What are the benefits of having advanced hologram technology in today’s world

Hologram technology is used for making holographic stickers. While you may already know this and think about it as a cliche statement, its uses are diverse and have many benefits.

Indeed we talk very less about how a holographic sticker can make add to the benefits and features of a product. But if you think closely you will find out that these simple colorful yet attractive holographic stickers play a very important role for both the product manufacturer and even for its customers who buy the product from the market.

What is a hologram sticker?

Well, we are pretty sure that you must have seen the bright colorful stickers pasted on the products, labels, packaging, and covers. These colorful stickers when viewed from different angles will give different views to the observer.

You would normally find out that these stickers have a logo or image which seems three-dimensional with ever-changing colors when light strikes them from different angles.

How is hologram technology able to add to the security features inside the hologram sticker?

But now the all-important question might come up in your mind- how is it that a simple sticker can add to the security features of a product?

See, hologram technology is of different types based on the type of hologram stickers that they have to make. While some stickers are easy to design and thus make use of simple technology, others have lots of technicalities involved in them and make use of high-end laser beam rays and photo resistant material.

And as far as the securities are concerned various types of features are unique to these wonderful colorful stickers.

Features of a hologram sticker that is unique to it?

Various features are not present in local paper stickers. Hologram technology makes a unique type of sticker that has big business implications such as protecting the brand image and reputation, use for identifying a brand, used for separating an authentic brand from the counterfeit or duplicate ones, and also warns us that the authentic products have been tampered with.

Here are some features which are unique to a hologram sticker-

Impossible to duplicate

To remake or make a duplicate copy of the holographic sticker you have to know about the exact phase of light, and the monochromatic light including the type of laser technology used to make the hologram sticker. All this is almost impossible to know and thus it is highly impossible to duplicate a holographic sticker. This is what makes each type of holographic sticker and the corresponding hologram technology unique.

Durable with a laminated coating

Holographic stickers are used for marketing purposes and brand promotion. For this, they are used in various products or marketing campaigns.

To make such a holographic sticker they should satisfy one parameter. And that is they must be highly smudged resistant and resistant to harsh weather such as rainfall, heat, humidity, etc.

They must not lose the shine even after a long time or else the visually attractive aspect of the holographic stickers is lost. For this, a suitable type of holographic technology is used in which the topmost layer of a holographic sticker is coated using a laminated sheet of plastic. This makes them highly weather resistant.

Protects brand reputation and image

If you want to protect your brand image and logo the using the right type of hologram technology to make holographic stickers is extremely important. Depending on the type of product you manufacture and the type of industry you are in or the type of security features you have to ensure for your brand there are different types of technologies.

Some types are more primitive while others are more advanced and use high-end technology devices. A holographic image contains a brand image embedded in the sticker which is symbolic to a brand. As a holographic sticker cannot be copied easily this makes a unique identity for each brand.

For the customers, it is easier to identify the authentic products from the counterfeit ones

Have you ever seen the holographic stickers on a product and instantly recognized the brand? Well, this is one parameter in which the authentic manufacturers ensure that their products can be easily identified out of several hundred similar products.

Thus customers can easily be able to identify their preferred brands. Even if you notice the counterfeit products or the duplicate products they don’t have a well-equipped hologram technology or a hologram sticker.

What types of hologram technology is used for making a holographic sticker?

There are different types of technology that are used in making holographic stickers. There are various types of stickers each with a complex type that determines how well equipped the technology behind the manufacturing of the stickers should be.