Which are the best augmented reality games for kids

Augmented reality games for kids have become real hotcakes in the gaming industry. Even since the launch of Pokemon Go and its grand success it has become the most discussed thing in the online gaming fraternity.

Augmented reality games for kids are also available. And it can be said that it is available for different types of genres such as fun and excitement games, analytical games, war games, strategy-based games,  etc.

These games are unique in the sense that they give a sense of the different types of gameplay for the players. Thes e games give the user a feel of transition and connect the digital world with the real-life physical world. This gives the player a sense of hyperrealism at its core.

For kids, it is fun to play these games and do some leisurely time pass. And not only is it only about the fun, but kids do also learn a lot from these games. Some essential qualities are ingrained right from the very outset.

With that being said, every player from kids to teenagers will look out for which are the best games in the AR game sector. And here we will look at some of the best-augmented reality games for kids.

Which are the best-augmented reality games for kids?

Magical Park

Are you going out to a park for fun? Better consider taking your smartphone along with you and install a copy of Magical Park in your phone. This game is really simple and fun to play with its slice of AR beautifully implemented into the game.

The transformation is so beautiful that it transforms a simple ordinary green ground into a fantasy park.  And you will be able to play simple challenges such as collecting eggs, trapping critters, and other simple missions. There are also wonderfully augmented monsters, dinosaurs, aliens which make the game ever so fun to pay for the kids. Surely, your kids will love to play this game.

Thomas and Friends Minis

This game follows the storyline based on the animated cartoon series Thomas and Friends. If your kid loves to watch the series by the way, then why not give your children another level of added fun?

The best thing about this game is your child will be able to customize things the way they like.

Why is it considered to be one of the best-augmented reality games for kids?

Moreover, as the game follows the real storyline of the cartoon series you will be getting the real characters too like Thomas, James, Hiro, and more. This game also provides some in-app purchases. Of course, you will be able to play the demo version but its nothing compared to the full version which is to be bought online via some online purchases that the game offer s you.

You as a parent can think of this like saving money too for treats and candies to your children. Now they will remain bust throughout the day playing the beautiful AR game.

Angry Birds AR:  Isle of Pigs

Have you watched the movie Angry Birds and Isle of Pigs? Well, this is also one of the best augmented reality games for kids. The only difference this time is that you will be able to play the game in your bedroom or backyard using the cool augmented reality features which are embedded into the game.

Of course, you will have the option to set the battlefield like you want using your camera and to take a snap of the place in which you want to be the background setting for the battle between the angry birds and the pigs to occur.

This is a super cool game that is packed full of action and strategy. This means that you will have to deploy the angry birds in a strategic and pre-throughout manner so that they can attack the pig castle and find out their stolen eggs.


Do you like to play puzzle and mystery-solving augmented reality games for kids? Then Avo is the perfect match for you. This lovely looking avocado will be the character that you will be controlling and the basic idea of the game is to solve the puzzles and mysteries in the game. There will be another character that will be working in close knits with you named Billie a young scientist.

This is an adventurous game where Avo will be looking to solve the mysteries and providing justice against the wrongdoers. And the best part again like any other AR game is that you will be able to set the backdrop according to your choice. Click on your camera and take snaps in which you want Avo to solve the puzzles.

So what are you waiting for? When are you trying out on these augmented reality games for kids?