Most trendy augmented reality games in 2020

It is best to say that 2020 is the time for us to change what we think about games. In reality, games can be a lot more than what we can imagine them to be. With the onset of the trendy augmented reality games, you will arrive at a point where the whole gaming world transcends into a whole world of reality.

If you have not tried on playing an augmented reality game yet? Well, it’s fair, to say the least. that you are missing out on something that is super cool and something which is simply out of this world. The gameplay experience of playing an augmented reality game is simply far beyond what you get from a normal old-style PC or mobile game.

It is fair, to say the least, that you will become enthralled with the kind of realism it brings to the game which is not given by even the best gaming consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox.

If so far the things have attracted you you might want to quickly find out what are the most trendy augmented reality games. But let’s get to know a few things in detail first.

What are augmented reality games?

Have you heard of the term augmented reality before? Well, it is the ability to transform our physical world with some digital elements from our camera or our smartphone. With augmented reality, you will be able to see any gaming character and mingle them into a physical real-life image or snapshot.

For example, let’s say what if we were to tell you that you can easily add Pokemon characters beside your photograph that you took standing on a beach?

With reality games, you get this type of feeling and the actions are taking place right there. Some of the augmented reality games also use GPS settings and you have to find and tag hem out.

Can you play trendy augmented reality games on mobile?

Trendy augmented reality games have taken over the imagination of a wide portion of teenagers and game lovers simply because they provide a unique gameplay experience. In the world of augmented reality games, you will be easily able to add gaming elements into the physical world through a host of features that are in-built in the game.

And the best part is that you can play augmented reality games from any device even your mobile phones. Thus whether you are chilling out at home or going on a trip you can play the game anywhere and anytime.

Which are the most trendy augmented reality games in 2020?

Pokemon Go

If you want to ask about the trendsetters in the augmented reality game it is always Pokemon Go. Why does Pokemon Go come first on the list even though the game was released a few years back? Well, it’s fair, to say the least, that the whole world came to know about the super cool and trendy augmented reality games from Pokemon Go.

This AR mobile game provided us the visualization and concept of modern gaming. It is not that this game does not have any cool features anymore. There are still updates and new Pokemon Characters being released even today. The release of the game was a huge success and almost similar to a blockbuster Hollywood epic.

Jurassic World Alive

DO you think dinosaurs still exist in the 21st century? Well, that might be a topic for another day but it is fair, to say the least, that if you like to experience the frightening and thrilling experience of dinosaurs then you can play this AR game. It is one of the trendy augmented reality games so far this year.

With this game, you will be able to do a whole lot of things. This game allows geotagging features on the online multiplayer mode. Thus if you think that you are good enough to find out the geo taggings by visiting the place and challenging your opponent. There are of course several things that you can do to train your dinosaurs. And if you win fights you get to upgrade them and make them look even more terrifying.

It is best to say that this adventurous game will take you beyond the limits of the normal timeline and visit a world full of dinosaurs again.

The Walking Dead: Our World

This is one of the trendy augmented reality games that will male you sense hyperrealism to its fullest extent. Get ready to visit an apocalyptic world where you have to survive a world full of zombies. Your mission from the very outset of this game is to visit locations and kill zombie breeding grounds and establish normalcy. At you can get full detail about all the types of games.

It can be said that you will be acting as a savior of the world and trying to free the world of zombies. And if you think that playing this game is so easy then why not try out your hands on this game?