France TV Viewers Miss World Cup Drama Over Griezmann’s Disallowed Goal

France TV Viewers Miss World Cup Drama Over Griezmann’s Disallowed Goal

The World Cup drama over Greizmann’s disallowed goal has been missed by France TV viewers. 

On Thursday morning, many TV viewers in France awoke to a shop and belatedly discovered that the world championships had lost 1-0 after Tunisia turned off thinking that the game was levelled up by Antoin Greizmann. After Greizmann’s shot deep into stoppage time crossed the line, the broadcaster TF1 cut to an advert break believing that the final whistle had sounded in the aftermath. This prompted millions of viewers to switch off.

Instead, Mathew Conger, the referee was belatedly called for consulting the pitch side monitor by VAR. He contentiously ruled out the late strike because of the offside position of Griezmann earlier in play. But the audience was left with the footage of France celebration and Tunisian heart break by TF1. The world cup tournament was then covered by Mag show rather than returning to the stadium. Ultimately, nothing much was changed by the 1-0 defeat  because France still finished in the top position of group D. For overtaking Australia in second place, a Tunisian victory was not enough for the North African side. However, France losing their unbeaten record in Qatar was still a surprise to many fans.

An apology was issued by TF1 for its hasty exit on social media and the channel’s error to the viewers that remained was explained on the Mag show by the journalist Gregoire Margotton “We were convinced that it was over, everyone was going back to the locker room. It took a long, long time and Mr Conger, the New Zealand referee, went to consult the VAR. He was told after a very long time that there was an offside by Antoin Greizmann and that goal was therefore disallowed,” Margotton said. 

However, this might not be the end of the story because the French Football Federation has said that it is ready to file a complaint on the grounds that the last-gasp equaliser had been ruled out incorrectly. Though, elaboration on its complaint was not provided by the FFF, there are two points of contention. When Aurelien Tchouameni crossed, Greizmann was clearly offside and after the Tunisia defender Montassar Talbi attempted clearance he lashed on to the ball by which point he was onside. Also, the game had restarted from kickoff. The referee appeared to blow for full-time before Conger went to review the footage. The lawmaking body of football, Ifab states that if a game has been restarted after a goal is given, intervention cannot be done by VAR. So, definitely there was a procedural error.

If France salvaged a 1-1 draw, the group standings would still not have changed. Tunisia would still finish third and the top position would be acquired by the world champions, facing Poland in the last 16.

Bullet points:

  • Viewers of France TV have missed the World Cup controversy around Greizmann’s disputed goal.
  • Greizmann’s shot that went over the line in stoppage time caused the broadcaster TF1 to cut to an advertisement break in the belief that the game was over as a result.
  • Several million viewers turned away as a result of this.
  • However, many supporters were still shocked when France lost their undefeated streak in Qatar.
  • Even if France managed to earn a 1-1 tie, nothing would have altered in the group rankings.
  • The world champions would take the top spot after facing Poland in the round of 16, with Tunisia still placing third.