What are hologram videos and how are they beneficial?

With the world moving more towards a digitalized media, we make use of video platforms more than trusting on simple ads on newspapers.

Even when you see videos on the internet you will be seeing various types of videos and online ads being shown now and then. Some of these videos are hologram videos which are holographic projections of an object. They help you to get a 3-D look for a 2-D object. We are often captivated by such ads due to their beautifully crafted work which is highly attracting and engrossing.

With this in mind let’s get to know exactly what holographic videos are and if you can make them at your home? Lastly, we will be looking at some of the benefits of using holographic videos for real-life applications.

What are the hologram videos?

If you know what a hologram sticker is then you might be able to relate that to a hologram video. Are you tired of watching videos that are two dimensional? If yes, maybe it is time for you to change and switch over to the holographic videos which will be an instant eye-catcher.

Hologram videos are projections of a two-dimensional video that is being played on a 2-D screen.

How to play hologram videos?

What happens is that there is a layer of glass coated with a photo resistant material which is placed at a certain angle concerning the 2-D screen.

When the video is played you will be able to see a virtual 3-D video which is almost a replica of the two-dimensional video being played on the screen.

What are the things that can project the virtual projections from a screen?

Hologram videos are projections of a video being played on a 2-D screen. They happen to be in mid-air and give a stunning look to a simple animated ad or any video. Thus this can be a useful tool for companies to showcase their products and do ads using the online holographic videos and then launch them using holographic projectors.

To launch the virtual 3D projections you can make use of a holographic projector that can be easily bought from a store and then place it over the screen of the video casting device.

As soon as the video is turned on you will be able to see the entire video in a virtual 3D model.

But even this can be done if you are a gadget type guy.

Can you make a holographic projector at home?

Of course, you can. All you need are a few things that are needed to cause the virtual representations or hologram videos.

You need to buy glasses which have to be coated with a photo resistant material. Cut the small pieces of glass and join them in such a way to make an inverted pyramid structure. The glass pieces can be joined together using glue or tapes.

Just make sure that the angles n between the adjacent glass pieces are perfect and the structure as a whole looks perfectly symmetrical.

Now all you need is any device that will be displaying a video on the screen. Place your homemade holographic projector on the screen and see what happens. Magic right?

Why are holographic videos capturing the imagination of the people?

Well, you know things in life need a change sometimes. We all get bored with the world we see around us? Wouldn’t you want to see the world around you in a somewhat different manner? Of course right?

This is what hologram videos are made for. To change the way we see and perceive videos. They are a big change from the traditional old-style 2-D videos.

You can say that the holographic videos give a whole new perplexti9on to seeing things some of which are often missed on the computer, TV, or mobile screens.

It gives a new clarity of thought and creativity in people’s minds which is important to think about too.

Even they have certain other business implications too like protecting the brand identity for an organization. It making sure that our advertisements or products are free from being copied or replicated illegally.

If you think a bit this is very important in today’s world were creating a different unique identity for a business is very important. And one of the means to achieve a unique brand identity for an organization through holographic videos.

They also have a huge role to play in the marketing role for the industries and brands. Think about this- there is no doubt about the fact the holographic videos will be an instant eye-catcher for the public. And if it is made as a promotional or branding material for a recently launched company product viewers.

It will be most often than not be interested in that product.

Hologram videos have a huge potential in the future from different aspects. Their true potential is yet to be fully unlocked.