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Sony Playstation 3

 Sony Playstation 3 is a PC game console that has been developed by Sony. Being a successor to the Playstation 2 it is a gaming console that comes in the family of the Playstation devices. 

If you are looking for a gaming console you can use the Sony Playstation 3 and connect it to your PC but if you are looking for the latest version of PlayStation then it is certainly not the one. 

Sony Playstation 3 is the first gaming console developed in the group of Playstation that uses Blue-Ray disc as storage. This can integrate social gaming and can be controlled using a remote that comes with the device. 

It also uses remote connectivity with the Playstation Portable and Playstation Vita and makes online multiplayer gaming fun and exciting for the players. 

There is also a variant of the model and it’s the Slim model where the dimension of the device has been reduced to make it convenient for storage and uses less space. 

Slim model 

The Slim model is a variant of the Sony Playstation 3 that has better features. Being slimmer than its predecessor it takes up less space and has an attractive design. It has a lot of advantages over its predecessor model. Here is the advantage of using the Slim model of Playstation 3-

Slimmer form factor 

The design of the Sony Playstation Slim model is sleek in design that is catchy to the eyes. It uses less space and is equipped with better features as mentioned below.

Reduced power consumption

The rate at which power is consumed in the device is far less than the original model. This ensures that you can save electric bills. If you are a hardcore gamer then this might be a crucial buying decision. Over a longer time, the saving amounts on your electric bills can add up to be a large amount. 

The cooling system is highly efficient 

The cooling system in Sony’s Playstation Slim model is much better too. This makes the device less heated even after it has been used continuously or in the last few hours. For the pro gamers, this means one thing and one thing only. And that is being able to enjoy the high action-packed online multiplayer games with friends for hours. 

The Superslim model of the Playstation 3

Sony revealed yet another new version of the Sony PlayStation 3. this time it was even slimmer than its previously designed slim model with even better features. 

This comes with two hard drives. One is a 500 GB hard drive and the other is a 250 GB storage space. The Superslim model is even thinner and attractive in design than the previous two models. 

Which are the best games enjoyable on Playstation 3?

You can play any game that is compatible to be played on the device. At the time of its launch back in 2006, it was the latest edition of the Playstation model. But that is not certainly true now. So it is better to make sure that any game that you want to download from the internet is compatible with the Sony Playstation 3

Although you will be able to enjoy all the multiplayer online games some of the latest new versions or the latest series of online games might not be compatible with the Sony Playstation 3 because it has become a bit outdated now. 

You will be able to play games from all genres. At the time of its launch, some of the best game releases that became superhit on the Sony Playstation 3 were Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, F.E.A.R. Sonic the Hedgehog, Ridge Rider 7, Formula One Championship, Virtua Fighter 5. Resistance: Fall of Man, and MotorStorm. 

Uses of the Sony Playstation 3

The Sony Playstation 3 finds use in various applications although gaming remains to be the top-ranked usage of the product. Here are some of the other applications that the Playstation 3 can be used for-

High-end supercomputing

The PS 3 has been designed in such a way that it can be used for building supercomputers and for high-end computing of data. It can be used for calculating and analyzing loads of data. This has been used many times in the data mining industry for analyzing and evaluating loads of numbers. 

Research purposes

The Sony Playstation 3 has also got uses for research purposes especially within the defense sector. It can be used for various types of technology uses and for researching newer variants of combat equipment and design them. It can be used as a great and convenient storage device with extraordinary graphics quality enabling the highly minute models to be designed elaborately.  

Medical research

The Playstation 3 has also been used extensively in the medical industry for research is used to design and analyze the complex protein structures and viewing them. The device is used by doctors and medical experts to compute the models of genes or study the automatic action of medicines and APIs on the tumors and cancerous cells in the body. 

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Uses in the genetic engineering industry

It is also used in the genetic engineering industry whereby the scientists and agricultural experts try to find out better disease resistant and better yield crop variants. Using Playstation 3 they can compute, design, and analyze the different genes of the crops and intermix them to form better and mutated genes and see test the results. 

For student education

Students too are greatly benefited from the use of the PS 3. time and time again it has helped them in creating and developing the various projects, assignments, and homework. It can be used as a storage device for the students. Due to such wonderful graphics, it can also be used by the students to learn online or take up their online e-classes using live video streaming. Being equipped with ethernet and Wifi can have a much clearer resolution. This enables the students to take note of the more minute details. 

Use in the telecommunications industry

The Sony Playstation 3 also find use in the telecommunications and engineering industry. It is being used for designing and manufacturing various types of telecommunications equipment, devices. It is used as a technology in satellite communication too. 

