Unveiling the Secrets of Minecraft Probably Chests

Minecraft Probably Chests

Introduction to minecraft probably chests Mod 

Minecraft is a world full of endless possibilities, and the Minecraft Probably Chests mod takes that sense of adventure to new heights. Whether you’re a seasoned explorer or a casual player, this mod adds an exciting element to your Minecraft experience. Probably Chests introduces a variety of chests, each with its own surprises and treasures. Let’s dive into the captivating world of Probably Chests and explore its many features.


Different Types of Chests and Their Spawn Locations 

Within the realm of Minecraft Probably Chests, a diverse assortment of chests awaits discovery. These chests can be found in various locations across the Minecraft world, offering an exciting prospect for exploration. Here are some of the different types of chests you may encounter:

  1. Normal Chests: These can be found in caves above y = 0 and moderate temperature biomes. They contain a wide range of items, from useful resources to valuable loot.
  2. Lush Chests: These chests spawn in lush and vibrant biomes, adding a touch of beauty to your exploration. They often contain items that align with the lush environment.
  3. Sandstone Chests: Discover these chests in hot and arid biomes, as well as dripstone caves. They offer unique loot that complements the desert environment.
  4. Molten Chests: Found exclusively in the Nether, these chests hold treasures that match the fiery and dangerous nature of the dimension.
  5. Deepslate Chests: Venture below y = 0 to encounter these chests amidst the deep and mysterious depths. They contain items suited for deep underground exploration.
  6. Gold Chests: Rarely appearing below y = 0, these chests hold the promise of exceptional loot. However, they are locked by default and require a specific key to unlock.
  7. Void Chests: Hidden within the end dimension, these chests possess extraordinary items, but like the Gold Chests, they are locked and necessitate a specific key for access.
  8. Ice Chests: In the cold and icy biomes, these chests are waiting to be discovered. Unveiling their contents may grant you the means to withstand the frozen challenges of such environments.
  9. Coral Chests: Submerged in the oceans and other water sources, these chests offer aquatic-themed loot and are a delightful find for underwater explorers.


Types of Minecraft Pots 

In addition to chests, Minecraft Probably Chests introduces pots that can be found throughout the Minecraft world. Pots are scattered in various biomes and caves, offering a different kind of loot. 

Here are the types of pots you may come across:

  1. Normal Pots: These pots spawn in most biomes and contain essential items needed for exploration, such as torches, coal, and iron nuggets.
  2. Lush Pots: Discover these pots in green biomes and lush caves. They provide additional resources that align with the vibrant surroundings.
  3. Sandstone Pots: In hot and arid biomes, as well as dripstone caves, these pots hold useful items specifically tailored to survive in harsh conditions.
  4. Molten Pots: As the name suggests, these pots are found in the Nether and offer valuable resources suited for the fiery dimension.

Mimics and Their Behavior 

One of the most thrilling aspects of Probably Chests is the presence of mimics. When attempting to interact with a chest for the first time, there’s a chance that it could transform into a mimic. Mimics are formidable adversaries, possessing incredible speed and strength. It is crucial to exercise caution when encountering them, as their attacks can be devastating. Approach these chests with utmost care, as opening them may unleash a hostile mimic. However, with the right items, you can even tame a mimic and have it accompany you as a loyal pet. Your pet mimic will faithfully follow you and provide additional inventory space for storing items.

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The Keys and Locks System in the Mod 

To unlock the full potential of Probably Chests, understanding the keys and locks system is essential. There are five types of keys available:

  1. Iron Keys: These keys unlock chests secured with iron locks.
  2. Gold Keys: Use these keys to unlock chests protected by gold locks.
  3. Void Keys: These keys grant access to chests safeguarded by void locks.
  4. Suspicious Keys: When used on a regular chest, they transform it into a secret mimic.
  5. Friendly Keys: When used on a wild mimic or a chest, they transform the chest into a friendly pet mimic


Similarly, there are three kinds of locks:

  1. Iron Locks: These locks can secure any chest type, including pet mimics.
  2. Gold Locks: Specifically designed for locking gold chests.
  3. Void Locks: Created to lock void chests.

By utilizing the appropriate key, you can unlock chests and reveal their hidden treasures. It’s important to note that locked chests are indestructible. However, players have the option to disable chest ownership and chest locking through the mod’s configuration settings.


The Rarity and Contents of Different Chest Types 

As you journey through the Minecraft world, the chests you discover will contain various items based on their type. Gold and Void chests, known for their rarity and exclusivity, harbor the most valuable loot in the game. On the other hand, the contents of other chests correspond to their respective themes and locations. From essential resources to unique items, each chest holds its own surprises, making exploration even more rewarding.


Introduction to Pet Mimics and Their Abilities 

Among the intriguing features of Minecraft Probably Chests is the ability to transform a mimic or a regular chest into a loyal pet mimic. By using a friendly key on a wild mimic or a chest, you can create your very own companion. Pet mimics possess the inventory capacity of a double chest and will faithfully trail alongside you, carrying your items. They can be instructed to sit or heal using meat, much like taming a wolf. Additionally, pet mimics will attack any entity that you engage in combat, lending a helpful hand in your adventures. To ensure the security of your pet mimic’s inventory, you can lock it with an iron lock and utilize an iron key to lock or unlock it at will. Be cautious, as a locked pet mimic will bite any player who attempts to open its chest without proper authorization.


