Here are a few things that you must now have heard about the VR games

VR games are among the most developed games of this generation. If you are tired of plying the same old boring and traditional PC games it is time for you to move on to the next generation of gaming.

And while you may think of playing virtual reality games with those big control interfaces and headsets, not all of them are the same. Now you even have the VR games without a controller.

These are uniquely designed virtual reality games that don’t need an interface or a controller to play.

What are VR games without a controller?

VR games can even be played without buying costly interfaces, headsets, and controllers. It has become affordable for everyone. But even a few years back the situations were not the same as they are now.

We used to think that the virtual reality games involved a lot of costs but the games and its complementary technology. But things have been turned into a much more minimalistic design. The modern-day virtual reality games can run on simple devices such as a PC and a smartphone.

Of course, some specifications need to be there in your device to run the game. But still, you don’t need to buy expensive controllers.

Advantages of playing the VR games that don’t need controllers?

Well, you save up a lot of money and can also enjoy almost a similar level of experience. Headsets and controllers such as joysticks and motion sensory devices are extremely costly and not affordable for every person who is addicted to playing VR games.

VR games without a controller have a much simple interface and can even run on devices that don’t have such high-end features.

You can get almost the same level of experience as if you were playing the controllers. But of course, there are some limitations to it.

Do VR games without a controller have the same level of control?

This is one often asked about questions by those who are looking for alternatives to buying high-end expensive virtual reality game controllers.

VR games without a controller provided ultra-high graphics and visual quality. This is unparalleled when compared with normal PC and mobile games.

But now talking about the controls you don’t have any controller or joysticks or even the costly gadgets for motion sensors.

The control features are the same as when you play any other normal PC or mobile game. Thus they are very simple to control yet they give an experience similar to that of VR games with controllers.

You might not get the detailed and the small variations and feel of the game but that’s okay as you can now enjoy your best virtual reality games from the comfort of your mobile screens.

Do VR games without a controller have the same visual experience?

Well, no definitely not. There is a reason why the controllers and headsets are so costly. You cannot replicate the same feel on a 2D smartphone screen. To be frank this might not be possible even in the future. Of course with further developments, the VR games without a controller will be able to come close to providing a similar type of experience but never the same.

But we can still assure you that if you don’t try out on the virtual reality games that can be controlled without high-end gadgets you are making a mistake.

The super realistic graphics and visual display with some other stunning features and device motion sensors you are sure to love these types of games too.

Is it true that the VR games sometimes can have poor graphics than normal PC games?

This might come up as a bit of a surprise but on rare occasions, you might get a poor experience of a VR game with controllers and headsets.

This is because the FPS of the VR games with controllers has to be much higher than the ones that do not need any controllers to play.

Sometimes the frames might get mingled with one another due to technical problems and thus the experience might be poor rather than being good. Do you want to get more detail about different games? redirect at

Does that mean that the VR games without controllers are a better choice?

It depends on your budget, the game to be played, the features and online gaming modes, user experiences.

Are VR games good for the eyes?

This is a problem which is concerning the parents more often than not these days. Often it is seen that the high-end ultra HD and supreme quality graphics design are not good for the eyes especially for the children.

The long term exposure to such high-end graphics using headsets might cause eye problems soon.

This is one of the reasons why you might prefer to let your child play virtual reality games without a controller and headsets.