Sony Playstation 5 Online at Cheapest Price

Sony Playstation 5

The Sony Playstation 5 is a next-generation gaming console. It is the successor to Sony’s Playstation 4. The official launch is expected to come around the end of this year. One of the most important things to know this time if you have been using Sony’s gaming consoles earlier is that this time the Sony’s designers and engineers have decided to launch the superfast ultrasmooth gaming platform in two varieties. Apart from the physical release, this is the first time that any gaming console will be launched in the digital mode. 

Yes, you can even download the Sony Playstation 5 from the Google Playstore. You will also get a lot of benefits while downloading the digital version of the gaming console. 

Many improvements have been made this time according to the digital and game experts. Most importantly, the game uses a revamped controller for providing ease to the players.  This will give them the best gameplay experience that they have experienced so far. 

Using the PS 5 you can now stream your data at a faster rate and this also provides much better graphics to a game. For memory purposes, it uses two solid-state drives with improved capacity. 

The processor includes two AMD processors that are built especi0ally for playing high-speed games. The 8 Zen dual-core CPU is fast enough that you can imagine and it’s best for running the high-end games too like the VR games.

You can get full 4K Ultra HD images and faster frame refresh rates. This gives the audio and the visual effects almost a real feel which is simply amazing for the players. 

Don’t worry if you have been using the PS 4 so far. Most of the games that you play on the PS 4 will also be compatible with the PS 5. 

Hardware Details for Sony Playstation 5

You will be quite literally be amazed to check out the specs of the Sony Playstation 5. The packed full of features are sure enough to make any game run smoother and faster than you can even imagine. Here is what you get within the Playstation 5-


Get a high-speed AMD Zen 2 processor that runs at a refresh rate of 3.5 GHz per second. This is almost similar to the earlier version that is the PS 4. but the one thing where Sony’ engineers have pushed the limit to the next level is in the GPU section. For the game processing unit, the PS 5 uses an AMD RDNA 2 GPU. Its got a frequency of 2.3 GHz. This ultra-fast GPU can give you a processing power of up to 10.28 terra flops per second. Just imagine that even the best online VR games will run now on your PC quite smoothly. 


The Sony Playstation 5 uses 16GB GDDR6 RAM that is capable enough of running high-end games. This will give the players a smooth gameplay experience without refresh in the middle of the game. 

Optical Disc Drive

Yes, you will get an optical disc drive too on the purchase of a Sony Playstation 5. it is equipped with 4K Ultra HD Blu Ray that gives a very engrossing view to the game while playing. 


You get 3D audio along with the device that will make the game sounds almost real. With 3D surround sound, you can hear even the minute sounds and the minute details that have been captured by Sony’s engineers and designers while making the technology. 

As the device has not yet been launched it remains to be seen whether they will also provide a 3D enabled sound quality headset with the device. 

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Storage memory

The storage in the PS 5 will give you a nice 825 GB PCI SSD storage. The refresh rate for the memory is up to 5.5GB per second for the uncompressed files and 8-9 GB per second for the compressed files. 


On the Sony Playstation 5, you get one USB-A port on the front and two at the back. There is also a USB-C port on the front. You easily get an ethernet port on the back of the gaming console and wifi connection as well. 

The backward compatibility feature on your upcoming PS 5

So what is the backward compatibility feature all about? Now if you don’t know the answer it’s okay but have you ever wondered so far that will you be able to play your PS 4 or PS 3 games on the PS 5? 

It is most certainly true that you must have been thinking about this question right from the start.

Well, PS 5 is expected to launch somewhere in the fag end of the year. And there is no doubt that the online gaming community including the game experts and the tech pundits are sitting around. 

But one of the things that have been clear from Sony engineers so far is that you will be able to play almost 99% of all the PS 4 games on the Sony Playstation 5

This means that for those of you who have already been using the PS 4 gaming console there is no need to worry about as you will be able to enjoy them on your PS t as well if you have already prebooked without knowing of this feature. 

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But for those who have been using the earlier versions of the gaming console such as the PS 1, or the PS 2, or the PS 3 there is bad news. If you have liked playing any games on these platforms you need to switch your choices and preferences for they will not run on the PS 5. 

