How to collect more coins and cards on the Island King game?

the Island King game

The island king game is a first-person game that is based on collecting coins and developing islands as a tiny young girl goes on an adventurous journey to find her dad. Yes, this is a simple yet addictive game that you can spend time hours playing on.

You have got a host of rewards and collectable items that you can use to develop and build your islands as you also have to protect and defend them from your rivals. On the multiplayer mode, you can invite and join your friends as you compete with them to collect all the treasures first.

Starting your journey to become an island king and helping Luna to find her dad

The island king game has a beautiful storyline attached to it. A young girl living with her dad with other members on an island was playing one day when a dragon comes in and captures her dad. As far as you can see the dragon carries her father to a distant island. But young Luna is determined to save her dad. She goes out on an adventurous journey on her own to free her dad.

It is this journey that you will be going through. Along the way, you will come across many islands and you have to develop each one. When all the attributes of an island are maxed out then you moved on your journey and come across another island.

To develop and shield each island from the enemy you have to spin the lucky wheel and collect coins and other valuable items. You have to use them wisely to develop each island as you go on your journey to becoming the next Island king.

How to spend coins on developing the island?

To develop or repair your items on the island you just have to click on the hammer which you can see on your mobile screen. You will be informed about the coins that you have to spend to develop, built or restore a particular item.

There are five things that you find on each island- nature, boats, persons, structures and animals. To develop the buildings you need to go through five stages. Each of the items on the island has to be on the maximum levels of development in order to move on to the next level.

Collecting coins in the island king game

There are many ways to collect coins in the island king game

Spin the wheel of fortune

Like most games, this game too has a wheel which you are given a number of times to spin out. Remember that each spin will deduct your energy bar by one unit. When the energy bar gets exhausted out you have to wait for some time in order for it to be replenished partly or fully.

Now, this alone is not enough for you to develop all the islands at a fast rate and proceeded on with the next levels.

Conduct raids on your opponents and steal their treasures

So the developers have introduced the raids to the game. Herein, you will have the ability to raid on other players and collect their items. This gives you a chance to collect on other’s stash of coins as you venture on your journey.

You can collect all the treasures, cards, coins. If you conduct a mega loot you will also be able to steal the chests which contain a huge number of coins, cards and other collectable items.

Remember that each loot will also reduce your energy level. So make sure to strategize on your loots for maximum results.

Spend coins on developing the islands

The best way to ensure that others will not be able to loot on your island is to spend the coins into developing the island. This way you will have the coins spent and there will only be a minimum number of coins left in your chests to raid.

This is a good way in case if you are logging out from the island king game for a couple of hours.

Defending your islands through shields

Not only raiding but protecting your valuables and other structures on the island is your sole responsibility. So you need to collect shields and deploy them on the islands. This will ensure that the other players will not be able to raid on your islands.

It is quite heartbreaking, to say the least when you have progressed so far in the island king game only to notice that your other valuable collectables and the structures on your island all are gone.

You don’t want to go all over again and build them from level one again.

Collect rewards from king pass

For your attack and your collections on your raid, you will be earning king runes. These are all collected on your king pass. Once you have enough king pass you can spend them via reward items. The range of reward items includes coins, energy, etc.