Types of hologram technology stickers and how they are used in various industries

To make hologram stickers you would need hologram technology. These visually appealing stickers are made by employing various methods. They are often used for brand protection, tamper-proof, and security purposes for a brand. They are also used in branding and marketing sales and promotional services.

What are the types of holographic technology is used to make hologram stickers?

Hologram technology is used to make holographic stickers of various kinds. It is to be kept in mind that hologram. These stickers have different types and each one is manufactured for a specific use. So according to its purpose of use, there are different grades of high precision. Standard technology used in making them.

In general to make any hologram stickers one would need- laser technology, inkjet or dot-matrix hologram printing device, UV-ray machines. Various types of monochromatic lighting equipment.

What are the different forms of holographic stickers made using hologram technology?

All hologram stickers might look the same to a common man with only an image or a logo. That changes shape, size, and orientation when viewed from different angles. But hologram technology can be used to make various types of holographic stickers such as –

2D/3D hologram stickers

These are the most common types of hologram stickers. That you would normally see on any packaging, labels, and covers. This type of holographic sticker is made by using hologram technology. That uses one layer of the image behind the other. These two layers superimpose on one another to produce a 3-D effect.

The 3-D effect is produced due to a visual depth. That is attained when the two layers ate put together. These holographic stickers have thin lines that can be seen during large angles of diffraction. There are different types of techniques used to make such effects like Rainbow Transmission, and Denisyuk. Using these types of stickers business owners try to make their brand unique. Including the design and other things done on the labeling, covers.

Tamperproof holographic stickers

These are uniquely throughout stickers that have been designed to ensure that the products inside the packing were not swapped with alternate ones or counterfeit ones. These are made by using hologram technology which leaves behind a mark as proof that they had been tampered with.

These stickers have a fragile face stock and a strong adhesive on the back layer of the sticker which will ensure that the characters get embedded on the surface on which the holographic sticker was pasted.

These types of stickers are made by using such a material that would destroy the holographic sticker. So that it cannot be re-posted back on the duplicate product. If you try to strip it off it will be destroyed completely along with some words. Like “VOID”, “OPENED ” being embedded on the surface.

These are generally used in the pharmaceutical industry, electronics industry, and the automobile industry.

Hologram warranty stickers

Even warranty holographic stickers are available and can be made using hologram technology.

The use of this type of laser holographic technology is done to make sure that the authentic manufacturers are always providing warranty while selling their products on the market. This is to prevent its products from getting mixed from the local manufacturers that don’t have a warranty label.

Warranty stickers are always made tamperproof so that it is easy to witness that the warranty holographic sticker was tampered with. These types of stickers can be used in all types of industries to show that its products are warranted by the manufacturers. They can have the company name or logo or both embedded in them. Industries that use this type of sticker are many including automobile parts and electronics industry.

Promotional hologram stickers

These types of hologram stickers are used for promotional purposes. Including sales promotion, branding, and marketing activities. They can also be used in trade fairs to make sure that. Their products can be easily identified among the entire bunch of products.

As they are a part of branding and sales promotion. These stickers have to be visually appealing and have creative logos and images inside them. Further, these stickers are also laminated by a sheet of plastic on top of them. To make sure that they are resistant to harsh weather and repeated smudging.

They retain their shine and sharpness even after a long time.

Briefing about the hologram manufacturing process

Although the hologram manufacturing process is significantly different.

It is not that tough to make these stickers using some of the latest technology.

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Sometimes the previous methods are used to such as making the holographic stickers on a glass plate. For this, the glass plate material is coated using a photoresist substance. After this the there is a reaction in between the chemical components of the sticker. The glass plate material in the presence of a certain frequency monochromatic light. Which makes the holographic sticker using the latest hologram technology come into reality.