Why We Love Game Application (And You Should, Too!)

Why We Love Game Application (And You Should, Too!)

Mobile games nowadays have become very common among people. It is like a mobile Game Application is becoming our favorite past time. Most of the time the young generation especially the kids and teenagers and even adults are hooked to the glowing smartphone screens playing games with their friends.

Mobile technology indeed has opened up the scope for various other businesses and the gaming industry is one of them. Just look at this decade and the one before that and we will be surprised how much the features like graphics, gaming controls, maneuverability, and experience have increased in just twenty years.

But the young generation seems to be the most affected by them. Now although the parent’s view is that mobile games are entirely negatively affecting their children but still there are some benefits of playing games.

This is quite a debatable topic and here the focus is one why gamers like to play games and what are the benefits of playing games. And why then you should also play games.

It improves mental coordination and reflexes in reaction

Mobile games increase the mental and physical coordination of the children. While they are playing the games looking at the screens they are also controlling the characters through hand controls. So it is very good exercise. The brain cells get stimulated as they have to process a lot of information and send appropriate signals to the body parts on how to react. So this increases the reflexes of our body as well.

Try playing any instinctive games such as shooting games and you will understand it acts as a good exercise for your brain.

It improves your problem-solving ability

Some games require you to solve a problem. The most common ones are puzzle games, cross-board games, and games like sudoku. You see the interesting thing with the games is that although they are very lackluster in graphics and very simple in design they challenge you mentally.

If you play mobile games online like chess with some capable players you will be challenged right from the first move. And with puzzle games and escape room games you have to solve a particular problem within a specified time. So you are forced to think of solutions rather than just sitting and procrastinating on it.

It improves your memory

There are games like chess or other board games that require you to remember a lot of moves and keep crosschecking the outcomes. This automatically improves your memory. In some multiplayer Game Application, the users have to remember certain outcomes and results, and based on that they need to plan out the next moves. So actually your brain is analyzing and remembering a lot of information on memorizing the patterns or numbers or different combinations.

For students, some simple memory games like 2048, chess, sudoku, and other puzzle games are beneficial in the long run. The kids can score better in the exams if such types of games are given to be practiced regularly.

Improves your attention and concentration

There is no doubt that when you are playing a highly immersive game you are highly focused and concentrated on completing the objectives. So what happens automatically is that by playing these mobile Game Application you are focusing on your goals.

This is very important for most of the persons who just cannot seem to concentrate on any activity. There are just so many distractions in our world today. But thankfully, technology also provides a perfect remedy for it through mobile games online.

Improves planning and analytical ability

Most of the games require a person to analyze a few moves. If you have played some of the tough games on the hard level you must know what is being talked about. You see the games developed today are for the pro gamers.

So if you are playing them for the first time you need to make certain plans and strategies before blindly staring to pay the game. You won’t even survive a few minutes like that. Planning and analytical skills are highly required in every industry and sphere of life whether it’s about getting good marks in your school or meeting your targets at the office.

Understand the values of team building

With multiplayer games, you are required to play in groups. As a member of the group, you have to complete certain tasks for your team to win. Whether you are providing overwatch for your team in a shooting game or solving a puzzle such as in an escape room game online.

The value of a team player is imbibed in you gradually as you play the mobile games application online on the multiplayer mode. You learn to value each other and trust your teammates. These types of skills are always beneficial and required throughout your career later.

Improves your knowledge

It needs less to mention that when you play mobile Game Application you have to understand a lot about the game scenario and stuff like that. Most of the games today are built based on real-life and real-world based events. So playing them will automatically increase your knowledge.