The reason behind this is because they are technically equipped to run on the high tech modern generation PS 5. and there is more to it as well. Sony has not even disclosed anything about the 1% of the games that will not run on the PS 5 that ran on PS 4. 

So what does this mean for the players? 

Does this mean that the players have to adapt to a trial and error basis of the approach of finding out which games are running on the PS 5 and the ones that are not? This is something to which the answers are varied across the gaming community and one that has not been officially confirmed yet.

What are the uses of the Dual Sense Anti-shock controller of the PS 5?

One of the things that is sure to be much awaited this time around is the Dualshock controllers developed by the engineers at Sony. It has been told by several of the company management persons that the controller along with the Sony Playstation 5 has been completely revamped with slight changes to the visual part. 

For the players, the development team has considered working especially on the sensitivity of the controller push and drag buttons. It has been made technically sound and fit to gauge the fine movements that enable much more flexibility to the user.   

The wireless controller is pretty much the same with one touchpad where you get very high-class sensitivity. And there are two joysticks as well for those how to have difficulty in playing on the touchpad. Thus it provides options to the players for using both the touchpad controls or the joystick controls. 

You will get the Create button instead of the Share button as on the PS 4 controller. This is to share, create, and edit content with others on the Playstation platform. 

A new technological advancement that has been done on the Dual shock controller is that it has an adaptive trigger system with a haptic feedback system. This gives a unique feel to the player as they will be using the touchpad or the controls on the controller itself. You can say this is unique for the players and one that needs a bit of practice. But once you get used to its new sensitivity and haptic controls system you will find it much more convenient for use.

Share your content such as pictures, videos, and live gaming with online players

This is one thing that you also used to get on the PS 4. Nevertheless, once you purchase and install the Sony Playstation 5 you will automatically become a member on the Playstation platform. Those who have been using the earlier versions of the Playstation will already be members. They don’t have to register as new members. 

But the PS 5 platform indeed provides a good outlook for most gamers and it is more than just a gaming platform. Everything has been designed on the PS 5 platform in such a way that it will enable the pro gamers to be connected with the online global gaming world. This means that they will get all the latest updates such as the news about the latest version updates, patches, new game releases, upcoming releases, etc. 

And this is all too easy on the PS 5 as you also get a digital edition. Here you will have to download the same from the Google play store to be able to enjoy the games.   

With the Create button on your PS 5 controller now you will be able to create and edit some of the snaps and videos that you have taken along the way while playing the game. 

You will also be able to post them on the Playstation platform and be able to share it with your friends. 

Along with the controller, there are also some additional accessories that you get with the PS 5 platform. These are a new HD camera and a microphone for conversing with your friends while playing. 

Is the PS 5 VR compatible?

If you are fond of playing VR games or have previously played them on the PS 4 platform you must be wondering about whether the Sony Playstation 5 is capable to play virtual reality games? 

Without a doubt, this has been confirmed by the development team at Sony much prior. 

You will be able to enjoy any VR game and also most among those that you had previously played on the PS 4. 

Still, there is one thing that remains to be seen. And that is whether Sony’s designers and developers have developed a next-generation VR headset along with the all-new Sony Playstation 5

Games that you can play on the Sony Playstation 5

You can play any game on the online or offline mode. Moreover, members at Sony had already confirmed that you will be able to play almost 99% of all the games that you used to play on the PS 4. there is more to it. Every single PS 5 gaming console will be pre-installed with the Astro’s Playroom game to get your hands set with the new controller sensitivity. This will give the players some times to learn and get used to a demo game before venturing into the world of the most exciting online games on the PS 5. 

Reviews about the PS 5

So far the Sony Playstation 5 seems to be one of the best gaming consoles ever built. Its features are quite simply outstanding. It is packed with loads of features that are worth experiencing. There is no doubt to the fact once you start playing a game of your choice on the PS 5 platform you will be bamboozled by the sheer unique quality of gameplay experience and the thrill and excitement that is a part of it. 

One of the most important developments has been made in the processors wherein the PS 5 features to of the best game processing chips for the CUP and the GPU. Both being the latest AMD processors will mean that there will be no issue in running the most high end demanding games. 

And the second most important thing is that the controller has been developed to take into account the minute touches and include high sensitivity motion sensing.