The ultimate shooting game on your phone – Call of Duty

Call of Duty, the name is very much popular among all the PC game players. Do you have the news that the game is now available on your Smartphone too? With the same features, the maps, the multiplayer modes, a made-easy concept of the same has been now on your Smartphone with some ultimate features put into it. Hence, it is time to come up on the phone and experience the Mobile game of ultimate fighting.

An ultimate fighting game – Call of Duty

You might be fond of fighting games. For that itself, you might have downloaded and played a number of games on your phone. Some might be based on shooting with your sniper rifle, where others will be on your short missions. But if you have played Call of Duty on your PC, you have a clear knowledge that how much entertaining this game is.

So, it is time to experience the same on your phone now. The same features with extensive control and outstanding graphics there for you.

Here you will get the excellent missions that you like to experience and that is not all, you will like the stories that remain with all the missions. This is the thing that you miss out on the android fighting games and that you will experience here.

Hence, if you are experienced with the gameplay on your PC, do not waste your time. Start downloading the game and experience the engaging multiplayer Mobile game online. And if you are not experienced with the game on your PC, then start with this game. The game is the ultimate fighting game with some of the top features as mentioned below –

  • The game comes with ultimate maps and the maps get revised and new maps are added every month to give you some outstanding fighting game experience.
  • Each of the maps including the rust maps and saloon maps on season 6 of the game is having a proper mission in them and hence you will love the Mobile game online than any of the fighting or shooting games that you ever played on your Smartphone.

Top Features of Mobile Online Game

  • The graphical loadout and the complexity of the games and the mission will make you highly engaged in the game. If you have the experience of playing the online game version of the same on your PC, you have the experience already. But if you have no experience, you will understand why the game is so much popular among the players.
  • Outstanding graphics remains there in many of the games and even in many of the shooting games, but the 3D graphical experience that you will find in this gameplay, you can remain certain that you have never experienced such things before.
  • Come to the multiplayer level of the gameplay. You can go for PvP here easily but the distinctive factor is in the 5v5 mode. There are several levels where you can go for duels, but the special thing out here is the ultimate duels, where you can go for 5 vs. 5 too.
  • Other features like push on notifications to let you know the new events the request from other participants for dueling and others will make the game more engaging than ever for you.
  • The final and the most important thing here is that the entire game is available free of cost for you. There are some in-app purchase modes, but the main game is totally free to play. Just download the same and start playing the stunning fighting game on your phone.

Use your skills and strategies

Your experience in handling the fighting games on your phone is huge. You came across several games with high graphics, where you will have to use your skills at the ultimate level. But there, you don’t have to use your strategic skills at all. On the other hand, you faced games where you will have to use your strategies, but there you won’t have to use your skills at many levels.

This is the only game on android and iPhone where you will have to use both your strategies and skills at the ultimate level in all the game modes. This is the special thing in this game that makes it different from all other games on the play store or iOS store.

Hence, stop thinking and stop searching for more games. Just get to this extensive Mobile game and download the same for your gameplay. You will experience something that you never experienced on any of the Mobile games online that you have come across beforehand. Go through the added features of the gameplay, so that you can control the game and the data usage over the game. Some minor settings related to the same will do the trick for you. And as you do those, experience the highly charged up game on your Smartphone.