xbox Wireless Controller has thumbstick control includes a lot of new adjustment features that manually change thumbstick tension, with three tension setting to choose from it. The gamers have to adjust the thumbstick that has a sensitivity curve with the Xbox Accessories App which swap thumbsticks that have inputs so that the left thumbstick that controls the right thumbsticks input and does the vice-versa.  

Battery Charging 

In the new Xbox Wireless Controller, the internal charging of the rechargeable battery lasts up to 40 hours per charge. Though battery life depends on the usage of the player, even if a player plays for a long duration still it will last a minimum of 24 hours and can keep playing without irruption because not only pro players but also normal players won’t like pausing in a middle of a game. So, the battery life matters a lot to the gamers and in this matter, the buyers won’t regret buying this.

Audio Quality

The audio quality in the brand-new Xbox Wireless controller comes with a 3.5mm stereo jack. It also fits with the Xbox One stereo headset adaptor and all the other devices which are controlled by the other accessories made by Microsoft.


Microsoft has successfully manufactured a fancy controller with some new handy tweaks from the original controller. It comes with a lot of new features which added a lot of value to the controller as well as to the company manufacturing it. But with a lot of positive side in the new controller, there are few negative points which have been highlighted in the market for which the Xbox Wireless Controller was a bit criticized. Also, its price was a bit more expensive than its features and game quality which was disliked by many because the previous version almost had all the features with a bit less of sensitivity and less attractive to looks at a much cheaper price. Even its high sensitivity has caused a lot of problems during a few gameplays which might end the life of the gamer in the game, no one wants to die due to technical issues where surviving is the main motive in gameplay. It is compatible with Xbox One, Xbox One S, and all others. It comes with all the controller instructions and all other original accessories required in it.

The new Xbox Wireless Controller doesn’t feel much like a revolution, from taking a screenshot with a single press charging system and using the analog sticks with tweaks made a big difference. Depending on the game the players opt to play and how they use the controller for PC or laptops, it truly depends on the players how they will handle it. The more efficiently you handle the more satisfied you feel after each gameplay. 

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But the matte black color with shiny buttons on the console completely attracts the people of this generation which matte colors are in trend. A lot of people are expecting a lot more changes from the Microsoft company in the next generation which will be more reliable and more efficient for a gamer. Though there is a lot to like and praise about still we can keep it for the next generation up-graded version.