Benefits of using the Sony Playstation 3

There are various benefits of using the Sony Playstation 3. although it is not the latest model of gaming interface available in the market still you can use it for your benefits. 

High intensive gameplay with cool and exciting features

The Sony Playstation 3 is packed with some unique features despite being an outdated technology. The PS 3 Slim model is lighter than the original PS 3. you get free access to the Playstation network and thus connect with the online members of the gaming community worldwide. There is nothing to say that you can now connect with all these players from different countries and play online solo or in teams and groups. PS 3 gives you a fantastic opportunity to showcase your gaming skills. 

It also has a built-in wi-fi network. That lets you connect devices. You can use the hard disc to store games, music, other videos, and photos too. It is the first-ever gaming interface device to use Blu-Ray technology as a storage device. You can also use the Sony Playstation 3 and connect it to your TV for viewing photos, videos, or playing games. 

Use it to analyze models and perform highly intense calculations

The PS 3 is packed with an IBM cell processor that can work faster and do billions of calculations per second. This is the reason why scientists and researchers from telecommunications, engineering, space science, defense, medicine, and health care fields use it for their purposes. It can be used to analyze the various complex mathematical models and draw inferences from them. As it features the highly advanced NVIDIA graphics it can be used for studying images and videos to a much greater resolution and detailing. This is why it is used for studying the cultures produced in medical laboratories and satellite imagery. This gives a real like full ultra HD experience whether you are using it for playing games or for studying and research purposes.

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Immersive sound gives you a cinematic feel

The Sony Playstation 3 is equipped with Digital Dolby Surround Sound 5.1. You can use it to watch cinemas and even play games and you will get a different sort of immersive feeling. It feels as if you are connected with the movie or the game and cut off from the outside world. 

Much better storage option to the traditional CDs and DVDs

You can use the Sony PS 3 to store your important files, documents, images, videos, and even games. don’t purchase CDs and DVDs anymore. PS 3 gives you a large storage space of 750 GB which is fantastic. It is used for storing e-books too for the students. Thus it can be a great option for those who study or do research activities online and have to download lots of online content.

Get a sensational controller too

The Sony Playstation 3also gives you a fantastic controller that is advanced and gives the gamers a lot of flexibility for online gaming. It has got very sharp sensitivity that can be changed to meet your capabilities. Sony Playstation 3 is a wireless controller that gives gamers the best gaming experience that they can think of. It has got highly sensitive pressure sensor buttons and highly advanced motion sensor technology. This gives gamers a lot of control over their characters while playing. You will now be able to feel the hits, crashes, explosions, right on your hand.

The controller is even capable of using natural movements on a real-time basis. Thus the gamers can enjoy high precision gaming with lots of feel to their senses. 

Compatibility with the Stereoscopic 3D technology

You will be amazed to hear that the Sony Playstation 3 is equipped with stereoscopic 3D technology. This enables the players to get a 3D feel of the games using the Playstation network. With this feature, gamers will now be able to showcase their talent in online 3D virtual games. Moreover, you can play with the wi-fi in the multiplayer mode too. But make sure that the game itself has to be compatible with the technology. Anyways you cause it to play the virtual and 3D games which could prove to be an even bigger craze for the pro gamers. 


The Sony Playstation 3 as a gaming interface is highly appreciated by most online gamers. It has got all the major advancements from its predecessors. It takes PC gaming to a whole new level with all the technological developments that have been seamlessly integrated inside the technology. 

The gamers have shown interest in buying the device and use it to enjoy all the quality games. One of the best things about the PS 3 model is that it has revolutionized the PS family entirely in many ways. 

If you check out the features you will find out that it is the first-ever gaming interface platform that uses the Blu-Ray technology as a storage device. It is also packed with the latest NVIDIA graphics that gives the gamers a highly intensive immersive feel to connect to the game. 

The full HD display with very good resolution gives picture clarity for better viewing. This is also the reason why it is also being used commercially and for research purposes in many other industries. They are also the people and the agencies and companies have been highly satisfied as their needs and demands were met.  

The Sony Playstation 3 is equipped with a highly powerful controller that gives a high amount of flexibility to the gamers. This can be used for a better playing experience. The controller is equipped with motion sensing and pressure sensing technology that makes it a perfect choice for gamers who like to feel the intensity. 

The PS 3 model is also equipped with a powerful IBM processor that can do thousands of calculations per second. It is used by engineering and space industry researchers to compute and design models and test them.