General tips on using the map to your advantage in Garena free fire game

Garena free fire game

General tips on using the map to your advantage in Garena free fire game

The Garena free fire game is not easy to play at all. This is a survival game involving planning and tactics. If you have to survive until the end becomes the winner it is not necessary to be outrightly aggressive. You can stay away from the confrontations and just look to stay alive.

Some players like to go for the kill. They intend to do the maximum number of kills and end up as the top-ranked player on the kill list. But you see, the Garena free fire game has been made in such a way that to win you need not kill essentially. it all depends on what your game styles are and what type of character you choose.

In this section, we will discuss in general the safety techniques and how to be defensive in your approach to win the game.

Avoid unnecessary conflicts

As mentioned before the Garena free fire game is not essentially about going for a hunt. You don’t have to go for searching other payers and look to kill them. This is quite certain unless you want to end the game as the player with the most number of kills.

You need to avoid getting into a battle with the other players. For this, different tactics can be used. The first is to understand what type of weapons you have. Also, try and gauge what your opponent is carrying. If you feel confident only then you should go for the kill.

Try to avoid the battle zones. Let other players fight between themselves while staying hidden in a building or a cover.

Also, try to gain a higher ground if possible. This will give a good view of what is happening around the island and give you some time to think and ponder about your next steps. You can try to eliminate players from a distance using the sniper rifles. This way you will avoid being spotted and also kill your opponent.

Avoid open spaces

This is a simple thing that is to be used by the players. See, you don’t want to garner any unnecessary attraction to yourself right? So the best thing is to avoid open spaces such as open grounds, streets, etc. If you have to traverse some distance to gain access to loot or a vantage point then you have to plan your movement step by step. Take cover as much as possible and avoid the other players.

In the beginning stages of the game, this is very important especially if you have not found enough armor and weapons.

You can use markers too to gain access to a particular location in a map such as a loot spot. This ensures that you don’t forget the way to your loot items.

Use the terrain to your advantage and find cover behind trees, buildings, or anything

You should try to take the use the terrain to your advantage. Always remember to avoid open spaces. The map in the Garena free fire game will have different types of terrain that include open grounds, streets, small hills, buildings, factories, and much more.

Use any type of covers such as a wall or a forest cover to move unnoticed. This way you will gain an upper hand to your enemy.

Use the large map or the minimap

You should always take cover and look at the larger map and the mini-map frequently. This will help you in planning your next phase of the movement. The larger map will give you access to where the red, orange, and green zones are on the map, what is your location, what are the boundaries of the safe zone.

The mini-map will give you access to enemies that are in the close vicinity.

Avoid the red, green and orange zone at all times

Try to avoid the red, green, and orange zone at all times. These zones are full of dangers where your health goes down as in the green zone, put you at risk of being inside explosion territory such a red zone, and make your position reveal to the other players as in the orange zone.

Remember that the red, green, and orange zones can crop up any time anywhere on the island. So observe the large map frequently.

A general tip for the players – try to find the best loot materials in the rooftops of multi-story buildings

As soon as you are on the ground your next objective is to collect loot items and avoid being spotted. Collecting weapons as fast as you can is your priority at this stage. For this, you need to search the buildings, small houses, etc. The loot items can be lying anywhere across the floor of the island. There is never enough time so you can start by searching the top of the multi-storied buildings first.