Sony Playstation 4

Sony Playstation 4

Sony Playstation 4 is a video game console that has been developed by Sony. The successor to the PS 3 is here and is equipped with loads of features for online gamers. Playstation 4 comes with a lot of improvements that will simply be mind-boggling for gamers when they enjoy the real experience of playing games. 

This is the first time that the Sony Playstation has been built-in with an AMD processor that is powered by an APU. The AMD processor used in the gamine console is said to be one of the most powerful processors to be used in a gaming device. 

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The players can also get the advantage of taking social interaction with each other using the Playstation platform and play online games with friends and other gamers across the world. They can also play off console games on the Playstation Vita. 

It also features a ‘Remote Play’ feature that allows you to stream games online with friends and they will be able to control the game remotely. The controller for the PS 4 also comes with improved sensitivity and buttons and also features an analog stick. There is also an integrated touchpad to make it more convenient for the players while playing. 

The awesome graphics gives the players a never seen before very engrossing experience. It features HDR 10 graphics with ultra 4K resolution. This gives the pictures and the videos a feel of hyperrealism. There are some other cool exciting features of the Sony Playstation 4 that are discussed here. 

Technical specifications in the Sony Playstation 4

The technical specifications of the Playstation 4 are worth having a look at. Some improvements have been made in the game console that has taken the concept of video gaming to a whole new level. 

First, let us start with the CPU. As mentioned above it is for the first time that Sony’s game console designers have put in an AMD processor that is capable of peaking at 1.84 teraflops. The AMD process is a semi-custom built 8 core processor. 

Apart from this the Sony Playstation 4 has also got another CPU for all backgrounds and other tasks. This is a Jaguar 1.6 GHz processor. 

The memory used in the PS 4 might disappoint you a little bit if you have played on the PS 3. Although the PS 4 does not have a Blu Ray disc it is equipped with an 8GB GDDR5 RAM which is specially built for storing high-resolution graphics data and built for gaming consoles only.  

The astonishing graphics comes due to the built-in 1080 HD resolution normally. On the PRO version, you get 4 K Ultra HD images. The Sony Playstation 4 also features a Wifi and ethernet connectivity. 

Controller for the Sony PS 4

The Sony PS 4 features a dual shock controller. This is all about the features of its predecessor that you get with the Sony Playstation 3. one of the added features of the controller that is worth noticing is the fact that it is equipped with an analog stick which gives the players the dual control opti9on of either using the touchpad or the analog stick. 

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There is also a significant change in the touch button in the sense that it can detect two touches simultaneously. This gives players a lot of extra options for creativity and shows off certain skills. 

The touchpad can also be pressed down as a button. 

It is needless to say that the controllers are wireless and uses Bluetooth connectivity. Sony’s controller designers developed a slimmer version of the model for the pro model as well. 

The camera uses in the PS 4

Within Sony Playstation 4 is a built-in motion sensor camera. The cameras can be used for recording videos, it can also add up as a face detector and unlocking technology. The camera when used with the wifi can also be used for video conferencing purposes on the PC or even be connected to the television sets. 


This stuff is really for the seasoned gamers who want to take their gaming experiences to a whole new level. On the Playstation platform, you get a virtual reality system specially designed for the PS 4. thus you can now enjoy the pulsating action and the nerve-wracking excitement that comes along with playing VR games. 

Yes, you can play VR games using the PS 4 gaming console device. This is one of the improvements that has more than fulfilled the expectation of the global gaming community that was waiting for a new era of gaming. 

Don’t worry about the VR headset as the PS 4 has its compatible headset too. This has a 1080 display panel and it can also be used alongside the PS 4 camera for motion sensing. Its control box gives you the feel of true HD images in a hyper-real 3D world. 

Uses of the Sony Playstation 4

It is needless to say that you can enjoy the games of your choice both in the online and offline mode using the Sony Playstation 4. but here we will be seeing some of the more important uses of the PS 4. 

Remote play and the ability to connect to devices

Do you know that your PS 4 gaming console can now connect with other devices such as smartphones and tablets? Using this feature lets you play the games that you play on your PS 4 device to be able to play on your handheld device too. Of course, it has to be said that your smartphone needs to have all the software and hardware requirements met to be able to use this feature. 

For example, the Sony Experia is one such handheld smartphone that you can use to play the Sony Playstation 4 games. Thus you can enjoy the games anywhere remotely. 

