Nintendo Joy-Con(L/R)-Neon Pink/Neon Green Review

Nintendo Joy-Con(L/R)

The Nintendo Joy-Con(L/R) are the primary gaming controllers for the Nintendo Switch video gaming console. The controller consists of two separate or individual units, with each possessing an analog stick, having an array of buttons. They can also be used while remaining attached to the main Nintendo Switch console unit, or be disconnected and used without assistance from any cables, that is, to go wireless when detached. A pair of Nintendo Joy-Con(L/R) can be either used by a single player or be halved between two players as individual controllers. Developers at Nintendo have really pulled off a great controller with the Joy-Con. Critics attribute that it is because of Nintendo Joy-Con(L/R) that people are shifting more and more towards the franchise, as it provides a good gaming experience, an experience in which other players in the same segment may not provide that impeccably.

About the controller

No one will disagree or do not give a nod to the fact that developers at Nintendo always delivers on to the consumers with great products, such products then revolutionize the gaming industry and set a benchmark for its closest competitors. Such went with the company when it came to it’s newest and most advanced gaming controller. The Nintendo Joy-Con(L/R) can be linked to the sides of the Nintendo Switch console through rails, or can be used completely wirelessly—as mentioned above, either as a pair (like the ones at Wii Remote and Nunchuk), or be used separately between two different individuals. At one time, more than 8 Joy-Con can attach to a single Switch console. The Nintendo Joy-Con(L/R) can be optionally connected to an accessory like the “Joy-Con Grip”, with or without power intake abilities, that converts the controller to a way more conventional gamepad-like form factor.

After it gets separated from the console, both Joy-Con units can function independently from each other, and maintain communication with the console through Bluetooth connectivity. Wrist straps are also given, which are very much similar, installed by slipping them onto the rails of the controllers. The strap attachments also have round-shaped and raised up shoulder buttons to significantly improve upon the ergonomics of the Joy-Con when operated by players separately. But it was not always smoothest for the developers at Nintendo.

Before releasing the game to the public, developers of Nintendo Switch, various video gaming websites pointed out a finding, that the controllers — most notably the Joy-Con L—were vulnerable to connection failures when used without the cable connectivity, that is via wirelessly. It was at the beginning unknown if these problems were the outcome of an interference subject, or caused by the pre-launch software on inspection products. 

A Nintendo representative stated to a media agency that the company would “proceed to inspect the performance of Nintendo Switch hardware and software, and make necessary improvements if required” The Nintendo Joy-Con(L/R)also includes a non-removable, battery of lithium-ion polymer, having 3.7 volt 525 mAh 1.9-watt-hour. They are enabled to charge up when connected to a Nintendo Switch console that is getting the charge on its own. A different “charging grip” additional product gives the controllers to get charged up in a gamepad configuration through a USB-C. Nintendo officially launched a Joy-Con AA battery pack extension on the 16th of July, 2017, which skid onto the Joy-Con in similarity to the attachments of the wrist strap.

Its features

According to Shinya Takahashi of Nintendo, the characteristic set of the Joy-Con was somewhat inspired by responses that came from players operating the Wii Remote. After the company, releasing games that heavily depended on the usage of the Wii Remote and the Wii, like the Wii Sports and Wii Fit, players had asked for different features in respect to the design, such as possessing a tinier form factor, or the functionality of being able to get strapped to a particular body part. 

Nintendo well understood what benefits towards imaginative design and gameplay could usher in from a smaller form factor, which has probably taken off to the impression of a console that could be mobile that can be controlled through these tinier controllers. This became one of the crucial principles of the Switch, and directly into the design of the Nintendo Joy-Con(L/R). Each Joy-Con comprises an accelerometer and gyroscope that can be used for motion tracking

High immersive games can assist using the Joy-Con for pointing controls that are identical to the Wii Remote while staying segregated without the necessity of using a sensor bar. Nintendo Joy-Con(L/R) comprises of an infrared depth tracking sensor, that can read objects and motions held in front of it, as an example of its functional prowess, Nintendo asserted that the new advanced sensor could now differentiate between the handshapes of rock–paper–scissors. For use with Amiibo, It also comprises of a near-field communication reader. 

The Nintendo Joy-Con(L/R)comprise of a haptic feedback engine, which is known as “HD Rumble”, again being formulated in partnership with Immersion Corporation. Nintendo stated that the system could develop fine feedback, such as the sensation of distinctive ice cubes and water in a glass.

Color Variants

Joy-Con can be obtained in different colors, either with the purchase of the Switch console or individually, both separately or sold as a pair. At the release of the Joy-Con were functional in colors like slate gray, neon red R and neon blue L. Black Joy-Con is also issued with Switch development kits. In the middle of 2017, Nintendo launched neon yellow Joy-Con, released along with the Arms as well as neon green and neon pink Joy-Con which launched alongside Splatoon 2

However, one of the most popular variants is the Neon Pink and Neon Green series. The looks of the controller beautifully complement the design and texture of the Nintendo heritage of delivering simply designed devices with high-end technology A pair of red Joy-Con were disclosed, which was part of the Super Mario Odyssey series, except in Japan and Europe (Available only through My Nintendo Store) where they are available standalone, which was released in October 2017. 

