Valorant PS5 Game Release in Development, Suggests New Job Listings

Valorant PS5 Game Release in Development

The Valorant PS5 game release is in development, suggesting new job listings. It was suggested by several new job postings for Riot Games that the release of a Valorant PS5 game might be in development. Both listings point to design roles that ask for expertise developing on multiple platforms including consoles. 

Surprisingly, we have not heard of the popular eSports shooter possibly coming to PS4 and PS5 for the first time. It was revealed by a leak back in March 2022 that several strings which were added to the files of the game mentioned an online connection to PSN. In June 2020, Riot Games also revealed that for the game, it was working on a console prototype too.


New job listings suggest that the release of Valorant PS5 game is in development. Specifically, in Bellevue, Washington there are two job listings for Riot Games for “Senior Game Designer, Console” and “Game Designer Manager, Console”. Really, all is given up by these role titles. If we dig a little deeper, we will find that the applicant for the Senior Game Designer position needs to have experience of shipping or working on “at least one console-based AAA+ online competitive game.” The Game Design Manager role goes further and specifically asks the developer to “help set a vision and guide designers on bringing Valorant to new platforms.” This is an addition to having “a robust understanding of a console FPS market and player motivations and behaviours.”

Curiously, applicants having experience in development on PC, console platforms and mobile are desired by both the roles. This suggests that Riot Games has a notion of bringing Valorant to Android and iOS platforms too. However, it is suggested by the console priority of the listings that a Valorant PS5 release will be arriving before a mobile version does.

In a job listing for a Game Design Manager, Riot Games explains that “there are millions of players existed to play Valorant  if only it was available on their platform of choice”. They are planning on rectifying this by bringing the game to consoles. Their main aim is being the “definitive tactical shooter.” It is implied by both that job at vert and one for Senior Game Designer that the game will be very similar to its PC version.

In 2020, Valorant was exclusively launched on PC. At that time, new gen consoles such as PS5 and Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S or the last gen consoles like Xbox One and PS4 had no evidence of the game. 

We will likely be waiting for a release date for quite a while yet.

Bullet points:

  • The creation of the upcoming Valorant PS5 game suggests job openings.
  • Recent Riot Games job postings made the proposal.
  • Valorant, a PS5 game, could soon be available.
  • Both job postings are for design jobs that require knowledge on how to create for a variety of platforms, including consoles.
  • Recent job advertising suggest that Valorant, a PS5 game, is currently in development.
  • In 2020, Valorant was only available for PC.
  • That position and the Senior Game Designer position both suggest that the game will be very similar to its PC equivalent.
  • A bold PS5 release will be made available before a mobile version.
  • The release date won’t likely be announced for a very long time.

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