With the remote playing option, you can also enjoy the PS 4 games on other computers such as on Windows 8.1, Windows 10,  OS X Yosemite, etc. 

Create your gaming community

If you want to join the Playstation community it is now possible through the PS 4 gaming console device. Here you will be able to create or join a community. Join any community base on your interests and preferences. You can create a community for discussing all the latest news and send an invitation to the other members on the Playstation platform. 

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You can start your discussion, share your accomplishments with others, and even share gaming snapshots. The members on the Playstation platform also get the option for group chatting. 

Along with this, the one thing that the gamers find most interesting is that you can also start your leagues and competitions and send invitations to the other members on the Playstation gaming platform. 

Share media with friends 

The Sony Playstation 4 platform can help you to share your media clips and photos of games on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can do this using the Dualshock controller for the PS 4. you can use the ‘Share’ button on the controller and go through a maximum of the recorded game playtime of 60 minutes and take snaps of your choice. 

The PS 4 platform also allows you to tweak your taken snaps and videos and edit them as per your choice. 

Livestream your playing online 

If you want to showcase your talent and online gaming skills to the world now you can do that with the help of a live streaming facility available on the Sony Playstation 4 gaming platform. To be exact you can do two things via the live stream function that is available on the PS 4. 

You can watch your friends play live using the PS 4 camera and microphone. You can also live stream while you are playing. The podcast will be shown live on the various video sharing and viewing platforms such as DailyMotion, Twitch, and YouTube Games. 

Moreover, your friends or anyone viewing your live game will be able to send their comments and reviews live too. Thus you share a close-knit bond while playing online with friends or in case you just want to show off your gaming skills to the world.  

Use Share Play to play with friends who don’t have the game

Using the live stream feature you can ask anyone to come and join the game on the multiplayer team mode. This can happen midway between a game too. If you like playing games on the Sony Playstation 4 on the multiplayer mode but your friend does not have the game on their PS 4 this is one unique feature that will allow your friends to join the game. 

The other cool feature of the online multiplayer mode is that you will be able to share your controls totally with a live person. This remote player control passing is one of the unique features of the PS 4 platform which was not present in the earlier versions. 

Use the Playstation network to remain connected to the Playstation world

When you use the Sony Playstation 4 you get free access to the premium Play Station Network or the PSN for free lifetime. This will also include the services being offered by PlayStation Store, PlayStation Plus which you will have to subscribe to. You can also use the PlayStation 4 platform and use the PlayStation music app and download the background music for your games for free. Use the PlayStation Video platform to download videos and watch them or else you can also publish your videos on the public mode or share it with your friends only. This needs a subscription service or else you will not be able to use the features.

Reviews for the PS 4

The Sony Playstation 4 gaming console received a strong welcome and positive note from the online players. They praised the Sony developers and engineers who had masterminded behind the design and the features packed inside the gaming console. 

Even some of the players, journalists, and game specialists went on to hail the device as a better one than the Xbox One. The supreme quality graphics loaded with the power-packed processor fir for playing high-end games and a super coll and highly convenient gaming controller is what makes the Sony Playstation 4 one of the best gaming consoles that you can ever imagine. 

In certain ways, it has redefined the way we had imagined PC gaming earlier. It completely revamps the way the gaming console is designed with the AMD processor and supreme graphics. 

Moreover, the gaming world went crazy when it became evident that the PS 4 was even equipped with a headset for playing VR games. 

This is what makes the story of Sony PS 4 a complete success is not one but many ways indeed. Using the VR headset and the PS 4 as a gaming console you can now enjoy VR games. Thus it can quite clearly be said that the Sony Playstation 4 does not offers you the option to play PC games but also gives you the option to enjoy the highly demanding VR games. 

The post-release of the Sony Playstation was also a grand success, to say the least. Gamers from all around the world had pre-ordered the gaming device. One of the things that require a special mention is the availability of both the touchpad and the analog stick. This gives most of the players the option to use any one of them as per their choice and ease of use. 

It was such a success that soon after some of the games launched their PS 4 versions such as the Call Of Duty: Ghosts, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, etc. 

Most of the players have even commented positively on the fact that the games run on the 1080 ultra HD 4K resolution mode which makes playing the games highly engrossing and exciting.

If you are still using the earlier version of the PlayStation gaming console it is time for you to change to the Sony Playstation 4