Game modes in the Garena free fire game

the Garena free fire game

The Garena free fire game is an exciting new game that can be played on the mobile or the PC. It is developed by a game development company called 111 Dots Studios. It became the most downloaded game on the mobile platform for 2019.

About the Garena free fire game

Garena free fire is an action-packed first-person shooter cum survival game. When the game starts you are airdropped on an unknown island. The game consists of 50 players who will want to keep themselves alive and kill the others.

So your aim in the game is to be the last man to be alive on the island. For killing, you can use the arms and weapons that scattered on the island. As soon as you are on the ground you have to look to take hold of weapons. There are various types of weapons included in the game from assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, grenades, knife, etc. On the ground, you can also find a medical package for healing yourself.

Cant, you just avoid the battle and wait for everyone to kill the others?

Now, the game developers have made a twist to the game which makes it considerably different from the Fortnite battle royale game. To make sure that the game remains interesting and combative there is a safe zone across the island.

Initially, it will remain across the whole area of the island. But you will see that after some time it starts to decrease. Your main task is to remain inside the safe zone all the time to avoid losing your health.

The available safe area will decrease in a periodical manner from time to time.

Know about the game modes….


This is the default game mode which is auto-selected when you open the game. There is not much to customize in this game mode. You still have the option to choose the map. There are two maps available in the classic mode- Purgatory, Bermuda.

The rules are simple as mentioned above. Your main target is to remain in the safe zone at all times and keep yourself alive. There are no additional rules or requirements which you have to unlock to be able to play the game. You can customize your character and their abilities with more game time.

Ranked game

The ranked game mode is quite similar to the classic game mode. 50 players will be fighting over a map. There are the two same maps that are available but this time one will be selected randomly.

A huge difference between the ranked mode and the classic mode is that here you get points for participation in the game. With these points, you will be able to move yourself to the elite leagues which are there such as bronze, silver, and gold.

Now considering you are already in the gold league. So you will face tougher opponents than in the other two leagues or even in the classic mode.

You also get a 20% bonus in this game mode. The ranked game mode is available to you only when a character has increased to level 10 or beyond.

Rush hour

There is a specifically limited time window to play this game. Such an opportunity will arrive for the players once every week and that is on every Monday. This game mode is best suited to the layers who want to play fast and aggressively.

The map in this game mode is considerably smaller. All the other rules of the game remain the same. Due to the short space, you can expect the fights to be in a much more close range and repetitive. There is also only 29 player including yourself here. The games end much quickly due to the short map.

Custom game mode

In the custom game mode, you can choose to invite online players and organize a competition. There are no changes to the game rules. But then you will not be earning any ranking points as you used to earn int the ranked game mode.

This game mode is only available online which means that you get to increase your combative skills. The custom game mode allows you to play against tougher opponents who are in a better-placed position that you are.

Team mode

The team mode in the Garena free fire game is one of the favorites for the players when played in the online mode. This game lets you get into teams. The teams can range from two to even more.

All the rules of the game remain the same and you will have to keep yourself alive till the end. The only difference is this time you will be playing as a group. The added advantage of playing in teams is that you might be re-spawned by your allies.