Play Minecraft on your phone – the most interactive game ever played


Minecraft is a game based on virtual augmented reality and is having some excellent features with it. It is the game that will give you the ultimate fun. The thing that will make you happier is – Minecraft is available over your phone too. Get through the features of the game and start playing the same on your android and iOS. You can get to the site and explore all the four-game versions that are there. Here is a brief overview of the same – 

About the game

In this version of the Minecraft game, you will be preparing for an exciting and raw adventure.  You have endless possibilities to build your own mines and pits. Beware the enemy is coming to challenge you. You need to battle out with mobs in this game. 

Explore the new areas of the map as you find more and more exciting things. 

There are plenty of new locations and areas for you to explore the game. You also get a lot of regular updates so that you don’t get bored and there is always something new to challenge you. 

How to play the game

You can play the Minecraft game on your mobile or even on PC. You can create your town and buildings and protect them with some tools and mines. Make sure that you use strategy so that other mobs or enemies looking to challenge you to find it tough to break your castle. 

You can also play the new survival mode in the game. This is an exciting in-built game mode in which you will have to survive while you take on other mobs. Fight the enemy, construct a shelter for you to survive the night in the all-new survival mode in the game. 

Do you want to enjoy your time playing the Minecraft game with your friends? Then this is one game that you should not miss out on. In the multiplayer mode, you can team up with friends in groups. Build your castles together, explore the different areas of the map, and battle out with other mob groups. There is nothing better than to enjoy this game with your friends. 

Even you can build tools by using some creative tools and mechanisms. You can utilize the surroundings to protect and build basic weapons to protect yourself against the enemy.  

Break down trees and make something useful which might come in handy during the fight. 

Addon to include with the game

You can make your gaming on the Minecraft game even more exciting and fun. Make sue of the Realms plus which is a paid edition of the game in which you will be getting exclusive provision to play 50 plus game packs with all new features, characters, maps. You will also get to know about all the latest releases if you just become a member.

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This game also gives you the provision to add different types of texture packs, face packs, and much more so that the players don’t get bored and find something new all the time.  

Review and overview of the game

The game has got very good reviews about it. It is a very simple game but there is so much in the game that will make you addicted to it. You can try out playing the Realms version if you want to get access to loads of more and more exciting content about the Minecraft game. 

In the Realms mode, the ability to play alongside 10 more players is really fun and exciting according to most of the players. Or else the simple online gaming mode is brilliant too. 

Minecraft Dungeons

About the game

This is a high voltage action-packed adventure game wherein you will be exploring the dark dungeons. Make sure to be brave enough to play this version of the Minecraft game because it is sure to be nerve-wracking. In this game, you will have to explore every nook and corner as you will be tasked with battling against the enemy. Use strategy to plan your next move as the enemy might surprise you from the dark alleys. You can also search out the place and look to clear out the enemy and make the place your own. This game is available in the Xbox, mobile, Playstation, and the Nintendo version too.

How to play the game

You can play the game in the single-mode and take on the enemy on your own. Or else if you want to battle it out in teams then you can play it alongside your friends. The strategy while playing the Minecraft Dungeons game is to unite with your friends together, fight the enemy, and survive right till the end of the game. 

The game features exciting graphics and very smooth gameplay. You can even make some creation on your own and look to take advantage of the alleys, pillars, and sculptures to make a surprising decisive move on the enemy. 

If you want to play the multiplayer mode against your friends you can battle it out with as many as 4 players. Nothing is exciting than playing the game with your friends in the co-op mode. 

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The fights in the Minecraft Dungeons game can be highly adventure-oriented and intense. You can make use of an entire array of melee weapons or weapons with a good range. You can also buy heavy armor and look to protect yourself against enemy attacks. Use your skills to fight the enemy. You will get all the freedom in the world to customize your character and add weapons after each battle according to your choice. 

Addon to include with the game

Tired of playing the Minecraft Dungeons game? This game features an exciting add-on which is the Creeping Winter edition. In this edition, you will find a whole new type of surroundings that is laden with snow. 

These cold and dark snow-laden alleys do need a savior. Showcase your talent as you look to find out the hidden mob groups and destroy their base camps. The Creeping winter edition of the game features three new missions. Although this is a paid version of the game and comes as an add-on feature you will be excited with the whole new array of challenges that come with it. 

