What is PlayStation Plus Membership

PlayStation Plus Membership officially abbreviated as PS is a Japanese video game brand. This brand is the most used r and has the most preferred video game consoles in the world. The company also provides excellent customer service. They have their media center, an online service, a line of controllers, two handhelds, and also a phone. The company has multiple magazines too. 

Sony Interactive Entertainment is a division of Sony, which is the sole producer of this brand. Till now this brand already launched 5 gaming systems out of which PlayStation 5 is the latest version expected to be released in November 2020.

PlayStation Network or PSN in its abbreviated form is a digital media entertainment service provided by Sony Interactive Entertainment. This service was launched by the company back in November 2006. PSN for instance came up for the PlayStation video game consoles, but the company surrounded smartphones, tablets, Blu-ray players, and high-definition televisions. The survey graph for the users as of April 2016 says that over 110 million users have been listed. And as of June 2020, the count increased to 113 million active subscribers who have subscribed for PlayStation Plus Membership.

Plus Subscription

The network services provided are dedicated to an online marketplace which is popularly known as PlayStation Store. The company started a Premium Subscription service to intensify gaming ad social features which are PlayStation Plus Membership Subscription.

The PlayStation Plus is the service that provides its users with access to premium features. This premium subscription of PlayStation Plus Membership enables the subscribers to get early access to the upcoming games, beta trials, regular store discounts, and the ability to have system software updates and to download the game patches automatically to the console. Conversing about the part of the subscription, members get 2 playstation4 games every month with 100 GB of internet storage space for saving the game files. PlayStation 4 online multiplayer requires a subscription to PlayStation Plus excluding free-to-play services. Subscribers get the benefit of choosing a monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription for the continuation of the network services. 

Monthly Subscription 

Membership means easier to get access to play some exclusive games. New games are available every month whereas the old games are withdrawn from the collection. All members have the access to the collection of games as long as they are the member of the PlayStation Plus Membership. If the player’s membership lapses then the game which was easily accessible with the help of the membership becomes inaccessible. Once the players renew their membership all the games are again unlocked. In June 2020 PS Plus announced that they will expand their capacity of game accessibility.

Games Available with Plus Membership

Sony Company disclosed during the release of PlayStation 5 in September 2020, that PlayStation Plus Membership purchasers will get access to a few of the games from PlayStation 4. Plus members can experience best with few exclusive games like the God of War, Persona 5, and third-party games like Final Fantasy XV and many more. The members get an advantage to play new games after an alternative time period which doesn’t make them bored or irritated. Every month there is an up-gradation of new games in the PlayStation Plus Membership subscribers. 

Why players should buy PlayStation Plus Membership?

With the help of our technology there are many things evolving few things are happening on the good side and few things are happening toward the negative side, just like due to the technological development people have forgotten outdoor games because they are getting the more advanced and fun type of games to play in their computers or PS. So, for the youths like this who enjoys indoor computerized games more for them taking PlayStation Plus Membership is a beneficial thing that helps the players to get access to online multiplayer battles and some free games. 

The 12 months option is the best offer for gamers who play PS4 or PS4 pro on a regular basis. It’s even a great deal for people who play the games and use them professionally to earn money by doing streaming on YouTube. Even abroad, there are gaming parlors where all these yearly subscriptions are much needed for them and it’s also very beneficial for them.

Benefits of PlayStation Plus Membership

The major advantage of subscribing PlayStation Plus Membership is that;

> It allows the players to play PS4 and PS4 Pro helps them play multiplayer modes, which means the players from all over the world can play such top games as Call of Duty, FIFA 20, and many more they can play with each other and battle it out. 

> Membership can get a player two free PS4 games which a player can use as long as they are a member of it. The Sony company is very generous with its PlayStation Plus Membership which gives freebies including some superhits such as Batman: Arkham City, Rocket League, Fortnite, and many more.

> Even the players subscribing to the members get access to new character skin and weapons for the games. 

> The players can get 100Gb storage in the cloud that can backup games if any player hard drive fails.

> Lastly, it is budget-friendly, so if a player subscribes to PlayStation Plus Membership as an annual membership because it’s way cheaper than monthly and quarterly options.

Having, so many facilities with just one subscription becomes a great thing for hard-core gamers because it becomes very tough for them to get so many facilities. 

How do free games work?

If a player subscribes to PlayStation Plus Membership for a year, they get to access some free games which are offered by Sony known as the Instant Game Collection. They can download the games and keep it for free. But as soon your subscription ends the free games get locked until you subscribe again. The free games which are offered by song to the PlayStation Plus Members are a mix of games from PlayStation4, PlayStaion3, and PlayStation Vita. But all these games are only available to those who have an access to these particular gaming consoles. 

