New Super Mario Bros Review

New Super Mario Bros

New Super Mario Bros is one of the best video games. This game is played across generations. Every time this game turns out to be the classic one. The roots of this game are actually deep, hence this version known as New Super Mario Bros has also gathered a similar amount of love from the players. This game always has a lot of challenges, and thus entertains you with a lot more fun. The game has an unusual fun that distinguishes it from any other video game. The popularity of the game is a sign of its excellence.

About the game

New Super Mario Bros has been developed as the latest version of the age-old Mario game. It was launched in North America but with time it has become the most common playing game across the world. This version of the game has many new features in it. The game is not perfecting though, but surely there are certain things which make it exciting and fun. This game is surely known to everyone throughout the world. 

● Graphics

New Super Mario Bros is a video game that is mostly played in a 2D visual effect. There is no need to curtail down your interest in the game because the characters and objects of the game are presented in 3D polygonal. This makes you quite sure that it may not have advanced technology but the graphics quality is quite approachable. This series of the game provides a good visual resolution. We also cannot deny the fact there is more to develop in it graphically. Hence, this acts as a disadvantage in bringing together various players across the world. 

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● Display 

The display of New Super Mario Bros may not be outstanding like any other game, but it provides a detailed look at the place. The display features enhance your way of perceiving the game. In the game, one can view the tunnels, enemy monsters, brick walls, and everything else in the look of a cartoon. The display of the game is not that feature that attracts the players. Hence, if it is developed surely the number of players attached to the game would also increase.

● Sound 

The game does not provide its audience a good sound quality. The developers of the game might have not focused on this section of the game. New Super Mario Bros mainly has a similar sort of sound effect throughout the game. This feature disappoints the players and makes them a little more about it. Sometimes the sound of the game also irritates the players while the use of earphones can give a little relief. 

● Ease of Gameplay 

This game is played by a huge number of people whether they are young or elderly. The game has many activities to do and many challenges to fight out. This may appear you as a tough game but this is just a myth. Something which is challenging is not necessarily tough. The game is quite easy, interesting, and adventurous to play. The game is quite easy as your skills define your game. Its simplicity gathers players. 

New Super Mario Bros is created as a super easy form to gain fun. The graphics of the game may not be perfect. Its display feature and sound quality are not the unique things of the game. The simplicity of the game is the unique point about it. Hence, it has become successful in bringing together players across the world generation after generation.


New Super Mario Bros is a video game that contains multiple levels in it. Each of the levels has different challenges to overcome. This makes the game much more adventurous, adds up secret elements in it, and can never bore you. The unrevealing nature of the game surely makes it more attractive among the players. One can play the game alone by choosing to play with the computer or may also play this with friends and family at a multiplayer mode. One can select between any of the playable characters, and then, just enjoy playing it the way you want. 

Just when you begin with each of the levels their character comes out of the chubby pipe. There begin your fight and flight in the world of New Super Mario Bros. The character that is either Mario or his brother Luigi has many challenges to overcome across the path. They jump to collect coins that allow you to increase your treasure score. The characters break brick walls which may or may not contain more bonus points. There are some bonuses that protect you as a shield and elongate your life in the game. The characters also have to kill their enemies that are either the loitering turtles or the monsters waiting against your victory. There are certain enemies whom you cannot kill out in the game. Hence, preserving your life becomes more important there. That is the reason whenever you are playing the game to be careful about them. These challenges surely evoke excited in the hearts of the players. These things add more thrill in the game and make it loving. The game receives appreciation throughout the world. This shows there must be some reason behind such vast popularity of it. 

The players start the game from the chubby pipe and finish it by reaching the flag point. This journey has a lot of trouble with it. There are numerous challenges waiting for you in this journey. Other than the challenges of the game there are also certain fun elements that give momentum to the game. There are certain bricks that give a “mushroom” that makes Mario large or small. The “tiny blue mushroom” decreases the size of the character which allows him to pass through every tiny gap. Another “big red mushroom” increases the size of the character which makes him stronger. There is also a bonus feature in the game which looks like a “flower.” The character collects it and gains fireballs. This makes your journey a bit easy. There are also a few hidden roads in the tunnels from where you can land in different places. There you can collect coins and other bonus things. 

