What are augmented reality games and their types?

The augmented reality games are the best games that are no longer just a concept but are now being turned into reality by the different gaming companies around the world. With the help of advanced technology and software now you will be able to play an augmented reality game on your mobile phone only.

Although these types of games give the gamers a fantastic and never seen before playing experience yet you have to say that the AR games are still in their nascent stage. Here we will be looking at the different types of AR games that you can play on your mobile.

The AR games provide an immersive experience to the user and are a good means to play when you are bored.

What have augmented reality games?

Augmented reality games give you a hyperreal and three-dimensional experience. This means that you can now be able to visually see the effects as if you were a part of the game. The word augmented reality means that a physical object or substance into its digital avatar. Due to this, you will be able to see your community or neighborhood in a digital avatar as you take on your friends in the various challenges and missions. The best part is that AR games are also available in the multiplayer mode and you can play in groups or teams.

How can I play augmented reality games?

Of course, you can play augmented reality games. These innovative games are available for players of all age groups. Thus whether you want to download AR games for your children, or whether you are a game fanatic teenager you will be having lots of choices to choose from. From childish toy games to realistic action-packed war games you can enjoy it all on your smartphone screens.

Which is the best platform to play AR games?

You can play augmented reality games on your mobile phones, tabs, PCs, and gaming laptops. These games have a feature that allows you to transform any image or map into its digital avatar that can be used to play the games. This is what makes these games so exciting and fun to play. It’s quite sure that your time will pass quite comfortably once you start playing these games.

Even when on the go you will be able to play these games on your mobile phones. This is due to the rapid development of smartphone technology. Thus it can be said that if you are crazy about games your best device to enjoy these games is now your mobile phone.

What types of AR games can you find?

There are various choices for players who want to play different types of augmented reality games. Based on the choices the players can choose a game of their choice. But, for some people, the choices might be a bit limited because this particular game field is still under development and there are so many things to be taken care of still.

Game development companies around the world are trying to push their limits to the best levels and improve playtime experience for an augmentation reality player.

That said there here are some of the choices that you can go for while playing an augmentation reality game-


The augmented reality games of this type are highly popular and there are so many types of games available in this particular category. A particular feature of this type of game is that you can expect to find so many flexibilities while playing the game. There are endless possibilities to the player and you will have to be very creative with how you approach this type of game. There are different types of missions and tasks that you have to complete in this type of game.


There are various types of action games available in the augmentation reality games. The most common ones are war games which are in high demand and the fans like to play them very much. But so far the high-end war games are very limited that provide augmentation reality to the player.

But if you want to see some nerve-wracking action you should try out action-packed war games on the AR mode. This will give you a sense of excitement and satisfaction that you have never experienced before.

Tactical games

There are some tactical games available in the augmentation reality mode. These augmented reality games are like solving some puzzles based on the clues that you will be given. These types of games are uniquely different from the others in the fact that they will require you to solve the problems using the clues given in a realistic-looking virtual 3D environment.

It is least told that you will be thrilled to solve such types of mysteries and puzzles on a whole new level. Don’t even think that these are similar to the ordinary puzzles that you play on your smartphone.