Use these ideas to win an online game in the Fortnite battle royale game

the Fortnite battle royale game

The Fortnite battle royale has been rated as one of the best survival games. The game features a hundred players who are pitched against one another on an unknown island and go against each other killing them. The aim or the objective of the game is to somehow stay alive till the end.

There is much advancement in the game that has been brought such as being able to play in the solo mode, pair with another player, or make squads of up to four each.

The game also features a respawning feature however that is limited to the limited-time game mode only. The gameplay and the features of the game are quite addictive and once you start playing the game you will be instantly attracted to the high-end details along with the skills that you will need to stay alive in the game.

If you think staying alive and winning a survival game is that easy then you can try out your luck on Fortnite battle royale game.

It is best said the least that you need to play your heart out to win the battles and to stay alive each of your strategies is going to play a critical role.

How to win the game?

In the Fortnite battle royale game, you will have to defend to stay alive and attack to kill players to get XP points. Winning the game is as important as making strategies and planning. The points where you have to plan range from what type of strategy will you take the hide and defend a strategy or the goo all out for kill strategy.

This is important because player styles are defined by their instincts. If you want to win battles then you might have to do both sometimes.

Based on your style of play you will be pre-planning on what types of weapons you want to collect once you are on the ground.

One of the things that many players miss out on is the map. Yes, your map is a key element and probably the best thing that is supplied to you before the actual action on the ground will start.

How to make use of the terrain to fight?

Well if you think about it a bit it’s quite easy to figure out how using the map you can make use of the terrain to fight against better opponents. See, each part of the map is not the same. The Fortnite battle starts in an abandoned town so you are going to get lots of buildings, streets, alleys, and even open grounds along with some forest cover.

It is here that you have to take a tactical backing and ensure to take on a vantage point. You will get enormous help in spotting the enemy from a distant range and then you know there is one thing to do and that is to show off your shooting skills. With the right weapon, you can choose your target and eliminate the player with a single blow to the head.

The two tactics of playing the Fortnite battle royale game

See in the online mode there will be players who are better in playing style that you are. To effectively deal with these guys and come out as the survivor is what defines the battle royale online game.

As we have explained earlier you must take the help of the terrain to win a duel.

Now on the map, you will see some indicated zones. These are the regions that you will want to avoid if you have a defensive approach. These are the high loot areas where one can expect to find the maximum number of weapons and armor. So as a result most of the players will be airdropping themselves near this range. So in the initial phase, you expect to deal yourself with close-range combat with several players.

If you don’t want to go all out for the maximum kills try to avoid these zones. You can try yourself to fringe out as far as possible from such areas.

Here too like other games, you will have the option to collect on the supplies that will be airdropped while the battle is going on. If you have a good set of weapons and plenty of rounds of assault rifle magazines then you can avoid collecting new items. But if you have not many to defend yourself you have no other option but to venture out and collect a few items from the boxes.

Final tip

It is always important for you to keep yourself in a good health right til, the end. This way you can lead the charge during the climax stages of the game.