Top VR games without a controller

Here we will be listing down some of the top VR games without a controller. When you play these games you don’t need to buy any consoles, headsets, controllers, and other interfaces to play the game.

It is quite imperative to think that to play a VR game you need to buy expensive interface and controllers and 3-D VR headsets. But this might not be affordable for all.

So will you not be able to experience the real fun and thrill of playing a VR game? Of course not, but don’t worry. We have got it all sorted out for you.


This is best for those who have an iOS or an Android phone and want to experience the gameplay in their handheld devices.

Before we begin the countdown there are a few points that need to be cleared out.

What are VR games without a controller?

These are the VR games that don’t need a controller or a headset to play. Just open the game on any screen such as mobiles, laptops, tabs, or PC and they will give you very unique visual effects almost similar to a 3D virtual game.

How will you play VR games without a controller?

Does this seem to be quite strange that how will you play VR games without a controller? But it seems that the developers have got a clue on how to solve this problem. They have now developed VR games that don’t even need a controller to run.

Developers have developed VR games that can run on mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. Thus you can now enjoy a VR game on your mobile phone too.

But not all games are suitable to be played on a mobile platform. Developers build a special mobile version of a VR game apart from the normal VR consoles. Sometimes the design and develop a VR game that is solely for the mobile platform.

Will you get the same intensity level while playing VR games without a controller?

Well, to some extent the level of interaction, hyperrealism, and virtual effects might not be as much as on the VR games developed for the consoles.

But still, if you have not played a VR game then it is sure to make you surprised as even the mobile VR games have a high level of intensity. The games have a good sense of visual effects which will almost give you the same effects when you play a VR game using controllers.

Let’s begin the countdown of the best VR games that don’t need a controller to play

VR Roller Coaster

This is one of the best VR games without a controller and with stunning effects. The best part is that the game is available for gamers on both the Android and iOS platforms.

You need Google’s Cardboard or Daydream support to run this game. This game will give you the real thrill and excitement as if you were sitting on a real-life roller coaster. You get all the actions such as the steep bends, curves, steep slopes, and sudden inversions. This will give you goosebumps if you are playing this game for the first time.

VR- X Racer

This stunning racing game is for the hardcore racers. If you want the excitement the thrill that comes with playing a racing game on a mobile phone then this is the ideal choice for you. Don’t miss out on this game at any cost. Many seasoned gamers have fallen to the challenges thrown forward in this game.

Even the pro gamers have concluded to the fact that this is one of the best VR games without a controller. This game does not need any controller and you can play this game with a simple headset.  The game provides real intensity at high speeds and needs real quick reflex from the players due to the sudden obstacles that will come in your way.

End Space

This game is for iPhone users. This game is a very ultrarealistic game that takes place in space. Here you will be tasked with protecting your spaceship from the invading enemies. You don’t need any expensive controllers to play this game. But any simple ordinary headset will do it.

You can shoot your enemies using a simple button on your headset. Or even you can set them on fire with the all simple feature available in most headsets on the settings menu.

The shooting is immersive and has an in-depth supreme reality about the game. This game is also one of the best VR games without a controller.

Even the game has some in-app purchases that will make you crave to buy for. This game is for professional players and you will need some playing time to get used to the surroundings.