Review and overview of the game

The Minecraft Dungeons game is packed with intense excitement and thrilling battles. You will be playing the games inside the old caves and dungeons of an old ruined castle. The game has got a lot of interest from the players mainly because of the challenges that it throws to the players. 

The players have also commented positively about the recent updates and add on features of the game and termed them as mind-blowing. 

Your game also has an inbuilt multiplayer mode and you can enjoy the game with your friends. The super-exciting graphics and almost real-life like situations will give you a mind-boggling journey that will love to play. 

Minecraft Earth

About the game

This is a breakthrough game in the Minecraft game. You will be able to play this version of the game in the augmented reality mode. Now there are endless possibilities to the world that you can explore and create strategies like never before to play the game. 

This augmented reality feature of the game is simply mind-blowing for the players. If you have never played an augmented reality game try out playing this game. It will give you intense and crazy battle actions that you have never seen before. Go on thrilling adventures in your version of created maps, explore the stuff out, and look to fight against the enemies. 

How to play the game

You can play this game in the augmented reality mode. This game features some of the highly unique ways that will enable you to make the scenarios and put the characters in the game.

To play this version of the Minecraft game you will have to have devices that can help you to play an augmented reality game. 

Create your maps and explore them with your friends. Share your own created maps on the online mode and invite players to take part in battles against you in the online multiplayer mode. You will also get the chance to add mobs to the game that you love. 

Explore your neighborhood and add resources that might come in handy during the gameplay. Share your created imagination like never before with other in the Minecraft Earth game. 

You can also makeup team with your friends in collaboration and look to build your castles and add other items together. The in-game features and customization techniques are quite simply brilliant that allows you to play the game like never before. 

Team with your friends and go on mini-adventures. This will allow you to take on the game as you have never seen before. 

Addon to include with the game

For addon features in the game, this version of the all-new Minecraft edition does not have any paid versions. This is simply an augmented reality game that you can play on the Android and iPhone devices of yours. You can also look to join in the community and get all the exciting new updates and details into the game. 

You can also get the latest updates on the upgrades that are integrated into the game from time to time. This includes the spaceship challenges, wonder challenges, new patches, pig challenges, boost mines, mobs in the park challenge, etc. Explore the world of augmented reality games with this all-new exciting smartphone game. 

Review and overview of the game

The game has got some very good reviews and comments from the global gaming community. With the all-new Minecraft Earth version of the game, you can look to add anything from your neighborhood and surroundings into the game. The gamers have been highly addicted while playing the game. The ability to share your creativity with friends on the online mode and battle in your custom created maps with the in-built augmented reality feature is something that has been repeatedly said as one of the best and exciting features of the game.         

Minecraft Education Edition

About the game

The Minecraft Education edition of the game is more of a powerful earning platform for the kids. This is a uniquely thought-out and creative version of the game which is also a great learning platform for the kids. 

Your kids will learn to understand the valuable concepts of sustainability through the highly immersive and playful environment of the game. This is a highly engaging platform for the kids where your kids will learn the basic levels of the initial level of learning through the online school system. 

How to play the game

This is more of an education and learning level platform developed by the Minecraft developers. Throughout the 21st century, we are seeing a wide level of implementation of the online learning system. Now your kids will be able to collaborate in projects and learn the basic elementary level school learning with the help of this uniquely thought-out edition in the game. 

There are highly engaging learning lessons and well thought out informative assignments that your kids will love to do and complete. From computer science to mixed reality this is a kid’s learning platform which is a uniquely built digital and online learning platform.

Addon to include with the game

You can sign up with your Microsoft account and subscribe to your email id with the Minecraft newsletter. This will enable you to get all the latest access including the latest puzzles, assignments, and engaging projects for your kids. 

You kids will learn exciting things about nature and even learn the basic elements of coding through this platform. 

Review and overview of the game

Kids have loved this game right from the start. Even parents have commented about this game saying that this highly interactive and unique platform created by Minecraft is a great learning platform for kids of different age groups. 

There is a set of highly unique infographic tutorials built in the game that will enable your kids to learn the different aspects of basic playschool learning right at home. 

Digitally created immersive engagement and highly interactive playful learning platform will enable the kids to grow the creative aspects and also learn all the basics that are taught in preschool. 

This interactive session is available on mobile phones, and even on desktops enabled with Playstation and Xbox.