Garena free fire- tips and tricks to avoid the red, green and orange zone

the Garena free fire game

The Garena free fire is an exciting survival game wherein you will be pitched against other players. The sole objective of the game is to remain alive until the end and become the winner.

There are some basic tips and tricks that can help you to win the game. Some of the basic tips include avoiding confrontation with other players, collecting weapons as fast as possible, and avoiding open grounds.

But here along with these, we will also have a look at the map and how you can use the terrain to your advantage to keep yourself alive. So let’s get into it.

Making correct use of the map

The map is the most vital survival resource in your hand that you can make use of to stay safe and avoid any type of danger. The map on the Garena free fire is available to all the players right from the moment of air jump. Once you open the map you will see that there are some colored zones appear on various places on the map. The zones are red, orange, and green.

Let’s see the red, orange and green zone in further details-

The red zone

The red zone of the map is the most dangerous as the color suggests. You need to try and avoid the area for as long as you can. It is this area that is constantly bombarded. If you are in the middle of a red zone you need to avoid any open space and stay hidden in buildings. You will remain safe for so long as there is a roof above your head. You also need to try and get out of the red zone as fast as you can. Any explosion and you will die.

But on the other hand, some freaky players might make use of the red zone to kill any player in the middle of utter confusion.

The orange zone

The orange circles on the map are connected for monitoring by a UAV drone. As soon as a player enters the orange zone they will expose their position to all the other alive players on the island. The player gets marked and so does their position. So you might expect to draw attention to yourself from other players.

It is due to this reason that the orange zone is also considered to be very dangerous. Always remember that you don’t want to reveal your location to anyone on the island. This means that Garena free fire game has to be played in a stealth mode and to try and avoid unnecessary conflicts at all times.

The green zone

The green zone is very similar to the red zone. It may appear on the map at any location suddenly. As soon as it appears your character will start taking damage due to the poison. Inside the green zone, you will find that the player will first lose their armor and start to lose health points.

This means that if you stay inside the green zone for too long your character will die. So try to run out of the green zone as quickly as possible. The problem with the green zone is that you cannot expect to remain safe in a building. This is because the poison is spread all across the green zone.

But the green zone is still less damaging than the red zone which can kill you instantly if you are in the middle of an explosion.

Surviving tips for different zones

Surviving a red zone

The battlefield in the Garena free fire can surprise you all the time. So you need to know about how to avoid the dangers.

If you happen to fall in a red zone it is best to get inside any building or under any roof where you can stay avoided from blasts. But still, it not safe as the building itself may explode too. Try to get out of the red zone by staying hidden and taking cover as much as possible. Avoid any open spaces.

Surviving an orange zone

The orange zone will cause you to reveal your position to the other players. It is best to avoid the orange zone or else run away from it as fast as you can. In extreme situations, you need to try and shoot down the drone itself.

Surviving a green zone

You need to run away from the area. In this case, you need to take a look at your health bar immediately. If you have a medic pack then use it as fast as possible to heal yourself. Then run away from the green zone.

Final tip

The different zones in the Garena free fire game can overlap to causing more than one type of damage at the same time. You need to avoid the areas as much as possible.