Grand Theft Auto V Review

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V is a popular game played across the world. It is one of the most interesting modern video games, which provides an extraordinary game plot. Grand Theft Auto V gives a real-life experience where literally anything can happen. The realistic feature of the game attracts the players. This makes them feel alive inside the game. The players feel surviving inside their chosen characters. The maps, tools, and players loitering in the city of Los Santos also remove away the artificiality. These missions and little moments of Grand Theft Auto V review make it more exciting and fun.

About the game

 Grand Theft Auto V is the fifth edition of the famous video game series. It is a game that combines action and adventure together. The game has advanced graphics which makes every moment feel real. The display of the game is also outstanding, and the new first-person view feature in Grand Theft Auto V has made it more exciting. This feature allows us to view each and every action from a closer look, this has evoked more interest among the players. The game also has the best sound quality which makes it most desirable. The game also contents certain challenges that make it more interesting to play. This combination is like a treasure for the players.


 Grand Theft Auto V has very high graphics, which allows the game to include more texture, more realistic lighting, shadows, and show the game at a higher resolution. These graphics make it the latest iconic video game. One can enjoy it the most when played over the PC. The advanced graphics of the game gives the sensation of viewing a real city. It may surely turn out to be one of the best video games ever played for someone owning a PS4 or Xbox One. The possibilities of the game to be amazing are definitely endless. 

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The texture and display of the game are much sharper, giving a detailed look in it. The display of the game gives it a smoothness of any reflective surface. Its display enhances the quality of the game and grabs the attention of the players. Hence, these display features are truly a cause which is increasing the number of players these days.


 The game is perfect in every bit of it. The developers have also kept in mind the sound quality of the game. Grand Theft Auto V has an amazing sound feature. Starting from the sound of running and firing to riding bikes and flying helicopters, everything is just perfecting. Hence, when one is playing this game the headphones must be surely on.

● Ease of Gameplay

 Grand Theft Auto V is played by a huge number of people all over the world. This game can be played in many ways- individually or in a multiplayer mode. In the game, there are many challenges and missions to fight out but this does not make the game tough. The game is quite interesting and adventurous to play. Hence, it can be said that the game is quite easy which means one does not stick at a mission for a long time, rather they fight out and reach towards their goal. The features of the game are very much approachable to the players. The graphics, display, design, texture, sound, and ease in playing the game are certain causes which have turned it to be more attractive. They have developed the game in a very precise form. Hence, the love, attraction, and interest of the players towards this game is a result of their work. 

About the storyline

 Grand Theft Auto V is a video game which opens up at San Andreas in the city of Los Santos. The game gives the opportunity to explore across its world. It has numerous challenges to fight out. It can be played on a multiplayer mode, hence one can enjoy this with friends or family. The missions of the game and to combat every challenge together make it more thrilling. This game hit heights of adventure as one may have to ride a bike along the top of trains, hijack military aircraft, and engage in absurd shootouts. 

Grand Theft Auto V has a universal quality, where the players reach beyond fantasy and imagination. The details in the creation of the game make it more believable. The way the players are introduced in the city with a map from the beginning of the game gives it another realistic touch. This has let the players reach beyond the boundaries of imagination and teleports themselves in Grand Theft Auto V. In the new San Andreas there are unlimited opportunities for riding bikes, racing on sea or land, flying planes, diving, hunting, and many more. 

Grand Theft Auto V has various missions to complete. Each time the missions become more complicated which though results in much more interest and excitement. In various missions of the game, there are many challenges to complete. The map guides the players across the San Andreas’ locations and its activities. The missions might be challenging, but they also provide an opportunity to explore all over it. These explorations let the players discover places that do not even exist over the map. 

The players can also discover lively attributes such as greed, corruption, hypocrisy, and abuse of power. Hence, these missions had many great moments. One can capture the end number of moments by clicking pictures which adds more fun. This huge scale of events acts as the peaks of the story. The great thing in this game is one can relive these missions by playing them anytime and as many times as one wants. Hence, the players may have a totally different approach to the same mission. 

