How to win a multiplayer game in the Fortnite battle royale game

the Fortnite battle royale game

The Fortnite battle royale game is now launched for gamers all around the world in the PC format, PlayStation, and even on the mobile platform such as Android and iOS. The Fortnite battle royale game is considered to be a challenge especially because of the level of intensity with which the game is fought.

Now, if you are not a veteran of playing such types of survival games then you might need some time to practice the stuff.

How is Fortnite battle royale different from most of the war games?

When it comes to fighting a battle you have to reach the objectives such as killing your enemies. The sole purpose of a war game is to kill your enemy so that not even one is left.

But Fortnite battle royale game is a game that is a bit different than a war game. Here your main aim right from the outset should be to engage with the enemy only when required.

Why is this?

Because here the objective is not to kill the enemy but to survive till the end. You don’t necessarily have to kill the other players. Let them fight it out while you try and stay hidden. In a survival game, you have to survive as the last man standing. So the idea is not to just engage with anyone but to wait for the right opportunity to attack.

What is the best way to win battles on Fortnite battle royale?

So far by now, you must have understood the fact that as Fortnite battle royale is a survival game your sole intention is to stay alive till the end. If you read about the game on the developer’s website or any other website you will see the words ‘survival game’, ‘the last man standing’ is used multiple times.

Now, one thing you have to understand is that being entirely defensive or being entirely attacking from the outset is not the right strategy for winning. But on the other hand, we are not saying that being entirely defensive or being attacking will kill you.

The main factor that you have to understand while playing the Fortnite battle royale game is that you have to take wait for the right opportunity.

Attack only when you know of the strengths and weaknesses of the player against whom you are about to engage. If you feel you have superior weapons and aiming skills go for the kill. You will earn XP points as you make more and more kills.

But sometimes you might be narrowed down by a player who is far better equipped then what you have. It is times like this that you should consider not engaging in the fight and even running away.

Taking minimum damage till the end

You have to understand that your health is the primary key to your survival. So try to keep that health bar as full as possible all the time. You should be able to strategize your game in such a way so that you take minimum damage from the enemy.

This way you will have a major advantage at the end when most of the other players have battered out due to the damage they have sustained in fighting previously. Now when the game has reached its climax position you can lead the charge and go for the attack and kill the injured players who will be going defensive.

Collecting weapons is the main objective

In the Fortnite battle royale game, you have to collect the weapons on the island. You will be airdropped but once you are on the ground remember it is a hunting ground and all the other players are going for the kill. So during the initial stages of the game, your sole priority is to make sure that you collect weapons as fast as you can.

Once you have to right weapons you can take a look at the map and take a vantage point and try and defend it till the end. Once again remember that engaging with the enemy is not the sole priority buy surviving till the end is.

The Fortnite battle royale game has also given you the right opportunity for this. In this game, unlike the other survival games, you have the option to raise defensive structures such as walls, roofs, to ensure you minimize the engagement and damage to yourself.

If you are looking to go for the maximum number of kills then it is better to have good reflexes, the best of weapons, and good aiming skills. This will surely help you become the most XP points earned player after the game.

So what are you waiting for? The new season for the Fortnite battle royale game has arrived. Go solo or fight it out by making squads.