Super Smash Bros. Ultimate review

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Review is a game series of fighting video games published by Nintendo, and also featured various characters from different Nintendo’s created original gaming series. This series is created by Masahiro Sakurai, who has directed every game in this series.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a 2018 most popular fighting video game which was developed by Bandai Namco Studios and Sora Ltd. It is the latest or the fifth installment in the Super Smash Bros. series. It is developed by the famous Japan-based company Nintendo for the super selling Nintendo switch. This version succeeded Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3Ds and Wii U. This series was designed by  Masahiro Sakamoto and composed by Hideki Sakamoto.

Traditional Style of Gameplay

The game Super Smash Bros.  Ultimate follows its traditional style of gameplay: controlling one of the various characters, players must use dissimilar attacks to incapacitate their opponents and knock them out of an arena. It features a great mixture game mode, which includes military operations for single-player as well as multiplayer versus modes. 

Ultimate features more than 80 playable fighters, which includes every character from all the four series of the original game Super Smash Bros. along with various new characters. The character list ranges from Nintendo Mascots to characters from third-parties’ franchises also. This game supports post-release downloadable content which adds more characters to the game. Planning about the game was started by the developers in December 2015, after 3Ds/Wii U’s downloadable content completed its three years. 

The creator and director of the series Japanese Masahiro Sakurai returned along with Sora and Bandai Namco Studios, which developed 3Ds. Sakurai’s main goal with the ultimate was to evolve every character from the previous game and bring out a different version. Everyone praised Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for its fine content and tuning that exists in Smash gameplay, although the online mode of the game was criticized to some extent, yet Ultimate is the best-selling fighting game launched in the year June 2020.  

The Gameplay of Super Smash Bro. Ultimate 

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is eight players fighting game, characters from Nintendo’s game always have a third party who tries to knock off the players each other in the arena. Players get a percentage meter, which tries when they get any damage it makes them easier to launch in the air and throw out of the arena. 

There are standard battles which one uses during the time of victory condition; 

>Timed – In this area the player aims at winning or collect the maximum possible coins by defeating its opponent within a time period.

> Stock- Here the players have to limit the number of lives and they must have an aim to survive till the end.

Stamina- In this area the player needs to reduce the health of their opponent to zero. 

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Players in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate can use a variety of items to attack their enemies or give them power-ups, along with Poke Balls which summons Pokémon and other characters assist them in the battle. In Time Matches the players can be attacked or defeated to earn more coins. Each character holds a powerful Final Smash attack which happened with the help of a special meter which helped it to move around. In this game, there are 103 different levels which included the base game along with some packaged DLC fighters. A new stage that has been inserted is called the Stage Morph which allows the players to select between two stages in the game itself during the intervals. Others include new icons for character-specific abilities. 

Adding on with the game facilities which has modes like Special Smash, Home-Run Contest, and Classic which are to be the new modes added in the new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the squad strike battles in the teams of multiple characters and allows a tournament about allows up to 32 players to battle in the brackets. 

Features of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Review

The new upgraded version of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has come-up with a lot of new features which gave a lot of new version to this game.

> Multiplayer Mode

In Super Smash Bros.Ultimate a lot of local multiplayer, local wireless along with other systems or play online via Wi-Fi connections. By defeating player online, the players can earn tags which help the players to trade in the game to buy new spirits, music, or various kinds of costumes. The multiplayer option increases competition which is actually loved by all the players because defeating all the players and winning brings in a different level of joy.

>World light 

In the game Super Smash, Bros. Ultimate is a single-player adventure mode, in this mode, the gameplay begins with the narrator narrating about an evil entity, Galeem who was destroying the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate where the world nearly vaporized all the fighting characters and placing under his imprisonment. Players can regain their allies and spirits to overcome certain challenges in the game where Galeem automatically gets defeated. However, after Galeem is defeated a new enemy arrives named Dharkon. So, gamers should make sure that both of them must get destroyed. But there is a part which allows players to defeat them at once and they can return back to the real world. 

> Spirit

The new set of modes in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate which has revolved around a new mechanic known as spirits, which replaces the collectible trophies. Each of these spirits are based on the characters which are used as a fighter with some unique capabilities in them to make the game much for fun for the players. The players got some spirit through pre-made challenges which are known as “Spirit Battles” which helps to capture the theme of the character depicted by the spirit embodied by one more fighter to some another specific level effect. 