This game has an end number of characters. The three most interesting protagonist and playable characters are – Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton, and Trevor Philips. These three characters add variety to the storyline of the game. Each of them has a variety of skills and abilities. Michael’s mission mainly deals with his past and family, Franklin’s one revolves around vehicular crime and violence; while Trevor’s missions usually deal with murders. Grand Theft Auto V has honestly created an action-packed storyline to be enjoyed by its players. The life one brings in this gaming world with the characters, arms and missions become natural and the novel seems to be absolutely real.

This version of the game has surely evolved out to be its best with amazing animation, and a detailed look. This gigantic and flexible world of Grand Theft Auto V has gained a lot of popularity among the players.

Fun in the game 

This new version of the game is much more interesting and has a lot more fun in it. One can do anything to make fun here. The game is quite vast, and there are hundreds of activities to do. You can take selfies in the game, may hunt out ghosts, and might be also playing some golf or tennis. One can switch characters at any point in time this engages more fun in it. 

●Realistic Approach

 The game gives a realistic approach to its players. One can do everything in this world. They can explore a lot, can make it more adventurous and thrilling. Hence, this realistic approach of the game is a great source of fun for its players. 

●New Game Mode

Grand Theft Auto V has many new online game modes in it. There are six racing modes in the game which include landrace, bike race, air race, water race, stunt race, and target assault race. The developers have created a total of 42 unique races.

●Multiplayer mode 

One can play this game in a single-player mode and also enjoy it with friends by playing it in multiplayer mode. So, Grand Theft Auto V can become the best way in which one enjoys his weekend with friends.


 The game has many interesting missions that add-on fun. The game has 79 main story missions. These missions are quite challenging, but at the same time, they are more adventurous. Players can replay these missions at any point in time. 

●Side missions

This game not only has the main missions but it also consists of a huge number of side missions to play. One can be never bore of the game. You can even play tennis while toiling around its locations.

●Everyday Activities

Players not only have missions and side missions to fight out, but they can also engage in other short games. The players can make fun by creating their everyday activities of the game dramatic.


 The advanced graphics of the game is also key to the attraction of its players. This modern video game has a lot of things to do which brings fun to it, although it is the graphics which make the display sharper and smoother. These graphics embraces the fun of the game.

 Hence, Grand Theft Auto V has many fun things to do for players. They can buy cars, steal choppers, and purchase an apartment. This keeps them engaged with the game. 


 There should be no doubt that this game has a huge fan base which highlights the fact there must be a long list of pros of it.


The story of the game which begins in San Andreas is its biggest advantage. It is the story that takes the game close to reality.

●Realistic World

There is almost everything possible in this world. It has real attributes of life whether it is the need or greed. 

●Action and Adventure

This game is just the perfect mixture of action and adventure which increases the quality of the game and adds much more fun to it. 

●Challenging Missions

The thrill adds on spice to the game. This challenging mission makes it more interesting to play.

●Shooter Mode

 When we talk about an action game how can we miss our shooting in it? The game also gives the players the opportunity to play in first-person shooting mode. 

●Vehicular Adventure

 There can happen anything in this world. The players get a lot to ride, drive, and fly. Starting from riding bikes to flying airplanes one can do anything and everything here.


Nothing can survive in this world without cons. Similarly, Grand Theft Auto V also has certain cons in it, although it is assured that the list is quite small in this case. 

●Little Glitches

 The game sometimes has certain faults in it which is surely are a barrier for the player. These glitches break the momentum of the game, although this rectifies itself within a few moments. 


The storyline of the game is no doubt perfect, but we cannot neglect the fact that the content of this version does not have something brand new. 

●High Cost 

If anyone wants to enjoy this game in high graphics then the player must have to pay a high price for it because it does not come free or at a low cost.


We can never deny the fact that Grand Theft Auto V is not only a popular game among players but also an addictive game among them. The advanced technology and the real-life experience gained by players are the main cause of its addiction. Hence, when a player sits with this game he/she surely spent hours playing it. 

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Grand Theft Auto V is perfect in every aspect of it which is the reason it has become the most popular video game of the decade. It includes various features starting from the flawless storyline of the game which gives real-life feelings to its players to advance graphics design, high-quality display, and texture, the awesome sound effects, the super-strong characters, challenging missions, thrilling moments, and each thing about it. There is no doubt that the players can spend hours with this adventurous world. Hence, Grand Theft Auto V is surely a unique game that everyone should love.