The Call of Duty Mobile is famous for its so many maps. All the players are quite astonished to see the topography and terrain details the game has on offer. In case if you have not tried out the Call of Duty Mobile game yet its best said that you are probably missing out a lifetime opportunity to experience some of the best mobile game graphics and features ever.

Now you can experience the thrill and suspense all in your mobile through the mobile version of the game. The mobile version comes with different maps and each one has importance.

With each terrain, you have to make a strategy and planning to attack the enemy. While some require outright close-range battle on other you have to be more stringent and play on a sniper mode. While on other maps you can make use of the terrain to surprise the enemy.

Let’s jump right into the maps that you have available in the Call of Duty Mobile game.

Call of Duty Mobile- maps you can try out

To be exact there are a total of 7 different maps in the multiplayer game modes. The Battle Royale version of the game has one. Each one has a scenario linked to it and is set up in a particular place on the globe. On each map, you get different sets of goals and objectives.

Crossfire map

This is a map with cramped corridors of buildings with wide streets that you can play in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. You have to be extremely careful with the snipers on the top of the buildings and balconies. Don’t venture out into the open unnecessarily. This way you might be exposed to the snipers. To win objectives you can capture buildings and take up sniping position yourself to fight off the enemy. Expect long-range battles so choose your weapons carefully. Also while on the street be careful and watch your six. You might suddenly get attacked by the enemy from the flanks.


This is a small border town set in Kyrgyzstan. It has been featured in the Call of Duty Mobile game and taken from the Call of Duty Black Ops II. The streets are extremely narrow and with not much vantage points you have no option but to venture from the streets. Make sure to watch the top of the buildings as move close to your objectives. You can expect to get medium to heavy resistance in some of the buildings.


Your helicopter has crashed right in the middle of the enemy territory and you hear from intelligence that enemy troops are converging on you. This is a smaller map compared to the others but doesn’t expect less action. This you can expect to get heavy resistance in close fight battles as you look to protect the crash site from approaching troops. It’s worthless to fight on the ground because you will be easily overwhelmed by large enemy numbers. Instead, try and take higher grounds like on the buildings to ensure you can fight off the approaching enemy from a distance.


This is a very tiny map and it’s taken from the tutorial mission on Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Here you have to be extra vigilant as close-range enemy combat is the only option that you have. A stealthy approach and hiding behind covers such as walls or tables might be handy. You can expect the enemy to ambush you from just about anywhere. So you have to work on your reflexes before taking part in this mission.

Firing Range

This is one of the favorites for the seasoned veterans. This map is a mix of close combat and long-range gunfight. There are lots of sharp bends and you can expect to get surprised by the enemy from every flank now and then. But because it is a firing range you will also get many open spaces and thus you can take vantage points to pick your enemy targets too. You need to have a mix of automatic rifles and shotguns or sniper rifles to get the better of your enemy.


This is probably the best map you can get on COD Mobile. It has been remade countless times and released in the game. The map is symmetrical and you can expect to get close fighting and even the odd snipers hiding on the flanks and rooftops. It’s best to be on foot while on the ground.

You need to take advantage of certain positions while being on the ground such as taking covers behind buses, buildings, etc. It’s best to say that you have to run and gun here.

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This is a small-sized map that you get from the Black Ops series. For fighting, you need to take advantage of higher ground to clear all the snipers first and then engage in a close-range fight for clearing the buildings. As the map is packed with a lot of close-range small buildings using silenced weapons and stealth is the key.