Much the awaiting of the players the Zombies game mode on Call of Duty Mobile has been released. This is one of the favorite game modes of the players. In case you want to play this exciting game mode make sure to know about a few of the things.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to survive and kill more zombies-

First things first: How do you play the Zombies game mode on Call of Duty Mobile?

The Zombies game mode is one of the latest game modes to add itself to the fascinating game. It is highly exciting to play and its least to say that you will be thrilled to have hands-on action with the zombies.

To play this game mode make sure you update to the latest version of the game on your mobile. In case you have not downloaded the game yet you can do so by simply going to Google Playstore and downloading the game from there.

Do you know that the Call of Duty Mobile game has more game modes within the Zombie mode?

Call of Duty Mobile Zombies game mode is very highly featured and one of the best game modes to try on. The best feature is that in the Zombie mode you have more modes such as the Raid mode and the Survival mode which is the latest addition to the game.

Here is a summary in case you want to know about all the three game modes.

Raid mode

If you wish to complete a raid mind you doing that is not so easy especially if you are an amateur. To complete any raid in the Zombie mode you have to become a survival expert at this.

Yes, you need to clear 8 rounds on the normal mode and 12 rounds in the hardcore mode which is easier said than done.

Even after this, you face off against an entire hoard of zombies, and it’s easy to get outnumbered here. To survive you must make your bullets count. Clear more and more rounds to move up the game levels.

What’s in store for you?

With each zombie, you kill you get points and not to mention the headshots fetch you more points. With each round more and more areas of the map get opened up for you to explore. You can also do some upgrade of your weapons with your earned points and XPs.

Survival mode

This is mode was just launched until recently. This game mode is more like an endless game mode where you get wave after wave of baddies who are looking to kill you. You will be facing off the zombies in teams of four and your sole aim is to survive as long as possible.

If you want to survive for longer sessions in the Survival mode then there is only one thing to do. Get yourself the best gun and ammunition to kill hoards of zombies. With a bit of weapon customization and upgrade, you will be able to do that.

And to say the least you will need a large supply of the best grenades, handguns, and automatic fire rifles in your kitty. To survive the endless attack and to save your bullets you need to be dead accurate with the headshots.

For surviving long you can take help of the terrain to reach advantageous positions where you can shoot the enemy from the distance.

Do you get rewarded for killing the zombies?

Yes, the game offers you rewards for your struggle. But there are different levels and reward scaling systems on different game modes. Call of Duty Mobile Zombie mode gives you the chance to win reward points three times each day.

If you feel like competing with the zombies anytime then you can go straight to the Hardcore level to get more reward points.

The daily rewards get reset at 12 pm UTC ( 7 pm EST and 4 pm PST) so try to score as much as possible within these time frames. The more rounds you clear the reward multipliers to get increased and so will your quality of the loot. At gameapxlegends.com you can get more detail about Call of Duty Mobile