How does the deal work for the subscribers?

Some of the game collections which are to be found in the PlayStation store are only available for the PlayStation Plus Members. The games are also available for the non-subscribers but at a much higher rate, whereas the subscribers get it at a very cheap price, and for this reason, we get to see two different price lists for the items on the PlayStation Store.  

Sony is always running some sales or the other but those sales are not always enjoyed by everyone. Every player knows that Sony won’t give any discount on their new release. Normally discounts are only given in old games or some small indie games. But the only advantage is whatever a player buys in the purchase through this sale will be kept with them even after their subscription ends.

Is it a worthy deal to subscribe to the membership?

The PlayStation Plus Membership is actually beneficial for the hard-core gamers which benefits them to play the online multiplayer gaming mode on the PlayStation. Not only in PlayStation but other developers like Nintendo will soon start with the membership offer for the online multiplayer mode, rather specifically we can say every gaming console which has online multiplayer mode can start charging a fee.

The other features are simply added on benefits in the PlayStation Plus Membership, Sony company offers a few more games for free so that players can enjoy and get a steady stream of free games. If any gamer has only PS4 then they will only get a few free games every month and won’t be able to play games on your own wish. Only those games are available which Sony chooses for an individual.  

Free Trial 

Before buying the PlayStation Plus Membership the purchaser might get a free trial for fourteen days on the PlayStation Store because the trail gives clarity to the players whether taking the membership is beneficial for them or not. In some of the games, and the PlayStation4 console comes with a printed code for the PlayStation trail code so that the players can redeem the code and understand the benefits of the membership.

But if once a player subscribes to the PlayStation Plus Membership for a year and after that, they change their mind about their decision made earlier, in this case, the membership will not be canceled or any refund of money will be done. Even if a player opts for the trial then they must be very careful because it automatically starts charging its subscription fees as monthly members henceforth. 

Free Shipping

If a gamer subscribes to PlayStation Plus Membership then they get a lot of benefits among which one benefit is that as soon a player subscribes for the membership henceforth the player can get free shipping for all the gaming accessories, they order from the PlayStation Store. But as soon the membership ends, they can’t enjoy this benefit anymore. 

How to find the renewal dates?

At times in the busy schedule where everyone is running behind success, at times people forget so many things. There are high possibilities that even players might forget their dates to renew their PlayStation Plus Membership without using their PlayStation instead they can easily check it on their PC.

They just need to go to the PlayStation store through the browser then sign in to their own account using the Sony Entertainment email Id and Password and once the user logins the page they can easily check their PlayStation Plus Membership and see their expiry date and the renew plan along with the detail box given below. If you want to get more detail about it then, visit gameapexlegends.com


Everywhere around the world people are still trying to cope up with the Covid-19 pandemic situation. The Maximum of the youth are staying indoor and are trying to avoid these situations so during this time it’s very important for them to get some kind of entertainment. So, the PlayStation Plus Membership is the best offer for avail now. Gamers can play and stream as long as they can. They can even include their family or siblings during this rough time and the family can enjoy a good time together which might strengthen their bonds. 

The Sony company has also scoured down the internet at its best for the Plus members to get the maximum benefit from it.  There are monthly as well as quarterly pay methods but if a player is a long-time player then they must go for the PlayStation Plus Membership because it’s a much better deal and saves some amount. The major benefit of the plus membership is that it allows playing PS4 and PS4 Pro multiplayer mode, where the player can play battles with other players from all over the world. They can play games such as FIFA 20, Call of Duty, and many more. Subscribers can get two PS4 games for two months as well which obviously attracts the hard-core gamers. 

It connects with your friends and family who lives in the various part of the world. Each month new games are added to the account so that a player doesn’t get bored it the same repetitive games. It has a feature where it gets updated automatically and the game is ready whenever the player wants to play. 

The Sony Company also gives an advantage to the players of extra internet facilities which not only helps them to play games but also helps the other members to use it for their personal work which all falls under the PlayStation Plus Membership which helps them in not taking the Wi-Fi connection and helps them to survive money. The best thing about the PlayStation Plus Membership is that it gives discounts and free shipping if the players order some gaming accessories during the subscription. So, if an individual is a hard-core gamer who plays games on their PlayStation then they should definitely not think twice to take the PlayStation Plus Membership for one year. It’s like paying once and enjoying all the games for the rest of the years.