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Spirits have a grown and evolved system similar to Pokémon games, leveling up the Spirits to gain powerful effects or means that the core abilities into a new Spirit. Nintendo gives a limited-time for the Spirit event which clashes the features with other video-games, where a number of them are only available to collect during the gameplay in Super Smash Bros.Ultimate.

> Music

Just like the previous series, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a very well know video game for its music components and arrangement of the original mix of music of various tracks which are rearranged and represented franchises over more than 800 tracks in it. The new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is trying to bringing in one original track instead of individual sounds in each stage. The “Lifelight” is the main theme that is written as well as tuned by Hideki Sakamoto as one of the basic music in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Music adds a different element to anything just like music adds a different component in this game it has appropriate music in it, which is soothing and players don’t get much irritated rather they enjoy the music. 

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What’s loved by the players in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Review?

Super Smash Bros.Ultimate was loved by all the gamers. The gameplay in this video game is buttery. The story this time brings nostalgia for the long-time players and many new elements for our new players as well. There are few superficial kinds of stuff in the game which actually looks incredible. The details in the new characters or models are amazingly good as far as originality is concerned.

It is chaotic yet very précised:

The Super Smash Bros.Ultimate has such good qualities that anyone could pick up, the player has to choose a fighter and start playing. There are a few points that are easy to achieve that end up offering two wildly different audiences doing quite well. Battles are made to be chaotic and especially when the number of opponents is more in number the fighting spirit as it is increasing. 

Spirits Galore

The Super Smash Bros.Ultimate is a spirit system. Spirits in the game tweak gameplay ever so slightly. There are some primary spirits, which offer active bonuses and supports with some passive gaming skills. These bonuses can give small advantages in the battle round. They are actually fun to increase their gameplay and increase the player’s skills. Plus, the players get some really awesome fan service by getting to see some of their favorite characters. 

If you are a gamer who likes trying different types of video-game then this one should obviously be there on the list because it comes with a good series and gameplay which no player would like to miss on. 


What’s not Lovable by the players?

There are few negative sides of this game as well for which the players might give a second thought before buying the Super Smash Bros.Ultimate. The actual problem of the game is that hard-core gamers will lose interest after a while of playing it. Without any doubt, the game has some challenges when you play against the CPU players. None of the gamers would like to lose on a repeat mode, and playing a game continuously might irritate a person and bring in a tint of dislike about the gameplay. If you are a hard-core and finding something intense then this video-game is definitely not the best choice for those players.


Extra Features inSuper Smash Bros.Ultimate

EachSuper Smash Bros.Ultimate has a steady sound quality with improved hardware. The voices of the characters, effects of the sounds, and music on the top-notch are really great. While the online features were much better than the original one but the Ultimate was a much better version of the game. One of the best features, besides the technical improvement, is that you can customize online playing ways.  The previous gameplay has options like “For Fun” and “For Glory” instead which a new feature that the gamer gets to choose is between “Quickplay” and “Battle Arenas” which are more comfortable for hard-core players.

Later in Super Smash Bros Ultimate you can either spectate or join in to try against other people in the lobby. The Quickplay option is fun playing especially if you have less time. But mostly hard-core gamers will love the battle mode.


The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was teased when Nintendo directed the presentation in March 2018. When the teaser was shown back in 2018 in the very same year the game was about to be released even the characters of the game were introduced by Nintendo during the release of some other game along with a specific release date. 

The Super Smash Bros Ultimate was released on 7th December 2018 all over the world. Though the game received universal acclaim from critics, it achieved many records which were unbelievable for the developers, A French Video Game Website called it the best video game based on a series, praised its improvements, and the changes brought in the characters. Imagine Gaming Network (IGN) called it the most complete series a developer could present. 

But the matching making process in Super Smash Bros Ultimate was highly criticized because it made difficult for the friends to join the game over random players, it also doesn’t allow to let in multiple local players to come in the gameplay.  But which video game doesn’t come with negative things, developers always have room for improvement before bring out the new version all these criticism and negative points will definitely be looked after in the new version.

Yet Super Smash Bros Ultimate was the most pre-booked video game in November 2018 for its series. The video game industry reported that Super Smash Bros Ultimate is the fastest-selling video game of the year within eleven days of its release it had already sold three million copies of the game and was declared as the fifth best-selling games by Amazon. Nintendo also won the award for the best Nintendo Switch game for “Best Fighting Game” and the “Best Multiplayer Game” award in the year 2018. It also got nominated as the “Game of the Year” and the “Best Video Game Music”.