What are the uses of hologram stickers?

We all must have seen the bright-looking colorful images that even change shapes and sizes upon viewing from different angles under light right?

Well, there is nothing new in saying that they are hologram stickers. But the way it is used and the reasons why it is used might not be known to everyone. Here we will be discussing just that.

What are the hologram stickers?

Now that we have started this article from a very basic understanding point of view let’s first try to understand what holograms are. In simple words, you can tell this that holograms are 3D stickers, and the method used to make such stickers is called holography.

It involves a complex mechanism of science and technology such as the use of laser technology, light interference with varying intensities of light.

We get a three-dimensional view of the hologram stickers and get the feeling that they are being transformed in shape and orientation.

What you generally see inside the hologram stickers is generally the brand image, tagline, or any other thing that is unique for that brand.

In simple words, it can be said that the holographic stickers are used for protecting the brand image or that tagline of a company and prevent its replication.

How and why are hologram stickers used?

Holograms are used for a variety of purposes and on different items. The main objective behind all of that is the same.

Let’s see some of the uses of holographic stickers and instances when they are used.

Use of hologram stickers in the packaging industry

You might be wondering why packaging and not the products come first on the list on which the hologram stickers are used right?

Well, the reason is that the packaging can be easily duplicated and made counterfeit. This causes damage to the brand and its reputation to its customers.

The use of holographic stickers on the packing of any product is instant recognition and authenticity of a brand.

Companies make use of holographic stickers in packaging their products. With time the holographic stickers have gained attention due to their unique color change and orientation changes within the stickers. It has also gained popularity due to its quality and ascetic value.

At present, the challenge for the holographic sticker manufacturers is to find the right balance between minimalistic design parameters but one that also conveys maximum information and security.

Pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical sector is yet another example where there is a large number of duplicity and counterfeit packaging and labeling going on all the time. To protect their interests the pharmaceutical industry also makes large use of hologram stickers to protect their brand.

They use it on the labels and packaging to make sure that they cannot be duplicated or made counterfeit.

Even the pharma companies have gone one step ahead and are now making use of the hologram technique to embed the serial numbers and batch numbers of medicines into the holographic stickers. This is done using high-end laser technology. The cost involved might be higher but this of course gives an added level of security.

Fast-moving consumer goods

The FMCG companies are also making use of the holographic technique to embed the serial numbers and the company brand inside the stickers to protect them from being duplicated.

FMCG is a big sector and we are witnessing the use of hologram stickers in some of the commonly used items such as food and wine.

This engraving of the serial numbers is not only a symbol of brand authenticity but also ensures it’s quality and design parameters. This is done by the companies as soon as the products pass the standard and quality control parameters and checks.

Used in tickets

Sometimes you can also see the hologram stickers on the train, bus, or flight tickets. This helps identify the real ones from the fraudulent ones. The stickers on the tickets are a confirmation of the fact that the tickets have not been replicated by the mal intention person.

Why are the hologram stickers used for?

Brand identification using hologram stickers

One of the major factors of why holographic stickers are being used so often is the fact that they are identified for your brand. These stickers help your product to get identified easily because of its simple design and attractive looks.

Moreover, they can be easily applied on most surfaces which include glass, metal, wood, cardboard, paper which makes it highly versatile for use. You can get more detail about the various game at Game Apex Legend

Fashion and show off

Sometimes the holographic stickers are used for some entertainment purposes too. This includes the use of hologram stickers on exclusive T-shirts and other garments.