How to Obtain and Use the Mimic Hand Bell 

In the realm of Probably Chests, you may encounter situations where you need to abandon or trade mimics. The Mimic Hand Bell comes to your aid in such circumstances. By right-clicking on the mimics you wish to keep, they will be added to your “keep” list. In case you accidentally mark a mimic, crouch-clicking will remove it from the list. Once you have finalized the selection, a right-click on an amethyst cluster will abandon all non-marked mimics. However, if you accidentally abandon a mimic, you have a five-minute window to reclaim it using the bell. After the five minutes have elapsed, the mimic becomes wild and aggressive. In this case, you can retrieve any items left in the mimic’s inventory by killing it.


Strategies for Dealing with Wild Mimics and Obtaining Their Drops 

While wild mimics pose a formidable threat, they also offer unique drops that can enhance your gameplay. Engaging with wild mimics requires careful planning and execution. Here are some strategies for dealing with them:

  1. Prepare Proper Equipment: Equip yourself with armor, weapons, and healing items before engaging a wild mimic.
  2. Create Distractions: Lure the mimic away from valuable structures or items to minimize collateral damage.
  3. Attack from a Distance: Ranged attacks, such as bows and projectiles, allow you to damage the mimic while keeping a safe distance.
  4. Coordinate with Friends: Team up with other players to overwhelm the mimic and increase your chances of victory.

Upon defeating a wild mimic, it may drop valuable items, including Mimic’s Eyes. These eyes can be used to create a Metal Key, unlocking a wide range of possibilities within the mod.


Exploration Tips to Find Chests and Pots in Various Environments 

Exploration lies at the heart of Minecraft Probably Chests, and uncovering the locations of chests and pots is a thrilling pursuit. Here are some tips to aid you in your search:

  1. Diverse Biomes: Different chests and pots are more likely to appear in specific biomes. Explore a variety of biomes to increase your chances of finding unique loot.
  2. Caves and Underground: Venturing underground opens up opportunities to discover hidden chests and pots. Explore caves and delve deep into the Minecraft world to uncover their secrets.
  3. Water Sources: Keep an eye out for chests and pots submerged in lakes, oceans, and rivers. These underwater treasures offer a refreshing change of scenery.
  4. Nether and End Dimensions: Don’t forget to explore the Nether and End dimensions, as they house exclusive chests and pots that hold valuable rewards.


Instructions for Installing Minecraft Probably Chests Mod 

To embark on your Probably Chests adventure, follow these simple steps to install the mod:

  1. Install Fabric and Fabric API: Download and install the Fabric loader and Fabric API, which serve as the foundation for running Minecraft Probably Chests.
  2. Download the Mod File: Obtain the Probably Chests mod file compatible with your Minecraft version.
  3. Copy the Mod Package: Navigate to the .minecraft/mods folder and copy the Probably Chests mod package into it. If the mods folder doesn’t exist, create it manually or reinstall Forge.
  4. Launch Minecraft: Start Minecraft using the Fabric profile, and the Probably Chests mod will be active in your game.

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Showcase of Screenshots Showcasing the Mod’s Features 

To provide a glimpse of the wonders that Minecraft Probably Chests holds, here is a collection of stunning screenshots showcasing the mod’s features. From majestic chests to fierce mimics and captivating landscapes, these visuals paint a vivid picture of the mod’s immersive gameplay experience.

Get Your Own Minecraft Probably Chests Server

Introduction to Pet Mimics and Their Abilities

Instructions for Installing Minecraft Probably Chests Mod


Personal Experiences and Anecdotes Playing with Probably Chests 

Playing with Probably Chests is a unique and exhilarating experience that engrosses players in a world of surprises and rewards. Many adventurers have shared their personal anecdotes and experiences with the mod. Here are a few tales of triumph, excitement, and unexpected encounters that players have encountered while exploring the Probably Chests mod.


Tips and Tricks for Maximizing the Benefits of the Mod 

To make the most of your Minecraft Probably Chests adventure, consider the following tips and tricks:

  1. Always Be Prepared: Equip yourself with the necessary tools, armor, and healing items before venturing into unknown territory.
  2. Plan Your Approach: Before opening a chest, assess the situation for any signs of mimic behavior. Prepare for combat if needed or proceed with caution.
  3. Coordinate with Friends: Embarking on the Probably Chests journey with friends not only enhances the experience but also increases your chances of success.
  4. Utilize Pet Mimics: Tame and utilize pet mimics to expand your inventory space and gain a loyal companion in your travels.


User Recommendations and Reviews of Minecraft Probably Chests 

Players from across the Minecraft community have shared their recommendations and reviews of Probably Chests. Here’s what some of them had to say about their experiences with the mod:

  • “Probably Chests adds a whole new level of excitement to Minecraft. I love the variety of chests and the thrill of encountering mimics. Highly recommended!” – MinecraftAdventurer123
  • “The pet mimics are an absolute game-changer. Having a companion to carry my items and fight alongside me has made exploration much more enjoyable.” – LootMaster5000
  • “Probably Chests offers a refreshing twist to the traditional Minecraft gameplay. It’s a must-have mod for anyone looking to add more depth and excitement to their adventures.” – CraftyExplorer27



With Minecraft Probably Chests, the world of Minecraft becomes even more captivating and unpredictable. From the allure of discovering unique chests to the thrill of encountering mimics, this mod injects a sense of excitement and wonder into every exploration. Whether you’re seeking valuable loot, loyal companions, or unforgettable moments, Probably Chests delivers an immersive and rewarding experience that will keep you coming back for more. So gear up, install the mod, and embark on a thrilling journey through the enchanting world of Probably Chests. Happy exploring!


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