In New Super Mario Bros the level of difficulty increases with the upgrade in the levels. Hence, the game is quite easy in the beginning, and as you level up the difficulty increases.

Fun in the game

The new version of the game which we refer to as New Super Mario Bros is much more interesting and exciting than its previous versions. Mario might be the oldest game but the fun elements added in this version surely gives it momentum. It has presented the city with a quite different look. The game also has updated the players’ control over it. The game has become much more beautiful and stunning. Hence, the things one can do to add more fun is quite vast. These activities which evoke fun among the players keep them engaged with the game. 

● Naturalistic in nature 

The game makes one feel natural about it. It is you who controls the actions of your character. It is you to decide whether to jump high or to crawl down. Only your actions can save or take the life of your character. Hence, this always makes one feel that they are playing inside the game. 

● Player modes 

The game provides two modes to play. One can either choose between any of the givens characters that are, among Mario and Luigi. That means one can play with the computer by choosing a character of their choice. One can also play this game, with family or friends which means they can select the multiplayer mode to add more fun to the game. 

● Choice of characters 

New Super Mario Bros gives you a special feature to choose between two characters. One can either choose Mario or his brother Luigi whichever they love the most. When one is playing with friends they can choose their favorite characters, and compete with each other. This adds more fun to the players. 

● Optimization 

This feature of the game sounds to be the most interesting one. The players can optimize the game according to their choice and experience. A beginner can enjoy the game by optimizing as a less experienced player which gives them hints about the game and also provides video to gain more experience. 

● Personal Skills 

In this game, your skills have an important role. One controls the actions of his or her characters. One’s skills decide how long they can survive in the game. The computer mechanisms have no job to do here, it is purely the skills. Hence, this makes the game so much interesting. Just like a real lives game your skills get polished. 

● Challenges 

New Super Mario Bros is a bit challenging. One has to fight out in every moment of the game to survive. It does not matter whether you are collecting bonus points or destroying the enemy. These challenges are a spice in the game. Hence, all the challenges multiply the amount of fun in it. 

New Super Mario Bros has many fun things to do for players. They can play individually or with friends, brush up their skills, and can even combat challenges in each phase of the game. Hence, these fun elements keep the players engaged with the game.


New Super Mario Bros is the most loved game across generations. Hence, It has a vast list of pros to attract players. 

● Realistic approach 

The game brings a realistic approach to it. Neither the graphics nor the storyline, but the cause that your skills are the skills of your character makes the game real. 

● Challenge 

The challenges in each level of the game are different. One can never anticipate when the challenge would come. This makes the game more interesting. 

● Design of the game 

The control of the game is surely easier than any other game. 

● Age-old 

The game is one of the oldest in the modern video game world. This makes it more popular. 


New Super Mario Bros also has a few cons. The list might be quite short, but we cannot afford to ignore it. 

● Limitation by computer 

The game can annoy you multiple numbers of times. The reason is that your actions are limited. Most of the time, the computer controls it and limits your actions. 

● Lack of Display 

The game has limited display features which may cause a lot of difficulties in your game. 

● Poor Graphics

This game does not provide you with high graphics, and advanced technology. Hence, this shows that the game has poor technical support. 

Super Addictive Game

Most of the modern video games are created with the intention of making it addictive among the players. The urge to play it for just another one time keeps going on and on. New Super Mario Bros is no different. A survey has proved it to be one of the most addictive games in the world. It ranks between the top ten addictive video games of all time. This game was designed to be an addictive one, and it serves the function brilliantly. Hence, whether one wants or not they will surely have to spend hours with the game. 

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New Super Mario Bros has received success all over the world. The game is such that it has earned love over generations. The simplicity of the game has become the key to attract the hearts of players. No matter whether the player is a gamer or a newcomer both can enjoy the game. It has many challenges and ways to compete with friends or computer. Each time its mission is to reach the flag point, but it always brings different sorts of challenges with it. New Super Mario Bros is undoubtedly a game that brings fun each time with a different texture of it. That is the reason the game has achieved such huge popularity and love.