PS Plus December 2022 Essential Games Lineup Has Leaked

PS Plus December 2022 Essential Games Lineup Has Leaked

The December 2022 Essential Games Lineup of PS Plus has been leaked. The leak has been ahead of their official reveal. Regardless of the tiers which PS Plus subscribers have subscribed to, these games will be available to them. This means that the Premium, Essential and Extra subscribers will have access to the list of games that are mentioned below.


Ahead of their official reveal, the December 2022 Essential Games Lineup of PS Plus has been leaked. The leaked PS Plus December 2022 game lineup is as follows:

  • Mass Effect Legendary Edition (PS4)
  • Biomutant (PS5 and PS4)
  • Divine Knockout (PS5 and PS4)

This early look at the December 2022 games of PS Plus was provided by Dealabs as usual. Although the above mentioned three games are not officially confirmed, the track record of Dealabs is flawless and so, the correction of this list is highly likely.

We are expecting for the official announcement to be published later this week, and it will confirm the accuracy of the list mentioned above.

While it wasn’t in our estimation of this month, the soon feature of Mass Effect Legendary Edition was guessed by us previously. Technically, the trilogy of the Mass Effect games will mean that there are five games on the PS Plus essential lineup for this month.

The game, Biomutant, is also a great, underrated inclusion. The game met with underwhelming critical response when it was first released in 2022. People derided its whimsical, child-like narration and considered its open world as sparse and uninteresting. However, you will really find biomutant as a colourful and imaginative romp if you look past minor bugs, flaws and a weird main tale.

It is different from the other open-world games and fun crafting mechanics, encouraging exploration, and quirky characters are featured in it. It is going to bring you to thriving forest groves from muddy swamp pits. Conclusively, though being weird, it is worth checking out.

Most probably, these games will be made available between 6 December and 3 January 2022. However, you need to stay tuned for the official announcement and for confirming the legitimacy of this latest PlayStation Plus leak.

Have you got a PS Plus Extra or Premium membership and are looking for some short games to hit during the holidays? Our website has other guides for filling in great suggestions in any downtime you have this season.

Bullet points:

  • The list of PS Plus Essential Games for December 2022 has leaked.
  • The leak started before they released their official statement.
  • Customers of PS Plus will get access to these games regardless of their subscription level.
  • Dealabs provided us with this early preview of the PS Plus games that will launch in December 2022, as usual.
  • Later this week, the official announcement is likely to be made public.
  • A terrific and underrated addition is the game Biomutant.
  • The game’s initial release in 2022 was met with mixed reviews.
  • You will be taken from gloomy marshy pits to burgeoning woodland groves by it.
  • Finally, although seeming unusual, it is fascinating to observe.

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