Sony Might Put PS5s in Honda’s Electric Vehicles to Compete With Tesla

Sony Might Put PS5s in Honda’s Electric Vehicles to Compete With Tesla

PS5s might be put in the electric vehicles of Honda by Sony to compete with Tesla. The joint venture of Sony Honda is considering putting a PS5 in cars to take on the likes of Tesla in the electric vehicle market. The joint venture is called Sony Honda Mobility and it was established in September. Its first electric vehicle is expected to launch in North America by 2025. The company spoke to The Financial Times, and said that they planned to use the expertise of Sony in entertainment content services to gain an edge over competitors.


The joint venture of Sony and Honda is thinking of putting PS5s in the electric vehicles of Honda to compete with Tesla. Izumi Kawanishi, the president who worked in the robotics division of Sony, told The Financial Times via TheGamer that integration of the PS5 into cars is “technologically possible”. What Tesla doesn’t have, Sony has, is content services. Kawanishi explained, “Sony has content, services and entertainment technologies that move people. We are adapting these assets to mobility, and this is our strength against Tesla.”

The joint venture Sony Honda Mobility is not simply thinking of bundling a PS5 into a car rather building a car that is designed to offer the kind of network services and entertainment that Sony is able to offer is wanted by the company. However, that’s not all! Honda and Sony also planned to heavily invest in perfecting autonomous driving. It is a costly project and no major industry player has yet been able to master it.

Yasuhide Mizuno, the chair of the joint venture spoke to Financial Times and said that the entire car building process is tweaked by Sony Honda Mobility in a bid to give users a premium entertainment experience. Mr. Mizuno said that the vehicle is viewed as a hardware by the company “that will cater to the entertainment and network we would like to offer.” 

However, a piece of the puzzle still remains to be solved by the Sony and Honda Mobility and it is the actual mobility part. The company wants to make the vehicle completely autonomous allowing the driver to watch and play on their entertainment systems while driving.

However, Mr. Mizuno acknowledged that making this happen would take a considerable amount of time. He said, “Autonomous driving will have to evolve considerably from the current level to get to that point, and it will take time for that to happen.”

Bullet points:

  • Sony may install PS5s in Honda’s electric cars as a means of competing with Tesla.
  • To compete with Tesla and other electric vehicle manufacturers, the joint venture between Sony and Honda is thinking about placing a PS5 in cars.
  • The partnership was formed in September and is known as Sony Honda Mobility.
  • By 2025, it’s first electric vehicle is anticipated to debut in North America.
  • The company said in a statement to The Financial Times that they intended to exploit Sony’s experience in entertainment content offerings to give themselves an advantage over rivals.
  • The mobility component, on the other hand, is still a mystery that Sony and Honda Mobility must solve.

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