How to get free spins on the coin master game?

coin master game

If you played the coin master game before then you know that there is a problem. You are allowed a maximum number of spins in a particular amount of time. If you wish to have more spins then you might have to wait longer which is quite frustrating right?

This is the ultimate question on every player’s mind who has attempted to play the coin master game. From where can I get more attempts to spin many times daily?

What is the logic behind daily spins?

See, there is a maximum number of limits to which you can spin in an hour. The number of spins you can attempt in an hour is five. If you have to go beyond that then you have to wait for some time. However, there are some other ways too which you can use to conduct daily spins.

What is the coin master game all about?

The coin master game is a free to play, easy and addictive game where you will be earning coins through spins and you can spend the coins earned to develop your village.

You are given daily spin opportunities but there is a limit to it. You can also make use of the free spins to collect more coins.

But despite this building, a village with the best items of the highest level might take up a lot of time. This can create some frustration in the minds of the players.

To avoid this the developers have made a simple way to earn extra spin opportunities each day.

How to get more spin opportunities?

You can do so by two means which are described below-

Refer a Facebook friend

Whenever you refer and invite one of your Facebook friends to play the game then you have an opportunity to earn as many as forty free spin opportunities. Sounds interesting right?

All your friends have to do is accept the invitation, download the game, open the game, and log in to the game using their Facebook account.

This ensures that they have shared all their details and now your credit of forty free spins is delivered to you.

The advantage of this technique is that the more Facebook friends you have, the more opportunities you will get to more and more chances of free spins. This is a very simple way as almost every one of us nowadays use a smartphone and also have a Facebook account. Its time you make use of your friends to earn more spin tries.

Look for online websites that provide you with access to free spins

You can use the internet to find out websites that are providing spin opportunities. This is again a simple yet effective way to earn more spin opportunities.

All you have to do is look for trustable websites that provide a link to free spin opportunities. You must agree to sign up and share your details to be able to get the credit spins to your account. But beware some websites are fake and don’t give you anything (no spins).

You can also pay on online websites to earn spins. There are again many websites providing links to make the payment post which you will be credited with a certain number of spins. Before making the payment you need to make sure that the website is authentic because you are dealing with your hard-earned money here.

Ask your friends to gift spins

You can ask your friends to provide you with spin opportunities in case you don’t wish to trust online websites. The more friends you have in the game the more chances you will get to make a request. Remember this way you also do not lose any of your free spin opportunities every day. The maximum number of spins that a friend can gift you is 100. this looks like a free, simple, and effective tactic that you can use today right?

Some special things more

The coin master has a default way that lets you replenish your spins. This is inbuilt in the game and all you have to do is to wait. Remember that patience is the key to improve your coin collection and it requires time to build a big village with strong fortifications.

The number of spins you can have per hour is five. Once you have exhausted your spins you can wait for some time. For every hour you will get replenished by five spins. This means that if you wait for ten hours then your entire spins are replenished which amounts to fifty.

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You can also make use of the daily free spins to collect more coins. Time is the limiting factor here and in case you wish to earn more coins then this is not the ideal way. You can make use of the tactics mentioned above to earn more spins.