The 3 greatest moments in game application history, mobile games

The 3 greatest moments of in-game application history

The mobile games industry is growing in a fast forward manner. Every day better games are taking the global gaming community by storm. With more advanced technology, smartphones are getting equipped to host even better games with rich features that provide a much better experience than the previous one.

But it is always better to look back as some of the inventions in mobile games online introduced huge changes that paved the way for the modern mobile gaming experience. This way it creates relevance as to how we got here today. The future for mobile gaming is bright and with the increase of the young generation the industry will always get more and more online payers.

But here we will focus on the top three instances that are considered to be great moments if not the greatest.

Here the focus is not on the integration of new technology but how they changed the mobile gaming experience for the users.

  1. Introduction of the Battle Royale in mobile games

This comes the first on the list because since the last few years games like PUBG Mobile and Fortnite have changed the trajectory and direction of mobile games online. It’s like as if the moment from when the games were released they had taken the world by storm and hooked the teenagers into spending more and more time on their mobiles playing the games.

The launch of the game and such a huge number of online players made the world ponder about the interests of the online community.

The game earlier was launched for the PC versions including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, PlayStation 4, and Xbox series X.

Then eventually in 2018, the version of the mobile games was launched for iOS and Android. The mobile version instantly attracted the attention of the gaming community around the world as now people could enjoy their favorite game on their smartphones.

The game hit millions of downloads within days of the launch and this is what created this moment as a special one to remember for. Even the critics of the multiplayer games gave positive reviews after playing the game.

The game garnered huge praise all around the world and graphics, in-game experience, clarity of controls, and the real war-like scenarios. It soon becomes one of the most revenue-generating games for Epic Games the developer of Battle Royale.

  1. Bidding goodbye to the Infinity Blade gaming series

One of the emotional moments for the users of multiplayer games was saying goodbye to the Infinity Games Blade series. Epic games the developer of Fortnite removed all the three versions of the games from the app store. Thus the users of the mobile games will no longer be able to play what was a rather highly immersive game for millions around the globe.

The first Infinity Blade game was launched in 2018 on Apple’s iOS platform. Then Epic games produced two back to back sequels on it and produced Infinity Blade II in 2011 and Infinity Balde III in 2013.

By the end of 2013, the game trilogy had already made a huge fanbase and made a revenue in billions. It got billions of downloads from the app store. But in 2018 Epic games told that it was getting increasingly difficult for them to support the Infinity Blade series. Thus it deleted the game from the app store. But players who already have it on their smartphones can continue to play the game.

It was one of the bitter moments for the mobile games industry bidding such a good quality game.

So this moment comes second on the list as many fans of the Infinity Blade games could no longer access them. However, soon all that was forgotten when Epic Games came out with another high action-packed mobile games online such as the Fortnite and Battle Royale.

  1. The pocket gamer gets a new look

Pocket Gamer redesigned its website from to Thus it signifies that the growth of mobile games and its demands have increased terrifically in the last few years. The leading game developer said that it has made a new and refreshing interface for its mobile version.

This was done to make the interface faster and more interactive with the users. The multiplayer games development company took this drastic step because of the large number of followers.

The redesigning of the website ensures that users will come up with a bold new interface with reviews about games and full-length mobile games guide within the mix of information.

It provides quick access to users. While developing the front end interface the developers were concerned to make it more platform independent so that it could run on smartphones, tablets, and other handheld devices.

Pocket gamers is an incredible website if you want to know about the latest happenings in the mobile games online industry, new releases, updates, upcoming games, and lots of video content. Of course, it was the platform where you can write your game reviews like any other user.

The website was created even before the launch of the app store and the perfect destination for Nintendo gamers, java games.