An exclusive Nintendo Labo Joy-Con design, light brown in color, was released in 2018. It was solely attainable to winners of the Nintendo Labo Creators Contest. Hori, a video game peripheral company, released a dark blue left Joy-Con featuring a classic D-pad in lieu of directional buttons in the month of July 2018. The controller also didn’t come with some features such as HD rumble, SL and SR buttons, gyroscope, and wireless connectivity standard to Nintendo-produced Nintendo Joy-Con(L/R), compelling its users to be constrained to handheld mode.

Built Quality 

The new wonder from Nintendo is very sturdy and functional. The Joy-cons slip in and out of the rails with totally no issues. Never do anyone will feel that any of their ownership is at some sort of risk. The cable provided is quite thin which can cause some kind of worry to the consumers, especially if it is in a region where the presence of hoover is very common, Vacuum for the customers from the United States. However, there is a wire tidy tool on the underside of the controller. This aspect of the phenomenal makes the Nintendo controller, a pretty huge difference. The dongle can slide right into the USB-port Pro controllers. It’s a match that is almost perfect to fit, does not seem so warm that it is affecting the gameplay and causing damage to the controller but one must also know safely, that it’ll never slip out so easily.

Benefits of using

The new Nintendo Joy-Con(L/R)comes with a lot of major upgrades which has made it so popular and loved by gamers around the world. The following are some of the reasons why the controlling device is so on demand and useful:-

NFC sensors that read and write amiibo data- The Nintendo Joy-Con(L/R)

It comes with the ability to read and alter amiibo data which is something not many controllers can offer. It gives the controller from Nintendo a clear edge over its nearest competitors.

Accelerometer and gyroscope for motion management

And the list goes on further. The Joy-Con controller comes with a pre-installed Accelerometer and gyroscopic sensors. This provides players with advanced gameplay as it can boost up motion controlling performances.

Screen capture button for social-media sharing, video capture coming soon

Everyone nowadays wants to share their own prowess in the game, in social media to show others. The Nintendo Joy-Con(L/R) gives you the option of recording the screen and post it.

Different color variations, like neon pink and neon green

The Nintendo Joy-Con(L/R) comes with a lot of color alternatives, including unique color combinations like neon pink and neon green. This has attracted more audiences into the Nintendo family, a steadily growing fan base.

Haptic feedback

Haptic feedback gives a great advantage to the gameplay when they are immersed in the game. It wakes up the awareness of gamers by providing crucial notifications.

Motion IR camera in the Joy-Con, which senses the shape, motion, and distance of objects in front of it

And at last, the Nintendo Joy-Con(L/R) comes with the IR blaster, placed with the camera making a potent deal-breaker. It can sense the shape, motion, and distance of any object placed in front of it, which is really a cool feature.

By a huge contrast, the Nintendo Joy-Con(L/R) also offer a much stronger handheld understanding along with a more effective set up for multiplying. Although numerous Pro Controllers can be synchronized to an individual Switch at one time (particularly, up to 8 to allow for big Smash events), the Joy-Cons have the augmented advantage of being two controllers in one. Joy-Cons are purchased in pairs, so the players by default have access to two smaller controllers for only a bit extra than the original price of a Pro Controller.

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Disadvantages of Nintendo Joy-Con(L/R) 

The Nintendo Joy-Con(L/R) also comes with a hefty of things to not like about. Though the numbers are less, it can be a factor for some of the players to shy away from the Nintendo house.

The Nintendo Joy-Con(L/R)aren’t without their decent stake of problems, though. Their capability to split into free controllers mandates a more uncomfortable, vertically-aligned clasp that loses out on the solace offered by other Nintendo controllers, like the Pro Controller, and they’re neater. Though it doesn’t present as much of a problem, for the gaming community with smaller palms playing games with a sole Joy-Con rather than using the controller grip or handheld mode could prove a little extra hard.

It would also be careless of one not to cite the technological problems that have afflicted in the past for the Joy-Cons. Consoles that were bought before the launch have been noted as having connection problems in the left Joy-Con due to manufacturing negligence, and stick drift is still a substantial negative for a lot of gamers. The connectivity problems have since been remedied in the next launches, and there are reports that Nintendo will give superior support for troubles with the stick drift.

Overall the 3 greatest moments of in-game application history, the view of the mobile game

We have seen a lot of gaming controllers and nothing gives a more excellent feel than the Nintendo Joy-Con(L/R) as we believe. The integrity of the console is awfully incredible. The Nintendo Joy-Con has extraordinary hardware with amazing designs. The system does feel agreeably solid and feels strong, made well in the palm.  The Nintendo Joy-Con(L/R ) controllers equally provide terrific in the hand feel as well and have entirely shed the plasticky sense of additional controllers like that of the Wii and Wii U’s controllers, disseminating the sense that Nintendo Joy-Con(L/R) is simply not a toy, to be used by rookies.

The impeccable controller also has a very metaphysical, ineffable factor which makes it stand apart if we compare to other controllers, which is one of the justifications on why the controller has now become one of the company’s most appreciated gaming controllers to date, besting the Pro Controller by a slight margin. Try out the brand new color of the same too. You will add some more fun to it.