Island king game- tips and tricks to conquer more islands

Island king game

The island king game is an easy, first-person coin collection game that is available for android and iOS mobiles. The mobile game has been developed by Forever 9 games. In the game, you will be playing with the role of a child girl who has lost her father. The little girl needs to find her father and this takes her to an unknown journey across the ocean.

The game is a simple game with a storyline to it which you can use to play for spending leisure time. There is no strategy and planning to be involved although as you advance through the game you will find the levels getting harder and harder. But don’t worry this game is very fascinating and a little bit of practice time should give you a good hand to be able to complete the game and find Luna’s dad.

The storyline behind the island king game

Luna, her dad, and other members are living happily on a peaceful island king game. One fine day, while the two were playing her dad, is captured by a dragon and takes her father to an afar away unknown island. This makes Luna very sad, but she is a bright young girl with plenty of courage.

She is determined to bring her dad back. With no other options left and with little help she goes out on an unknown adventure across the ocean to find clues about her dad.

This is how the story begins…

Proceeding through the game

While moving across the ocean Luna finds one island after the other. Now you have to spin and earn coins to develop the islands so that they have all the basic infrastructure for survival. To reach the next level you need to max out each of the islands. And for this, you need to spin more and more coins daily. Spend them to develop the island king game as you also move towards your journey to find Luna’s dad.

Defending your islands is a key part of the game

See, it’s not only that you will spin and earn more coins. You have to spend them wisely too. The thing is that your online friends or even any other player might actually steal all your coins so defending your islands is a key aspect of the game. Other players will try and steal all your collected coins that you had unlocked on the island and even try to capture it.

Attack your friends for raiding extra coins

You can also attack and raid on your friends’ islands and steal extra coins. This is an attractive feature of the game that lets you collect coins for yourself. This feature is inbuilt in the game but you need to be playing on the online multiplayer mode to be able to raid on other’s island king game.

But beware too much raid on other islands can actually make a lot of enemies and you thus attract a lot of attention. If you do not protect your islands well and build strong fortifications then you might actually start to lose your loot instead of collecting them.

Gain a host of opportunities and valuable collectible items such as cards and coins

As you spin you will be increasing your treasury items. On the list of collectibles, there are many interesting things to look at. You have so many opportunities in this game that will make you crave to play for longer hours at a stretch.

The list of collectibles includes cards, coins, other loot items which can be spent on to increase the security and fortifications as well as for building the village. You can also collect treasures as you go along the journey. You will be given opportunities at random to try and collect on these rich set of valuable treasures and chests.

Get daily free spins to collect more coins

In the Island king game coin collection game, you get daily free spin opportunities. This is easy to use and simple features that can be accessed right from the start of the game. You are provided with a lucky opportunity once every 24 hours. So do make it count to be able to earn more coins for free.

Invite your friends to join the game

On the Island king game, you have the rare opportunity to play on the multiplayer mode alongside your friends. Through this feature not only will be able to invite and play with your friends but also get the opportunity to earn more free coins. Isn’t that interesting?

All your friends have to do is accept your invitation, download the game from the AppStore, open the game, and log in to it using their online Facebook profiles.

Now you get the opportunity to earn more coins with more friends and invitations sent to them.